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What Can I Write About? - Some Ideas

Updated on February 20, 2015

"I Need Ideas" by Humagaia

I have read a number of articles on the subject of "What can I write about?" and "I don't know what to write about" and most of them give very good advice. But when you ask this question are you really saying "I need some ideas, some inspiration, to get my creative juices working": If you are looking for an article that just regurgitates advice on how to get inspiration to write, you are in the wrong place. If you want some ideas about "What to write" then you may just have found the article that supports you to a writing experience.

Personally, I do not have a problem getting ideas about what to write. I can't say I think about what to write, well not the subject anyway: ideas pop into my head all the time without me having anything to do with it consciously. The problem I had was where to record the ideas about what to write. I needed a place, somewhere, to record all of those fleeting fireflies, before the light went out. This is where I decided to record those ideas - not just for me to come back to when I have the time, but for others, perhaps to gain inspiration and beat me to publish. I do not have a problem with this as I may never get round to articleating (read articulating) on the subject anyway. This article will be updated daily with specific ideas about which you could write, in your own style of course. I do not guarantee that you will find a subject that enthuses you enough, about which you can write. I do not guarantee that it will be a commercial success, that is up to you. I do not guarantee that you will know enough to be able to put a good article together. What I guarantee is that the ideas are ones that I would write about if I had the time. Perhaps in the future I will write an article on a particular subject related to the idea. Do not let that put you off. Every article you write should be from the heart, so I will never use your content - but I may link to it! Please consider them carefully.

Hi, my on-line persona is Humagaia and you can find out more about me on my profile here. You will find links to my other articles there.

If you wish to produce articles yourself and you are not already a HubPages author then you can join here. If you want an explanation of how HubPages works then you can find one here. If you want an explanation of how this page works then review the article that someone may have written because this sentence has given them an idea about "What to write about"..


Inspiration about 'What you can write about' can be summarised as:

  1. Personal Knowledge
  2. Personal Interest
  3. New perspective
  4. Detailed research
  5. Personal experience
  6. Contrary opinion
  7. Controversial view
  8. Your thoughts
  9. Readership interest
  10. Dictionary corner
  11. Answer questions
  12. GoogleAssist
  13. News reporting
  14. Program enlightenment
  15. Visit library
  16. Read News & Mags
  17. Observe
  18. Think
  19. Listen
  20. Your income generator

What you will find on the WebWorld is a lot of number 20. If you want to stand out, and make a few cents more, then improve on the copy that has been produced to market those income-generation offerings.

Example GoogleAssist for "Why is"

Click thumbnail to view full-size
As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers
As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers
As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers
As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers
As you can see the drop-down block shows recent examples of what has been typed in by searchers

GoogleAssist for What

Typing in 'What', 'Whats', 'What is', 'What is a' or 'What is an' into the Google search box gives you the following 10 results each on Google UK.


  1. car
  2. on TV
  3. car reviews
  4. hifi
  5. my ip
  6. is my ip
  7. 's on TV tonight
  8. car valuation
  9. does my name mean
  10. 's on in London


  1. [as above]
  2. on Bristol
  3. on stage

What is

  1. [ip]
  2. love
  3. global warming
  4. the time
  5. [ip address]
  6. fair trade
  7. twitter
  8. [my ip address]
  9. copyright
  10. 3g

What is a

  1. database
  2. verb
  3. utism ( as in: what is autism?)
  4. metaphor
  5. blog
  6. prime number
  7. n adjective
  8. spreadsheet
  9. noun
  10. balanced diet

What is an

  1. [adjective]
  2. adverb
  3. earthquake
  4. element
  5. xiety (as: What is anxiety?)
  6. alloy
  7. [ip address]
  8. isa
  9. atom
  10. gina (as: What is angina?)

So you can work out that people are searching for information on ip addresses, parts of speech, chemistry and geography terms, cars and pressing current issues.

