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Reflective Perceptions

Updated on November 9, 2011

Do you Perceive...rapid waterfalls breaking the midnight glare like white ghosts sidelining the campfires,

Oh how it steams...memories floating along the breeze of night like a volcano spewing it's demolition substance,

Tethered existences that fade over time's once famous glory...finalized term papers that once had adolescent priority,

But this has all but faded from view...your life's eternity now nothing more than subconcious recollections that lost it's foothold,

Your recollective perceptions...aging beauty that surpasses any physical contact...mental vagueness of the worlds linguistics,

All of this you strive to repeat...or maybe forget...but one things for have dumbfounded your reflective perceptions.

Those Reflections that stare back from your simplistic mirror...the one that has eventual complications from the egotistical views of life,

Can you accept the remnants that stare you back...your eyes of fluent thoughts and catering fears...Temples of disowned acquaintanceship,

Find that one drop of untainted molecules that float among the atmosphere all around you...a reformed reality that you will find in wanting,

Capture with all your might the natural aspect of creation...unperceived recollections without a reflective conception that delivers the fruits of life,

The walls have already closed around you...that fortified wall of dimmed sensitivity that your soul has found easy to digest,

A new dawn has come...the birds chirp in your presence when you walk...they ask of when your mind will break it down...that wall of complacency,


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you, and I just read your link, that is very interesting, I'm reading up on reason as well...thank you your words are always welcome.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Food for thought. Voted up and awesome.

      "There is never a question that what we perceive is accurate. The only question is whether we accurately interpret what we perceive. The way to do this is through reason."

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you for the feedback

    • Shaisty-Chase-Tea profile image

      Shaisty-Chase-Tea 6 years ago from The Outskirts

      i liked your symbolism... i read it as a tribute ode to hubpages