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Story Without An End... (an Interactive Story)

Updated on November 5, 2020
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John has many years of writing experience in poetry, short fiction and text for children's books. Basically, he just loves to write.

Blast From The Past

This may be the first in a series of short fiction that don't have the traditional shock, sad or happy endings. In fact I leave the ending open and up in the air so to speak, instead leaving it to the reader to wonder or imagine where the story may go. This may be frustrating to some of you, if so read no further......(what I'd really like is for any readers who are feeling creative to write their own ending to this story. Make your own hub out of it with a link in comments here, or write your ending in the comments if you wish).

"I'm........we're ok, I guess", Susan stammered, trying to overcome the shock.

The conversation seemed to go on forever, with Rick doing most of the talking. He apologized for not having contacted her sooner, explaining that after she left he was devastated by what had happened. He realized he had a problem and turned to AA for help. That was the main reason he hadn't phoned or emailed in almost three years. He wanted to be sure he wouldn't relapse, and the same thing happen again.

Susan was relieved that Rick had finally plucked up the courage to contact her. She too had been distraught at having to walk away from their relationship, but his alcoholism had given her no choice. She thought back to when they had first met, and how much in love they were.

One aspect of the phone call weighed on her mind however. Not once during their conversation had Rick asked about Courtney, their daughter. Susan had however agreed to meet him for lunch the next day at their previous favorite restaurant, so they could talk more and Courtney could meet the father she'd never seen. It was a little scary but also exciting.

Susan had only just hung up the phone when it rang again.

"Hello Beautiful", Philip her fiancé greeted cheerfully, "How about I take my two favorite ladies to the beach tomorrow?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Philip", Susan replied, feeling guilty, "We'd love to really....but.....something's come up."

Should Susan.......?

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I would love to read your various possible endings to this story. If any fellow hubbers have the time or inclination it would be great if you'd include your ideas in the comments below. It would be interesting to see the different tangents a story can take.

After the success of the "add an ending" challenge made by Frank Atanacio for his wonderful hub "Monsters in the Trees", I thought I'd resurrect this hub in the hope that some of you may like to write an ending for this little story.

Feel free to write your own hub in the same way you did for Frank's challenge and include a link in comments here.

The following carries on from Ruby's (always exploring) addition to the story.

I invite other creative hubbers to add further to it. Thanks.


Love is a Carousel

Under the beautiful pink shade of the cherry tree, Phillip listened to Linda reminisce about their school and college days. She was still beautiful and desirable, and in fact had changed very little, but his heart wasn't in it. He felt guilty for only half listening to what she was saying. He wanted to be with Susan and Courtney. "Why was fate so cruel?" He thought. It couldn't be just a coincidence that Linda showed up outside the cafe at the very time that Susan was inside meeting her old flame, Rick. What were the chances?

He said goodbye to Linda, and they exchanged phone numbers. Phillip said he'd call her, though he hoped deep down he wouldn't' have to. He'd go home and try to figure out what to do. Susan and Courtney were his world, he had to get them back.


Back at Susan's house, her and Rick talked a lot, well in fact Rick did most of it, apologising and confirming to her how he had changed and hadn't had a drink in years. In fact she wished he'd give it a rest and ask her about how her own life had been, left to give birth to and raise a little girl on her own. The father too drunk and self-absorbed to even realise he had fathered a child.

The worse thing was his discomfort around Courtney. Every time she tried to get close, or climb on his lap, he would stand up or make some excuse. He seemed more concerned with creasing his trousers than getting to know his daughter. "I want Daddy!" she said in a huff. It was as though he had replaced his alcoholism with OCD. Susan couldn't help comparing Rick to Phillip, who Courtney loved like a father and was the only stable male influence she'd had. She began to wonder why she had agreed to meet Rick after all....but then there was seeing Phillip with the other woman.....tears welled in her eyes. What should she do?

© 2013 John Hansen


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