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Skeletons Without Halos 17

Updated on February 26, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a freelance writer who enjoys crafting short stories for her readers in the fantasy, mystery and horror genres.

Who Needs Halos When You Have Wedding Bells?

Hello and welcome back! In our last chapter we discovered the identity of the skeleton behind everything. But it isn’t all bad news. Vicky is receiving the care that she needs and we have a wedding to attend.

As always, all writing and photography are my original work. If borrowing for Internet use, a link back and credit where credit is due are appreciated. The video below is to enhance your reading experience only. If you own the copyright and want additional credit and links or the video removed, please contact me.

Your Music For Tonight's Tale

A Lovely Bride

The day of our wedding had arrived at last. I could feel butterflies dance in my stomach as mom helped me into my dress. “You make such a lovely bride.” She said as she buttoned me up then saw to my veil. I turned around so they could see and Sugar and Suzy Q, both important parts of my bridal party, sighed happily.

“You look so beautiful!” Suzy Q said dreamily. “And thanks for having me as your flower girl, I thought they had to be little kids.”

“It’s our wedding and we wanted the bravest girl we knew, Suzy Q.” I said and she blushed. She was doing great for herself and I was proud of her. I’d been through counseling myself and I knew it wasn’t easy. And she’d gotten serious with Jimmy, though she knew Chester and I regarded her as our own daughter and looked forward to grilling him about his intentions.

Sugar looked wonderful as well. She was well on the road to recovery and absolutely glowing to be part of my big day. “You didn’t have to just give us the cake, you know.” I said gently. She’d been attacked by Victoria during our visit and I still felt guilty.

“It was the least I could do. I recognized the actress playing your friend. We used to date a long time ago and when she gets out we might start again. I swear she had no idea what your partner had planned, she’d been told it was going to be a big surprise.”

“I know. I’ve talked to Vicky’s doctors. She is so deeply into her own world that she thought we were dating our entire partnership. I’m just sorry I never noticed anything was wrong before innocent people got hurt.”

The women both jumped up and hugged me tightly. It was good to have friends and as I hugged them back I was truly thankful for them. “Thanks, Mom. Ladies.” I said as I turned and took in my reflection in the dressing room mirror. My gown was a confection of white lace and small jewels and tears pricked my eyes as I saw how beautiful I looked. “I look like an actual bride.” I breathed and Mom smiled at me lovingly.

“You are, and I want you to remember this day forever.” She said, slipping a blue ribbon around my bouquet. “There, it is both borrowed and blue. The dress is new and my old wedding shoes fit you perfectly. She smiled and hugged me, and soon there was a gentle knock on the door.

Skeletons Without Halos

You know, maybe Sugar and Suzy Q have halos.
You know, maybe Sugar and Suzy Q have halos.

A Handsome Groom

“Come in.” I said and it opened to reveal Clarence, looking resplendent in his tuxedo.

“Gee, Boss. You look beautiful. They’re ready to start when you are.” He said, then was escorting me out the door and up the aisle on his arm. I saw Chester waiting for me and was glad I had Clarence to hold on to. I hadn’t seen his tuxedo and the only way to describe it was otherworldly.

It was cut sharply to show off his angular features and he wore a fedora of the same midnight black material. As I came up to him his jaw dropped in admiration. “You look beautiful, Nicky.” He said softly as he took my hands in his.

“And you look amazing.” I managed. The priest started speaking and I could dimly hear him. I only could see Chester in front of me and hear his voice as he murmured encouragingly to me. We exchanged rings and vows, then he was lifting my veil to kiss me, his teeth the barest whisper against my lips.

The church erupted in cheers and it took some time to walk back down the aisle as our well-wishers thronged us. But we at last made it out to find the limo waiting to take us to the event hall for our reception.


As we entered the room where our guests were awaiting us, I gasped in astonishment. We’d both agreed to get modest things that wouldn’t insult our guests and give the rest of the proposed budget to various charities.

But what met our eyes was sheer extravagance. Our guests, all the bosses, all our friends and about half of the city, stood up and applauded our entry. I blushed and nodded my thanks, too overcome to speak. Chester held up a hand and the applause died down. “We both want to thank the people of this city for their generosity. Your kindness towards us won’t be forgotten.”