What the Others Say You Must Do, Plus a Couple of Other Ideas

OK, I told a little porky pie (words in italics are personafied in "Words in this Article that Deserve a Definition" below). But I do think I am justified . Here lies a summary of the good advice I have gleaned about "What you can write about":

  • A subject that you know about - it is so much easier and the words flow as if from a mountain stream rather than as at a delta. No silt is deposited to clog up the river of thought.
  • A subject that interests you - it is so much easier as your enthusiasm shines through like a beacon on a hilltop, on a misty winters night, lit to proclaim that a new King is born - this time the King of Articles.
  • A topic that has not been written in the way that you will write - a different angle; a better way of getting the message across; new information or news information; a summary of all that has been written before, all in one place; a better literary piece, with more skill, presentation, readability and most of all - personality.
  • A subject about which you have researched - 'your favourite antique' for instance: I have included this here and not in the main list, as I have already started the ball rolling by creating a Hub on this subject, after a request from a fan. That's one of the great things about Hubpages. At the time of writing I have been here 2 weeks and I already have fans. I hope that they get their reward when they sell my first editions. I could sign them if they wished to achieve a greater return for their loyalty and appreciation. Get in quick (as a fan) as places are limited!
  • A topic on which you have personal experience - for instance I have Type 2 Diabetes so I write about that subject from a personal point of view. I do research but when it comes down to it all the facts in the world cannot convey a subject better to the brain of the recipient than "This is what happened to me" or "I think this should be thought about".
  • Be a contrarian - When you read someone else's article there is always the chance that they are putting a point of view across. Out there in WebWorld there will be someone who disagrees. In fact there will be thousands of webworlder s that do not hold the same view. Even if you are in agreement, argue the opposite point of view. Be a contrarian.. You will be surprised how many ideas for writing you will get this way and it will assist you in finding and maturing your personal writing style.
  • Become the "Devil's Advocate" - be a controversialist. Webworlders love a controversy. And if you can link it with a Conspiracy Theory, well hey, double whamee!
  • Something straight from your imagination - a poem; a work of fiction. Here I cannot assist as I only know my own thoughts. You must use yours.
  • Have a dictionary to hand - pick out some words that have common features and write about those as a group. See "Greatest Words".
  • Go to HubPages questions - if you do not get inspiration from there you can always come back here and pick a subject that I have offered below (choose from 700 and counting).
  • Use Google to assist you - when you type in some letters into the Google search box it helps you by returning some examples of searches that have previously been done by other searchers. How can this assist? Well try typing what, where, when, why, who or how separately into the search box and wait. Anything there give you food for thought? Inspiration? And the other advantage is that you know that people are searching on that subject. If you produce something about that subject with the question in your heading and body text, you have a chance of getting visitors. And you know that when they get to your article it is specifically about what they are looking for. I've given some examples in the body text of this article.
  • Watch the News - this can be an inspiration to you when trying to think of a subject to write about. Current topical news is good for the blogger, for he should be considered here also. But there are ongoing issues that can be gleaned from the News that would make excellent Hubs. And HubPages is the right place for these as any future revelations, changes or insight can be incorporated into the narrative 'cos HubPages let's you. This means your article will have longevity. Keep coming back to it to improve it's quality of life. You can choose from two possible article types: News comment / reporting / analysis or expansion of the issue.
  • Watch TV programs - this is more the realm of the blogger when commenting on or reporting about the latest episode of a series. Just think how many programs there are that you could report on! Again, if it is a series then the longevity is also there for your blog. But ideas for articles can also be obtained here. A new nature program, lets say about 'amphisbaena', will fascinate and enthuse many people. The program will give them food for thought. They will not remember all that has been transmitted to them. They will want more information. Where will they get it? Do your research, quickly, to catch the first flush of enthusiasm that the viewer displays, and do it BEFORE the program is aired! Find an angle that you can exploit and present the facts in your own narrative style. They've been entertained, now entertain them some more. And this can be done to support any topical program. It is especially lucrative, from a reader-catchment point of view, if the topic has a long tail, that is that interest does not diminish but continues for a long period of time.
  • Go to the Library - what better place to obtain inspiration, ideas and subjects on which to . They have all the subjects in the world. It is a place for research, peace and contemplation. Work your way around the shelves and note the subject headings. Find the one that enthuses you the most. Then drill down into the books themselves and do the same again. You have now found your inspiration, your research tool, your salvation.
  • Read Newspapers and Magazines - you may think that Newspapers will only give you information about yesterday. Think again, just like Magazines they have feature articles, especially on Sunday. Use them. Read the letters page, for indignation is a great way to fuel your writing capabilities. Observe the style of magazine contributors as this will give you ideas on a style that you can adopt and refine to move towards you own style.
  • Read other Hubpages and Wordpress articles etc. - observe what has been written before. There is no HubRule that says you cannot write on the same subject. You may have more relevant information or a different angle on the subject. Remember we are not in competition here. We are here to write and gain an audience. We do that whether or not we are using this as an opportunity to make money. It is the audience you are writing for. Consider how they would like to be entertained or informed by the article you are about to write.
  • Observe your surroundings - if you want unique subject matter then there is no better way to do this than to present your own life and observations delivered straight from the heart. And a good way to present your observations is from the lens of your camera. 'A picture tells a thousand words' and tells in words that have not yet been discovered. How better to convey the beauty of the mist across a lake in the early morning? How can you express the look in a father's eyes as he sees his child for the first time? How do you express sadness, grief, elation, the ecstasy of the winning goal being scored by your team?
  • Listen to conversations - pick up the mood of the Nation from those little conversations heard fleetingly as you pass the two old men on the seat in the park. Listen to your kids and how they observe the world. Listen to your dog and try to fathom out what he is saying to you. Listen to the rhythms of the world. Listen to the babbling brook telling you from whence it came.
  • Think what angle you can put on a subject - the operative word here is Think. For that is what you must do every waking hour and even record what you thought in your dreams. And I have news for you - you cannot get away from it. You may not be conscious of it, but think you will, no matter what you do.
  • A subject that is interesting to others - this is the last one you should consider as who cares what the others want to read - but anyway there are all sorts out there in WebWorld. There will be someone that has the same interest as you - in this respect none of us is unique.

