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Remember the Moonlight

Updated on August 20, 2011

The inspiration for the poem

The moon is so far away but when one is lonely, it is a companion,slowly drifting across the sky, giving its gentle light to one and all who maybe awake at the time. The moon's distance may be related to the distance of a loved one, faraway, you look up and wonder how they are and like the fuzzy surface of the moon,the memories of the time you spent with them are on your mind.

They may be gone for a while,like the moon,or gone forever, like the moons image behind a cloud and shooting star all at once,but still the light,or memory of the light they cast lingers on.

Remember the moon light,remember the dream

Photo illustration interpreting the poem:remember the moonlight by Victor Mavedzenge.
Photo illustration interpreting the poem:remember the moonlight by Victor Mavedzenge. | Source

The Beauty of Nature is Pure Love

My mind buried in shallow burns of thought
Hour glass turns to sand and...slips away
Moments like a winter night...slip away
My love, remember the moon light

Why, so far in the heavens lies a mother
Upon your face, a purpley blue
Across the cosmos, to touch you
Is the moonlight reaching out
So my love
Remember the moonlight

For though I be so far from you
Like the light of the moon
I reach out to touch you
And from loneliness paints a picture
Of serenity...of beauty
Of you
Only you
Remember the moonlight
My love

by Victor Mavedzenge


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    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Oh the mystical magic of the moon. I love your inspiration and the words you weave are very deep and beautiful. Thank you!