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Robocop VS Iron Man

Updated on September 3, 2012

Movies inspired by superheroes and other comics-related characters are dominating the movie stream today. A few of them ended up as failures, yet most turned out as box office hits like “The Avengers” and the “Iron Man” movie series. One of the many reasons behind the success of the mentioned movies is the innate fame of Iron Man. He is a superhero known for his state of the art battle suit. In the movies, Tony Starks built a battle suit mainly to survive from a kidnapping syndicate and he barely escaped. Nevertheless, his interest about creating a powerful battle suit started to grow since then. It was a success and Iron Man was born. He became the savior and protector of the weak and oppressed. Another interesting fact about Iron Man is bluntness regarding his true identity. Conventional superheroes don’t do that. They even cover their faces with weird masks or move behind the shadows just to hide their precious identities. Iron Man has a peculiar attitude as well. He’s bossy and is very vulgar about his words even if it insults someone in the process. Yet overall, Iron Man is a dependable hero who will do everything and would risk his own life just to make sure that peace and prosperity reigns.

Robocop on the other hand can be closely compared to Iron Man. He is also a product of advance technology. He started out as a skillful detective but was killed after solely pursuing a notorious gang. The Robocop project revived him yet all of his past life memories were deleted. Although he managed to remember a few of its important details as the movie series progressed, his life totally changed since he became the finest and most advanced police officer loved by civilians while feared by law offenders.

What if these two mighty superheroes end up battling with each other? Who will emerge victorious? Will Iron Man’s rockets be enough to penetrate Robocop’s hard armor? Or will Robocop’s combat experience be enough to knock down one of Avenger’s strongest members? Let’s all find out!



Real Name: Alex J. Murphy

Place of Birth: Detroit

Gender: Male

Height: 6’

Weight: 300 lbs

Powers: Connection Spike, Density Increase, Gadgetry, Skin Armor, Radio Communication, Thermal Vision, Telepathy, Recall: Audio and Visual Recording, Excellent Martial Arts Skills, weaponized vehicle,

Auto-9 Machine Pistol

Brief History: Before his cybernetic enhancement, Alex Murphy was a skilled police officer. His subsequent alteration built on those abilities by providing him with a cyborg body with superior strength and durability (his armor shell is titanium laminated with Kevlar) as well as various on-board extras including a HUD computer interface, a radio transmitter, and infrared vision capability.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Robocop was a great Police office even before he was altered to be a cyborg. This is the main reason why he already has a good understanding about self-defense and offense even without using any weapon. As a cyborg, his seemingly invulnerable case enabled him to survive from furious enemy onslaught as if nothing happened. His added weight also provided him with extreme stability while enhancing his agility in the process. It’s also easy for Robocop to chase law offenders since he knows every corner of his base of operation (Detroit) more than any other police officer does.

Probably the only weakness of Robocop is the limitation of his leg movements. Most of his powers have certain limitations as well like his telepathy which can only affect computers. He’s not a team player. His death was basically a result of his selfishness as he tried to take out an entire gang on his own.



Follow this LINK for Iron Man's complete profile.


Tony Starks was woken up by a call. At first, he thought that is was just one of the many reporters who simply want to have an interview or a model asking a few minutes of his time for a dinner date. The fame of being a celebrity, billionaire, and superhero is bugging him even a lot more than all the problems his company faces each day combined. The call seems to be urgent since the person on the other line was persistent. Tony was forced to answer it and was shocked about what he heard. Without wasting any time, he immediately got on his battle suit and head straight to an abandoned lab located at the heart of a dense jungle. He personally proved the truth behind what he heard over the phone about a mysterious lab which had been used to create cyborgs. However, Iron Man found nothing but rusty torn robot parts. He was about to leave the facility when a forceful bump from the back made him fell on the ground. As he turned around to see who it was, the unknown figure grabbed his head and strongly pushed it to the ground. Iron Man was caught off guard! Nevertheless, he managed to fire a laser beam from his free hand landing a direct hit to the unknown attacker. He stood up, took a safe distance, and commanded his armor’s built-in computer to tell him something about his enemy. To his surprise, it was the cyborg police officer known for his unparalleled efforts in punishing law offenders during the 90s; Robocop. Iron Man respects him a lot so he decided not to further retaliate. It was Iron Man’s greatest mistake. The Robocop in front of him know nothing about justice. He was reprogrammed by a syndicate to do assassination activities and Iron Man was their next target. The moment Iron Man was within Robocop’s attack range, he drew his gun in a split second and started shooting Iron Man. The puzzled hero managed to dodge a few but most bullets landed. He taught his armor was strong enough to block the bullets but he was wrong. They were unique bullets made from materials strong enough to damage him. Iron Man needs to retreat but Robocop was able to disable three of his rocket thrusters. With barely any energy left, Iron Man was in big trouble. Robocop was about to land the killing blow when a huge creature came out of nowhere and pounded him, crushing every bit of the cyborg. To Iron Man’s relief, it was the Hulk with the rest of the Avengers. They were also informed about the mysterious lab and met each other on the way to check it out. At the end of the day, Iron Man learned a valuable lesson: “Looks can be deceiving”.

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Iron Man 2 posterWhat's behind Robocop's armor?The new Robocop coming this 2013.The new Iron Man Armor for the 3rd movie.Another look at Iron Man's new armor.The classic Robocop.Iron Man fan-made art.A vehicle included in the Robocop 2013 movie.Iron Man's suit in different colors.Nothing to say but awesome!
Iron Man 2 poster
Iron Man 2 poster
What's behind Robocop's armor?
What's behind Robocop's armor?
The new Robocop coming this 2013.
The new Robocop coming this 2013.
The new Iron Man Armor for the 3rd movie.
The new Iron Man Armor for the 3rd movie.
Another look at Iron Man's new armor.
Another look at Iron Man's new armor.
The classic Robocop.
The classic Robocop.
Iron Man fan-made art.
Iron Man fan-made art.
A vehicle included in the Robocop 2013 movie.
A vehicle included in the Robocop 2013 movie.
Iron Man's suit in different colors.
Iron Man's suit in different colors.
Nothing to say but awesome!
Nothing to say but awesome!

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