There are other suggestions out in HubWorld about the general issues you should consider when addressing the question "What should I write about?". At the end of the day this is a question that can only receive a subjective answer. As this is my Hub I will therefore turn to the subject of 'Subjects' (or Categories or Classifications) on which you can decide to write.

GoogleAssist for Who

Typing in 'Who is', 'Who has', 'Who will' or 'Who can' into the Google search box gives you the following non-TV show results each on Google UK:

Who is

  1. the richest man in the world

Who has

  1. the most fiends on Facebook / Twitter
  2. won the most Oscars
  3. the same birthday as me
  4. died today
  5. the biggest brain

Who will

  1. win the next general election
  2. win the World Cup in 2010

Who can

  1. sign / countersign a passport / photo / documents
  2. vote in UK
  3. claim Working Tax Credit / Housing Benefit


Now this is where it becomes a bit schizophrenic. Although I am writing on HubPages, my audience is not limited to Hubbers. So what can I do to address this? Well if you come from the Web then you can still utilise my categorisations but when you get back to the place that you decide, or have decided, to write then you can re-categorise your articles according to the site you use. So what categories can you place your Hubs / Articles in when you eventually put fingers to keyboard? The first level categories available to you on HubPages, at the time of writing, are:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Automotive
  • Books & Writing
  • Business & Jobs
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food
  • Games, Toys & Hobbies
  • Gender & Relationships
  • Health
  • Holidays & Celebrations
  • Home & Family
  • HubPages
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets & Animals
  • Politics & Social Issues
  • Religion & Beliefs
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Technology
  • Travel & Places

To find a more relevant category for your article you have two more specific levels you can utilise. A quirk of HubPages is that you can be delivered different sub-categories if you use the drop-down menus as opposed to the search. I just think that Staff have updated one function but not the other. But I digress. I am not going into the vagaries of the lower-level categorisations, at this point, as my task now is to use the category list above to file my subject ideas so that I can find my idea later and so that you can choose the category that best suits your particular subject favourite.

GoogleAssist for 'Why'

Typing in 'Why', 'Why are' into the Google search box gives you the following results each on Google UK:
Why is

  1. the sky blue
  2. did the chicken cross the road
  3. is a raven like a writing desk
  4. am I always tired
  5. do we yawn
  6. do cats purr
  7. is the sea salty
  8. do we dream
  9. is the World going to end in 2012

Why are

  1. Michael Jacksons kids white
  2. yawns contagious
  3. Pandas / Polar Bears / Tigers endangered
  4. we here
  5. flamingoes pink
  6. people racist
  7. we in Afghanistan
  8. black people black

So you see that there are many diverse questions, some serious, some not so serious. Any one of them could give you inspiration to write an article. I'll stop there. I think you get the drift.

