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A Writers Prompt: Stopping for Opportunity

Updated on August 14, 2017
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Tim Mitchell is an avid learner adventuring into many interests. He enjoys sharing those experiences and discovered knowledge.


A Writer’s Prompt and Inspiration

Presented by author and writer Carb Diva – profile name, is what is called a hub challenge. Simply she presented a writer’s prompt, of which is the image at the opening of this internet article known as a hub. A writer’s prompt basically is something as a topic, of which you realize ideas, jot them down, and then choose to write something from that.

Usually one is chosen, however others may be used at a later time or influence another writing later. A writer’s prompt can be most anything. With a moment of pondering one may realize a writer’s prompt simply is opportunity presented. At task is presenting opportunity for an audience or readership, which is inspired through and with that writer’s prompt. It is Stopping for Opportunity.

The writer’s prompt itself may fulfill the quality of being a muse. A muse from ancient Greek mythology and thinking were goddesses inspiring literature, science, and the arts. Being daughters of Zeus, which was the central god, the main man, the king of the hill, and of Mnemosyne, which is the goddess of the personification of memory, muses had unique qualities and they differed between each. Considered water nymphs the nine muses were symbolized by a different item. Those are:

  • CalliopeEpic poetry and the writing tablet
  • ClioHistory and the scroll
  • EuterpeLyrical poetry and the Greek Flute
  • ThaliaComedy & pastoral poetry and the comic mask
  • MelpomeneTragedy and tragic mask
  • TerpsichoreDance and the lyre, which is a Greek musical instrument
  • EratoLove poetry and the cithara, which is a type of Greek lyre
  • PolyhymniaSacred poetry and the veil
  • UraniaAstronomy and the globe & Compass

Minerva among the Muses (Minerva is a Roman Goddess equivalent with the Greek Goddess Athena)

This work is in the public domain in the United States, and those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years or less.
This work is in the public domain in the United States, and those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years or less. | Source

Again, the writer’s prompt itself may represent inspiration or be inspiration itself. We may discover that through the powers of those muses providing for inspiration and their interactions with the writer seeking authorship of a work. That authorship could be art such as a painting or sculpture, discovery of a science(s), or with this example and others of the writer’s prompt is literature of some sort – poetry, prose, or essay.

With the writers prompt we may discover the blessings of Zeus and his daughter’s with their powers of inspiration while realizing the power of Mnemosyne – a memory(s). The writer authoring a work seeks sharing those to a specific audience while shares with a readership. A written work is born like a seed, grows with its fruition, and finally blooms just like a sunflower reaching for the sky to greet its provider of sustenance – the sun.

This reprint has received exclusive permission from the Swedish Author / Illustrator Sannel Larson to be used with this Internet Article. The image appears in her published work "You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are" available at the source link.
This reprint has received exclusive permission from the Swedish Author / Illustrator Sannel Larson to be used with this Internet Article. The image appears in her published work "You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are" available at the source link. | Source

Some Examples of Inspiration from Carb Diva’s Writers Prompt

Next, there is discovery with only four of the many examples from this writer’s prompt. One is the original by Carb Diva explaining the challenge as well as her inspired work. There is the work of a fiction writer and essayist Bill Holland – billybuc, offering observation skillfully written and shared. Venkatachari M. offers an essay while introducing eloquently poetry. And, Jodah discovered a poetic muse providing inspiration. Another is by Ann Carr where most definitely those muses mother prompted inspiration through the reflections of memory personified.

What the Writing Prompt Inspired . . . with this Author

Following next is a work inspired by the Writing Prompt and writing challenge offered by Carb Diva by this author . . . tsmog (Tim Mitchell). A result of pondering the image a few days were undertaken seeking meaning. With that time meaning was presented with the season of the image, the setting of the image, and the ambiance & mood experienced through that process of pondering while wondering. Inspiration is arrived upon while seeking the power of the muse. It is presented to both the audience and the readership.

Stopping for a Moment of Rest is an Opportunity

The days passed seemed longer than the Mississippi River trellising along the vast plains and mountains from the northern regions seeking its destination with the Gulf of Mexico. Feeding its mighty waters were the pains of the seasons with swelling banks from winter’s torrential downpours tempered with spring’s gentle rainfall. As fall arrived with the myriad of trees painted with blazing reds, alluring yellows, and golden bronze leaves there was discovered a pathway following the summer harvest.

Some may think a lonely road, yet hidden behind those trees were frolicking bunnies, prancing deer and antelope, and the ever present songs of fluttering wings and perched harmonies. That path was surrounded with the blessings of life and that path travailed through and along life. Hesitating along that path an aging man with knapsack slung across his back knelt offering pause just before midday.

This reprint has received exclusive permission from the Swedish Author / Illustrator Sannel Larson to be used with this Internet Article.
This reprint has received exclusive permission from the Swedish Author / Illustrator Sannel Larson to be used with this Internet Article. | Source

A moment passed effortlessly as he took refuge with a few sips from his bota bag gifted to him by a fellow traveler of Mexico. The two of them had walked some hundred miles or more along that roadway some years back, yet their friendship seemed to never linger passed yesterday. With a breath passing by almost as a sigh he laced his tattered boots of leather more tightly preparing for the journey, which lay only moments away close by. From the middle of the road he heard a rustle. Awakening leaves high in a tall oak minced with the colors of the fall season announced winter was but only a small time ahead. With a glance he pictured the roadside heavily laden with snow arriving with a frigid breath only a few months ahead.