Our men were there as well, all of them, families in tow and as we sat down at our table to be served, one after another brought their happy broods up for us to see. We both fussed over their wives and children, and we had simply the best wedding reception ever.

Bless the Bride (Molly Murphy Mysteries)

The Most Handsome Of Grooms

Congratulations, Chester!
Congratulations, Chester!

Honeymoon For a Skeleton And His Bride

We hadn’t made plans for a honeymoon, so I was surprised when Chester asked if I’d like to go home and change before our trip. “Trip?” I asked as we arrived at our complex.

“You’ll see, Nicky.” He teased. I found traveling clothes waiting for me, and a new gun in a more discreet holster laid neatly on top. “Aw, Chessie.” I said as I changed then strapped it on. I grabbed the bag he’d clearly had packed for me and met Chester in the hall.

“Thank you, sweetie.” I said, kissing him in thanks. Chester made a pleased sound, and we were enjoying that kiss until a male voice cleared and we found Clarence waiting to escort us to the car.

I blushed slightly as we parted, but Chester looked pleased with himself. Soon we were off, and I was cuddled into Chester in the back of the car. “Where are we going?” I asked, but Chester merely shook his head. There was a quick stop at the café where coffee and doughnuts were brought out to us, and we both happily accepted the gifts.

We’d eaten and eaten well at our reception, but the gesture was a nice one. And then we were headed out of the city. Far out into the country, and we seemed to be going out into the middle of nowhere.

The Happiest Of Bosses

Chester has it all now. A beautiful wife, a successful empire, and a honeymoon to look forward to.
Chester has it all now. A beautiful wife, a successful empire, and a honeymoon to look forward to.

An Enchanting Cottage

Despite my best efforts, I fell asleep in Chester’s arms and woke up to him shaking me gently. “Mm?” I managed.

“How about a break to stretch our legs?” He asked and I nodded. It had been a little past noon when we’d started out and from the lowering sun I realized we’d been traveling for hours. I gave Chester a quizzical look as we were parked in front of a path leading into the woods.

Chester grinned and bowed to me, taking off his hat with a flourish to indicate I should go first. So I did, my shoes sinking slightly into the mossy path. We walked for a few minutes in silence, then rounded a curve and I stopped with a gasp. There, in a clearing was the most romantic honeymoon cottage I’d ever seen.

Snug and built out of stone, it radiated a quaint charm with its neat flower beds and lit candles in the windows. “Pleased, Nicky?” Chester asked and I nodded happily.

“Oh, Chessie.” I managed as he scooped me up suddenly and swept me inside. Chester set me down, but kept his arms around me to draw me into a kiss and I seriously didn’t mind. We parted and he looked at me dreamily. I hardly noticed as Clarence brought our bags in, tipped his hat to us and bid us goodnight and a pleasant honeymoon.

“You’re not driving back to the city?” I asked as he turned to go.

“No. The missus and I have a little cabin not far away. She’s there with the kids. We’ll have a vacation while you honeymoon and I’ll be back in two weeks to drive you home, unless you two want to stay longer, Boss.” He smiled fondly at us then left.

“That is tempting.” I admitted, taking in the cottage. There was a gift basket on the wooden table and as I explored I found a small bedroom with a bed just big enough for two, and a discretely tucked away bathroom.

That and the main room with its fireplace and miniature kitchen made for a charming place, and Chester didn’t have to ask twice for me to join him on the sofa. “You really are pleased?” He asked.

“Chessie, it’s wonderful. How did you even find it?” I asked.

“Oh, I have my ways.” He said. “I was hoping you’d like it. We can do whatever you like. Go fishing in the morning, or hiking, or maybe take the canoe out on the lake.”

“Fishing sounds swell” I said and Chessie lit up in response,

“You mean that? Really? Then I really have found the girl for me.”

“You better have, Mister.” I mock growled and he smiled fondly at me.

“I know I have. And just think, Nicky. When the babies come we can bring them out here whenever we like to get away from the city. Might have to add on, but it is ours.”

“Ours, Chester?”

“Ours, welcome home, Nicky, welcome home.” And with that Chester drew me into a kiss so wonderful that I knew I was home.

Should The Series End Here?

Well, should it? Myself, I'm curious to see what happens next.

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All's Well That Ends In A Honeymoon?

And thus ends our adventures with the pair. Though you have to wonder what awaits them in the future, don’t you?

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