Subjects not Categories

You should write about a subject rather than a category.

You can categorise the subjects you write about into a group or category.

On HubPages one is given a choice of categories into which a Hub can be filed. This choice is available to you when you first set up your Hub article and it can be revised by editing your article. How you decide into which category your Hub should go is also subjective.

Place it in the most relevant category, placing it anywhere else is like filing a document under 'G' when it will be searched for under 'C'. As an example, most people, I think, on HubPages, look for current articles by Category or receive new articles because they follow a Category.

They may read Hubs because they are fans of a particular Hubber but their interest in the Hubbers writing probably started because they found them writing in a particular genre. They may stumble upon a Hub by using the search facility but this would be more by luck than judgement. Who knows what words they will use through which your hub could be retrieved.

They may even know that your article exists, because they stumbled upon it in the past but finding it again will be a nightmare and they will give up and go elsewhere.

We are a fickle bunch.


Offer Number 1

If you wish to have any article of your's included in this Hub, whether it is new or has been around for a while, you can make a request for it to be included. This can be done in any way that you choose.

I will include a link to your Hub on these conditions:

  1. I will review your Hub.
  2. I will rate your Hub.
  3. If I rate your Hub as worthy of inclusion it will be included.
  4. I decide which category it goes in but I am the final arbiter of where it is placed. You can request a particular category and this will be duly considered.
  5. If, in my sole opinion, it does not rate highly enough then it will be discarded, but I will try to tell you why.

Categories and Subjects

We have covered the subject of why I am using the particular category headings. We have covered why you should choose a subject rather than a category. Now I am going to cover the subject of why a particular subject is placed in a particular category. Well, to be honest, this is subjective also. It just so happens that, at the point in time I place it there, it will seem to be the most appropriate place to put it. It would be wise not to place your faith in the premise that a subject you might be interested in will be in the place that you think it should be. My suggestion is that you browse, just in case you miss something.

If you have ideas yourself that you would like to have included in this article then I will list them within this article for you. And I will afford you a back-link by placing an article link or a profile link back to you (either or both, as you request). The ideas can be included in comments (they will be modulated) or you can become a fan and e-mail me all the details. Wherever possible they will be loaded the same day. Remember I said I would be updating this Hub daily. In fact it may even be hourly.

And now, at last, here are the ideas, each in the category I choose. You can make suggestions for moving a subject from one category to an alternative category. Any request will be given due consideration. Then I'll probably decide not to move it. I'm contrary like that.

Offer Number Two

You can use any of the ideas contained in this article, should you be inspired to write on that subject, but I request that you do the following:

  • that, when you write your article or web-page or blog, you place a link in that piece of writing, pointing to this article or my profile, with the following phrase, or similar:

"This article was inspired by Humagaia, to whom I am thankful for the idea. Should you need inspiration you can find many other ideas (here or 'page name / web address', or my profile web address)".

See you don't get anything for nothing - unless you disregard this request. If you do this for me, my article will get lots of back-links (a subject you SEO's could write about to your heart's content - I still want some back-links from you if you write about back-links!).

Sub-Categories within Arts and Crafts

Some significant sub-categories within this category are:

  • Textiles
  • Wood and wood carving
  • Web design
  • Clip art
  • Quilting

Arts & Crafts

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is: How to Incorporate Your Personality into Your Artwork

Arts and crafts has sub-categories of:

