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Something Meaningful: About Desire and How it is used to Drive us Wild

Updated on May 18, 2013
Step carefully.
Step carefully. | Source

And how desire can trick you.

Life Circles in Red.
Life Circles in Red. | Source

What desiring something meaningful means.

Most of us desire and in some respect, search for at least one thing that we consider to be something meaningful to enhance our lives. Actually desiring something meaningful is far more prevalent than that when you consider the effects desire has on all the different aspects of our lives, whether it is in our career, leisure activities, our relationships, lifestyle or our assets. Something meaningful generally tends to be something that actually ticks all the subconscious boxes that we use to evaluate and measure the things that we desire in our lives.

When it comes to what we consider may be something meaningful career wise, perhaps it relates directly to what benefits we gain and how the challenges of that career, help us grow or develop skills that allow us to feel as if we are indeed achieving something meaningful within that career. We tend to approach our leisure activities along the same lines and generally with the same gusto, especially if we have a competitive nature. Ultimately, what keeps us involved with the leisure activities, is the degree of satisfaction that we gain from those activities and how meaningful we consider them to be, to our overall life objectives.

Something meaningful lifestyle wise tends to be based on the total of the above factors, plus what we perceive the meaningfulness of our assets and our relationships to be, in regards to what we have achieved measured against what we desired. So what we desire has a major bearing on who we are and how we perceive ourselves, or wish to be perceived by others.

The reasons why we desire any particular thing vary from person to person, but may be simply because the objects that we desire are well and truly out of reach. Commercially, we are courted into desiring almost every single aspect or object possible. Sometimes, such commercialism can be so intentionally subtle and desirable that it is misinterpreted completely.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved


Relationships tend to provide us with the best examples of how powerful desire really is and how it can and generally is used to drive us wild. I mean wild in a flirtatious sense, which of course tends to be an enhancing factor to how much we want, or really want. Desire has always been flexible like that, as it tends to be the basic justification for many major events that we seek or experience in our lives.

So how can desire drive your lover wild? Exactly the same way as it can drive any of us wild, by your desire becoming so intense that you must have that object of your desire, no matter what. Desire is about flirting and it is about being flirted with. It is about wanting something that others want and if you achieve that, then it is about showing others your success. Desire will decide whether you achieve or fail and how you handle or control the way you allow desire to flirt with you, will ultimately be the thing that will dictate whether or not you achieve or fail in your desires. Now doesn’t that perspective alone drive you wild? Below is a poem called ‘Something Meaningful’ that illustrates how easy it is use desire to drive your lover and others wild. Enjoy.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

You can find something meaningful where you least expect to.

Lotus desire.
Lotus desire. | Source

Their form can drive you wild or do you just interprete the signals that you get wrongly?

Step carefully.
Step carefully. | Source
Lotus desire.
Lotus desire. | Source

Some loves are just not true.

'Something Meaningful'

She has a divine sleekness about her

Years of sowing seeds of wanton desire

Men dream and think in graphic foolishness

A body language supporting every thought

But she cuts through all men of shallow intent

Leaving egos crashed, bloody and raw

Or deflated, feeling unlike they have before

Gasping in the dust of boring mediocrity

She’s far too fast for any Joe Average score

She’s something meaningful

To drive, not to push around, jealously

To love, to show off and to adore

Her only real suitor is the one

Who understands her every move

Betraying intent with disinterest and a smile

Certain eye contact and a certain scent

Prepared to walk away with confidence

A certain movement, a certain flow

A certain class beyond mutual consent

Leaves a certain glimpse of certain style

The key she seeks to fuel her own desire

She’s something meaningful

She’s something hot, something cool

And she’s something wild, not into fools

Lotus desire.
Lotus desire. | Source
Step carefully.
Step carefully. | Source

As we move through crowded streets

Heads turn, men melt with envy and shrink

Perhaps it’s her divine sleekness that they see

Perhaps it’s all about the company that she keeps

Perhaps it’s just a matter of how well we fit

It’s something meaningful, more than a date

Perhaps I make her purr, with a certain style

Perhaps it’s just, that I take good care of her

Perhaps we’ll take the next left up ahead

Let’s lose our tops and go do something great

Yeah, I thought that idea would make you smile

So let’s go cruise the Interstate and eat some miles

* Words by Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Let's just lose the top and eat some miles...

Something meaningful.
Something meaningful. | Source

Please Be Honest.

Did you think throughout this poem that I was writing about:

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Author's Disclaimer.

PS: Talking to, or driving your vehicle at speed naked

For the express purpose of showing off your motor

Is considered offensive in many parts of the world

Therefore, the author accepts no responsibility for:

Any misinterpretation or misuse of the advice above.

Something meaningful differs for all of us - why it is meaningful.

Lotus desire #3
Lotus desire #3 | Source

This poem was sponsored by Desire.

See how easy it is to flirt with the ambiguity of desire?

Step carefully.
Step carefully. | Source

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