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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XVI

Updated on August 20, 2011

A Farmer's Problem

--The night was fading away, Socrates having slept under a ancient tree exceeding fifty feet or more, dawn approaching fast as Socrates heard some noise just alongside a pig farm nearby--

A farmer:

All my pigs...those diseased bugs from Africa have reached my pigs...most are dead...the rest are sickly,
What can I will they survive this tragedy...I tried so hard to keep them healthy,
There will be no pork for the people in the village to eat this they will resort to importing,
Please what can I do...there are so much acreage here...what can I do now...I'm doomed...the gods have cursed me.


My friend...I can't but help overhear your hurt...your luck has taken a bad turn I can see...I promise you will find a new path,
Do you not see the sun is still rising...that life is still continuing regardless of human events?
It does not matter whether you won a gamble or lost your will still continue...can you not attest to this?

A farmer:

I can see what your saying my Athenian friend...but why did this happen to me...why such disaster...the gods know I have a family to raise,
So now I just have to sit back and let this ruin my career as a entire family line took this path...everyone successful except me,
I have been found caught under the chickens livelihood eaten down like millions of seeds on the ground,
What is to come of me now wise one...I know you mean well...but you can't give me the answers I seek at this time.


I think you have answered your own question my friend...did you not say that your livelihood like a million seeds on the ground?
Do you not raise just pigs right now...what if you planted seeds of all kinds...would you not get a harvest of higher yield?
Do not be discouraged my friend...only because as you stand and talk with have already gained a better perspective on life have you not?
Your life is only as good as you can mold it...and you more than anyone knows that when you work hard anything is possible?

A farmer:

Where did you come from wise happen to stroll over at the worst part of my life to uplift my spirits,
My pigs are all dying or dead and you say plant the seeds of their heart unmatched by love for these animals,
You are a gods blessing...I will make sure to sacrifice two cattle for your wise words of harmonious favor,
Thank you mysterious one...your soul having been brought by the gods themselves to save me from my own restrictions.


I have done nothing but given you the conversation needed for you to make your own choice...I didn't help you decide anything,
You are your own individual am I wrong?
It is with this information that you will pave a path you decided for yourself...a new world for you to pioneer like others have,
You will different...your personality shows caring charisma and a formulated happiness of untouched dreams...make life yours my friend...with this I say goodbye.

--Socrates gives the farmer a hug, tears instantly fall from the farmers face as Socrates let's go and walks down the path along the farms edge, looking for the next adventure that awaits him.


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    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      "I have done nothing but given you the conversation needed for you to make your own choice...I didn't help you decide anything."

      Like the farmer we all have the answers within us but it is asking the right questions to get to the answers.

      Voted up and awesome.