  • Crafts & Handiwork
  1. How can I sell you the idea that my (craft / Art) is one you should consider taking up?
  2. I (craft) and I do it like this.
  • Photography
  1. The photographers of the great period of the photographic studio. Who were they and which were the most celebrated?
  2. I have an old photograph on studio backing card. How can I find out more about the photographer?
  3. Are my photographs worth anything.
  4. Should I take this archive to a museum?
  • Drawing
  1. Is drawing the poor relation of painting?
  2. The best pencil for a particular job.
  3. Shading: The art of giving perspective.
  • Painting
  1. Is watercolour painting more or less skilful than oil painting?
  2. Why are, in general, oil paintings valued monetarily more highly than other mediums (watercolour / guache / etc) of painting?
  3. Painting with gouache.
  • Graphic Design
  1. What particular skills are required that are different to those for drawing or painting?
  2. The great graphic designers of our age.
  3. Graphic design as a marketing medium.
  4. Does graphic design translate to the canvass?
  • Interior Design
  1. Is interior design just subjective or is there a universal formula for good design?
  2. Where can I obtain the antique I require to complement my design?
  • Scrap-booking
  1. The Victorians (1840-1901) did it so well and had commercially-produced scrapbook pictures available for them to use. Should this be resurrected in order to enthuse new converts to scrap-booking?
  2. My scrapbook.
  • Sewing
  1. Has the younger generation lost the skill of sewing?
  2. Is it the parents fault that sewing is becoming a lost skill?
  3. How to sew a button on.
  • Sculpture
  1. Who are the truly great sculptors?
  2. (British / Americans / European) Sculptors: Their biographies and works.
  3. Street sculpture or museum sculpture?
  • Street Art
  1. How do you preserve street art for posterity?
  2. Is taking a photograph of a work of street art infringing the copyright of the artist?
  3. Why do street artists not work in a permanent medium?
  4. Is street art all graffiti?
  5. The best street art I have seen.

Sub-Categories within Automotive

Some significant sub-categories within this category are:

  • Auto shows
  • Car insurance
  • Finance
  • Car reviews
  • Car comparisons


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is: Top 10 Ugliest Motorcycles of all Time.

Automotive has sub-categories of:

  • Cars
  1. What is hot and what is not? To quote from "Top Gear" in the UK.
  2. The new (model): Has it improved on the old model?
  • Motorcycles
  1. Should there be a speed limiter on all motorcycles so they cannot travel at greater than 50 mph?
  2. Are off-road bikes cutting up the environment?
  • Auto Care & Maintenance
  1. How do I get my bumper fixed without paying out any money?
  2. What polish?
  • Buying & Selling Autos
  1. Where is the best place in my region to (Buy / Sell) my (car / bike / truck)?
  2. Is it best to sell my auto privately?
  3. Auctions or advertising - which is the best medium to (buy / sell)?
  • Regulations & Driving Rules
  1. Which regulations / rules are nonsensical (by country)?
  2. Which regulation do you hate the most and why?
  • Auto Industry
  1. What's gonna happen to Detroit?
  2. The up-and-coming car company is?
  • Safety
  1. Which is the most effective piece of safety equipment on modern cars / automobiles - side impact strengthening or air-bags?
  2. Which is more effective: Speed camera or speed warning?
  • Do-It-Yourself Repair
  1. Is it possible to do your own repairs without the right tools?
  2. The tools that are necessary to this job are?
  3. The jobs you can do with little skill necessary.
  • After-Market Modifications
  1. Top 10 mods of all time.
  2. Mods that look gross.
  • Hybrids & Green Cars
  1. How far can I go without filling my tank?
  2. Is it possible to use the wind enough to be able to recharge the batteries and run the headlights in the dark?
  3. When will hydrogen be an effective substitute for petrol.
  • Auto Makes & Models
  1. Blast from the past - what are the classic cars of yesterday and what will be the classic cars of tomorrow?
  2. Numbers or names - which is the best for marketing a car?
  • Commercial & Industrial Automotives
  1. Dumper trucks - love 'em or hate 'em?
  2. Racing lorries - more difficult than racing cars?
  • Recreational Vehicles
  1. Are recreational vehicles as dangerous or more so than recreational drugs?
  2. Dune buggies - do they still exist?
  • History of Automotive
  1. How did Japan steal the automotive industry?
  2. Ford - the early years.
  • Auto Interiors
  1. My rides been pimped now I can look my hoe's in the face.
  2. Can you have too many televisions in your car?

Sub-Categories within Books & Writing

Some significant sub-categories within this category are:

  • Song lyrics
  • Making money writing
  • Word usage & grammar
  • Awards & accolades
  • Mythology
  • Newsletters

Books & Writing

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Books & Writing has sub-categories of:

