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Renter Travails

Updated on August 5, 2017
BJC profile image

BJC, the author of Fuinneamh under the name Rowell French Whitehead. She teaches middle school & has degrees from the University of West FL.

The renters that moved in next door to us were a lively bunch of people and had a flamboyant celebratory evening on their first night in the home. We heard what sounded like fireworks going off pop, pop, whoosh, bang, but upon investigating we discovered they were randomly shooting a pistol. Their language was colorful enough to brighten the sky with fireworks on July 4th.

The area is a rural area so hearing a gun is not unusual but these people likely did not know anything about the area and where the houses were located, so were being pretty irresponsible.

People have the right to bear arms and that right is protected by our constitutions.

However, it's the above mentioned people that give the rest of gun owners a bad name.

The next day my orange cat, Rambo, was missing. Looked and looked but to no avail, Rambo was gone. Asked most of the neighbors but no-one had seen him.

Approximately two weeks later, I'm walking the property with my husband and there on our property, but on the side of the neighbor, was a very pretty plant holder with what looked like a pot plant growing.

We froze, not sure what to think, do, or say. Where did it come from? Who put it there? What do we do? We called a cop who told us what to do.

These people were LOUD and partying it up and it was July 4th with their mouth almost every day.

Approximately two weeks later, we looked out and on their front yard was the biggest wooden cross I have ever seen, at least 100ft high. Now, it's not unusual to have a cross in the front yard, actually I don't know of anyone who does. Oh oh, are they members of the KKK? That is what it looked liked from movies I have seen. It was a very nerve-wracking moment because I have never knowingly met a member of the KKK and from what I have read they sound wicked people.

Sometime after that, probably about two weeks, we were finding LOTS of trash and debris on our property and it did not belong to us. When we saw the man in the yard and very politely mentioned the debris and we had seen his son throwing yard clippings onto our property. He was okay saying he would talk to the son, but his wife hollered from the deck of their house and said to him, "don't *?@&!@#$%^&* talk about my kids that way." Oh my.

Immediately, like that same day, we put up a sign

Private Property Keep Off.

Well, lo and behold, the renter/neighbors put up a sign

Trespassers Will Be Shot - if Still Alive,

They Will be Shot Again .

So now we have a pot-smoking, cat killing, gun shooting, trash throwing, people threatening member of the KKK as a neighbor.

Two weeks later we go out there and tree stumps have been put up on the property line with a fence, only the stumps are about 1 - 2 feet on our property.

Did I mention I had checked the court records of these people and he had a police record for writing no less than 15 bad checks, he'd been charged with possession of an illegal substance, breaking and entering, assault, and driving under the influence? No, well, that would be why we were unwilling to speak to the neighbors about the issues.

We have a piece of string up on the property line because a fence is very expensive. Now we're hopping mad and call the realtor who is in charge of renting the house. Her response, "I'll talk to them." I called the realtor several times each week for two weeks only to be told she can't get hold of the renter. Er, excuse me but aren't you collecting the rent??? Have you thought about coming out to check the place????

Never one to back down, I found out who the owner of the home is, thanks to the local clerk of court's office, and sent a very polite letter to the owner. They responded very quickly and so did the realtor lady who said she would be at the house on Friday morning to check things out.

Friday morning we're all there and the wife is yelling and screaming wanting to know who we are to say where the property line is, and demanding a survey........ Yup, the realtor lady did nothing. We gave them two weeks to get the stumps up off our property.

Two weeks, of course, they had bailed out on the realtor lady and they were gone - everything kit and kaboodle. That was the longest six months ever.

Can you top that?

© 2009 BJC


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    • frogyfish profile image


      8 years ago from Central United States of America

      No I can't top your renters. I thought my ex-neighbor renters were bad, but you got me beat. But hey, NOW no more loud blasting music at 3:00 AM either. Wherever they are, it wasn't me that did the telling as they think. But I was gonna...! Glad yours are gone too. That makes it ALMOST funny! You gave a great write here!

    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      RD, not so sure I exercised my pateience or anything through them. Pretty feisty, but God is teaching me..................:)

    • profile image

      Royal Diadem 

      9 years ago

      Boy did you not go through a test of your patience and faith. I am so glad that you are no longer have these people next door anymore, I will be praying for them

    • BJC profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      Yes indeed. Now it's sort of humerous but not at the time.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 

      9 years ago from Texas

      What a horror story!


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