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Iron Man Vs Captain America

Updated on July 20, 2012

Iron Man and Captain America are the two most loved Avenger heroes. They are not only infamous due to their powers and abilities but how they persevere in keeping the world safe regardless how formidable an enemy may be. What if these two mighty heroes end up battling one another? Who will grab and wave the flag of victory? Can Captain America's shield withstand the full power of Iron Man's ingeniously designed battle suit?

Iron Man

Real Name: Anthony Edward Stark

Place of Birth: Long Island, New York

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1” (no armor) 6’6” (with armor)

Weight: 225 lbs (no armor) 425 lbs (with armor)

Powers: high-tech armor, brilliant mind

Brief History: Tony Stark belongs to a known family. He is a billionaire and is considered the best when it comes to weapon design. In fact, his company is leading the industry. His whole life changed when he was kidnapped and suffered from chest injuries. He then created an artificial heart which gave him enough energy to wear a mechanical armor. At first, he was just doing it out of fun yet he eventually realized his true mission was to save the oppressed and be the Ironman everybody loves.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Iron man purely relies on his armor. Without it, he is just a plain human. This fact alone obviously states that his main weakness is anything that can render his armor useless. Second, he tends to procrastinate a lot as well. His pride often stands in the way as he tries to be a hero. On the other hand, Iron Man’s true strength lies on his brilliant mind. He can easily cope with an enemy and think of a plan to gain battle advantage. He may not look like one yet, he is considered as one of the most intelligent beings on earth which made Ironman a superhero certainly worth watching for.

Captain America

Real Name: Steve Rogers

Place of Birth: Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 lbs

Powers: Modified body to reach the peak of human capabilities in terms of speed, strength and endurance, seemingly indestructible shield, and excellent combat skills

Brief History: Steve Rogers had a very hard life. He was left alone during his teenage years as his parents died. None even thought that this thin fine arts student would eventually become the superhero that the entire country will love. His body may not be the best one around yet his heart is. This was the main reason why the doctor behind the project chose him. The procedure was a success and Steve Rogers was granted with astounding strength and speed that no other human can match. He then took a lot of training to hone his combat skills. He played a big role during the Second World War and saved millions of lives. His last mission, sadly, was a disaster. The plane he was aboard crashed on the arctic and there was no way for him to be rescued. His body due to the serum was preserved in the ice and was recently discovered, which is the main reason why his superhero days were extended in the future.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Captain America is one of my favorite superheroes. They say that a man is not defined by what he wears but what he does. However, this famous quote is not applicable to Captain America. He became known because of his patriotic costume. I believe that his incomparable patriotism made him one of the greatest superhero. He may not have the strength or speed that shocks the world yet his undying persistence to save America from any foe amazed me a lot. Captain America’s strength entirely depends on his shield. Without it, Captain America won’t do well particularly with enemies having superhuman powers. His strength, agility, and speed are not superhuman yet it has been enhanced to reach the peak. Although his shield seems unbreakable, it was completely broken by Loki’s staff in the animated series. Moreover, Thor’s Mjollnir was also able to damage it.

The Battle:

Iron Man was busy testing his new battle suit which can be completely switched in auto-pilot if needed. He was thinking that such kind of feature could give him some space to focus and study enemy fighting patterns during a battle. However, something went completely wrong as he tested it. He can’t override the system commands and he is literally trapped in it. He programmed his suit to target the nearest entity with considerable destructive power. Captain America was just sipping a cup of coffee at a nearby restaurant. He was completely blind about the impending danger. It was almost noon and he never ate anything for breakfast so he decided to order a meal. Before he could raise his hand to call the waiter, something came out of nowhere and landed harshly just outside the restaurant. The glass walls were shattered and people screamed for help. Captain America instantly ducked and observed the situation, while getting his shield out of the bag. Dust and rock fragments from the crash made it hard for him to identify who or what the enemy was until it started to shoot laser beams and a barrage of rockets towards him. There is only one person capable of unleashing such arsenal; Iron man. He barely dodged the rockets and was able to deflect the beams with his shield. He tried to communicate with Iron Man but his old friend never responded. By then, he knew that something is wrong with Iron Man’s suit. He is now in a very tight situation as he needs to defeat the suit without harming his friend. Captain America got to his motorbike while being chased by guided missiles. His main aim was to battle Iron Man in a less populated area. He drove straight away from the city as Iron Man was on his tail. Captain America knew that Iron Man has limited weapons and battery power. He rushed in the woods and hid. Iron Man’s suite targeted every tree, huge rock, or anything where someone could hide just to find Captain America. The forest was totally ruined and Captain America was left with nowhere to go. Iron Man’s last rocket got Captain America and thrown his shield. With his shield yards away, Captain America was completely defenseless. Iron Man stepped on him on the chest and was about to deliver the finishing blow when his battery power was completely depleted. Captain America was very exhausted after an endless chase and standing his ground from Iron man’s attacks. He then pulled off Iron Man’s metal mask and greeted his friend. Iron Man was greatly helpful that Captain America was able to defeat his suit and avoid casualties.


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