Standing he pondered the path he had followed, yet with great reserve and patience he thought not to steal a glance backward. He sought only where he stood now. Another sip brought greater refreshment as he savored the coolness of the spring water discovered not long ago. Taking a moment he decided the small embankment with a log half thrown across it offered great relief from the days travel. An early time of nourishment with a parcel of sweet squaw bread painted with tart blackberry jam brought a grin upon him reaching from ear to ear. A piece of venison jerky laced with a hint of salt awaited accompanying it as if it were a fiddle playing alongside a mouth organ. His awaiting feast began to unfold as he reached deep within the sparse bundle within his knapsack.

While he ate the gentle breeze of the westerly winds passed through the leaves now dancing with a growing song. Easily the harmony of chirping birds melded like they were directed within a great orchestra of serene violins, mesmerizing cellos, and soliloquy of ivory keys offering a spontaneous concert of nature providing comfort within solitude. Glances here and there offered the surprise of a myriad of color as flowers appeared like magic poured upon the land. Just beyond along the pathway’s opposite side painted with richly deep green shrubbery and grass bordering the wooded forest was a mystical harvest of fall blooms reaching outward greeting the traveler. Their smiles glowed splendidly sharing their powers of comradery. He felt welcomed and he realized though alone there was not any loneliness.

Soon was lost as realization presented more moments of rest from that road long traveled. Now, with hesitation he glanced long and hard upon the curve of the roadway just traveled. Painted with the appreciation of joyous friendships and fanciful adventures a gleam arose in his eyes while recognizing further along that roadway more awaited. There was certainty. Assuredly offered promise. One may say an eerie sense of discomfort with not knowing. Yet, that moment of realization presented great delight. Surrounding him were spirits not haunting his path, more so offering comfort while providing rays of hope just like the sun stretching its arms widely at the break of dawn.


The now slumbering breeze shared that the sun had now passed nearing evening’s invitation. As if time was lost moments became hours while the hour neared the end of day. Cresting the western horizon pointing directly toward tomorrow a hint of yesterday clung close by. An effervescent glow brazenly painted with a red pinkish hue surrounded with a heavenly aura of majestic violet nearing that of a robust wine offered a farewell. As the sun slid slowly beyond today nearing closer to once was he began to untie his blankets rolled tightly together. Not far off toward the east a bright candle began to light the late evening haze becoming the tranquility of a hushed silence.

Conversing crickets began to chatter of excitement that night itself offered the entrancement of furthering life. A new concert shared moments of pondering the day, presenting reflections of the traveled pathway, and the hope of the break of dawn returning once more. The many steps traveled with that earlier morning became a moment of rest, a time of rest, and the amazement of experiencing the offerings of rest. As he laid backward upon one spread blanket while pulling the other upon his outstretched self he was filled with glee. Though he had not traveled any further on that pathway toward destiny, the blessing he received from that day of rest was the promise of destiny.

As evening slumbered upon night seeking the hour of between with head nestled in his arms he began to hum a familiar tune. Pleasantry offered solitude while the occasional pitter patter of passing feet spawned a smile like that of earlier in the day. Thoughts of those Christmas mornings of children hidden in the barely broken morning gave to him a merry chuckle followed by a few longer melodic giggles. Anticipation of the pathway next offered hopes hidden with another glance while imagining that roadway painted with purity of snow barren of footsteps. His smile grew beyond from ear to ear becoming a lamp lighting a new pathway to be followed with his heart leading his mind since being touched by the soul.

Before long had become gone his eyes closed offering translucent imagery dancing with thoughts slowly silenced. His visions soon were becoming dreams while rest offered quietness. Still stretched grinning from ear to ear his smile offered seeing tomorrow while night provided its pathway with its promise there will be another day. Stopping for a moment of rest the aging traveler received an opportunity. Opportunity the promise of assuredly would become certainty.

Entelechy in lathouse

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license. | Source

Stopping For Opportunity

Many will venture writing as an adventure. Some will become members of seeking such an adventure, possibly another writing site, or maybe within a personal journal. Many of those will venture further creating blogs, assembling websites, or authoring books. Genre's will be explored and discovered. Some may choose to write mystery, science fiction, or children's books too. Some will become copy writers while some may focus on niche topics like swimming pools, auto repair, baking pastries, or even the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization used by internet writers. Interestingly most articles will be prompted by something leading toward inspiration guided by a muse seeking an audience and greater readership. An amazing adventure is offered with Stopping for Opportunity.

Thank You for Reading a tsmog Article

Seeking to discover the writer’s voice as indicated by the category for this adventure of writing my hope is you the audience . . . the readership gains some value and worth. It is with hope the influence of this author’s muse will be discovered offering to you whom also chooses to write authoring the various works of literature – poetry, prose, and essay will discover your muse(s). The writing prompt challenge offered by Carb Diva presented opportunity for many and many undertook the challenge. Even though not all will have written directly inspired by the image itself, inspiration itself may have been presented to those who read her presented opportunity. Opportunity to ponder writing for oneself inspired by a muse(s) for an audience and shared with a readership.

© 2015 Tim Mitchell


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