  • Poems & Poetry
  1. My favourite poem structure is ........................
  2. Iambic pentameter - effective or not?
  3. How do I get my lyrics published?
  4. Who will give constructive criticism so I know whether my lyrics suck or not?
  • Writing
  1. What makes a great book?
  2. Is a book only good if it has been read?
  3. What is the difference between a good book and a successful book?
  4. When you get that spark of inspiration it always happens at the most inopportune moment. How do you remember it until you get back to the keyboard?
  5. Writing for fun not income.
  6. The 10 most important things you should do if you want to write.
  • Books
  1. My favourite author is .........................
  2. Books are great - Fact or Fiction?
  3. The booksellers of the 18th century. Who they were and what they published.
  • How to (Write)
  1. How to: Structure a piece of writing.
  2. How to: Convey the message.
  3. How to: Make writing the basis of all teaching.
  4. How to: Teach by placing your thoughts on paper.
  5. How to: Complete an assignment on time?
  • Literature
  1. Pick an author, any author ....... are they all aces?
  2. Hardy: Master story-teller or boring fiction-writer?
  3. Should modern literature be on a school curriculum?
  • Magazines, Newspapers & Letters
  1. List of on-line (Magazines / Newspapers).
  2. Are these letters of historical interest>
  • Comics and graphic novels
  1. An art-form or just published graffiti?
  2. Which unknown artist should be celebrated?

Sub-Categories within Business & Jobs

Some significant sub-categories within this category are:

  • Franchises
  • Venture capital & angels
  • Networking
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Podcasting
  • Blogs
  • Training
  • Human resources

Business & Jobs

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Business & Jobs has sub-categories of:

  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business
  1. Entrepreneurs and small businesses - the bedrock to get us working again.
  2. Do the wealthiest 1,000 outweigh all the small businesses in their ability to get us out of the mess we are in?
  3. US franchises that would fit the UK model.
  • Marketing and Sales
  1. How do the marketers & salesmen get away with their 'spinning' of the facts?
  2. Should all packaging be moderated before it arrives on the supermarket shelves?
  • E-Commerce
  1. The myths and the facts.
  2. Can e-commerce ever really be fully electronic?
  3. Can the 'E' in e-commerce be used to describe the service any better?
  4. What is the equation for 'E'?
  5. Shopping-trolley or postbox?
  • Employment
  1. Going up or going down - do the Government figures add up?
  2. Your best advice about how to get (country) back working again.
  3. Best online job sites.
  4. Best jobsite for (profession).
  • Investing
  1. Personal Finance - the explanations.
  2. How to read the Financial Press.
  3. Investment or speculation?
  • Business & Society
  1. Is there any place for business in a Communist society?
  2. Big business excesses need to be curbed.
  • Business Skills
  1. What are the top ranking skills needed for business?
  2. Jack of all trades or master of one?
  • Finance
  1. Which are the top ranking World Banks?
  2. Why can't the bank's lend to small business yet?
  • Advertising
  1. Does advertising need to be more truthful?
  2. On-line advertising - the best way to do it.
  • Management
  1. Are there too many managers in businesses in the current economic climate?
  2. How many tiers of management are too many?
  • Insurance
  1. History of Insurance: When did it begin and what was its function?
  2. Insurance makes too much profit for it to function as it should.
  • Customer Service
  1. Businesses tell us that they value our calls: But is that really true?
  2. Does smiling when you answer a phone call make the caller feel valued?
  3. Do we believe the phrase "You're welcome'"?
  • Character & Professionalism
  1. Can one put on one's professional hat and still have fun?
  2. Which character's make the best professionals?
  • Human Resources
  1. Do members of the human resources profession really care about humans?
  2. How to make someone redundant.
  • Accounting
  1. How differently would you present Business Accounts if you could?
  2. Making the bottom line look more appealing than it is.
  3. Skills needed for forensic accounting.
  • Meetings & Presentations
  1. Is a presentation best when it is presented from crib-sheets or when it is told from the heart?
  2. All presenters should wear a tie.
  • History of Business
  1. How did the founder of (insert business name here) get his / her idea up and running?
  2. How accounting practice has changed over the last (number of years).
  • Co-operatives
  1. Who do co-operatives co-operate with and how does the business model work?
  2. Is the milk co-operative working?


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Entertainment has sub-categories of:

  • Photos & Videos
  1. Is looking through holiday snaps entertainment?
  2. How can I make my photos into a movie?
  • Celebrities
  1. I (choose from: admire / hate / agree with / disagree with / love / follow etc) (insert name) because...................
  • Music
  1. I went to see (insert name) (insert when) and the show was (insert your view). Now tell us why.
  • Movies
  1. I went to see (insert name) (insert when) and the film was (insert your view). Now tell us why.
  • TV
  1. I saw (insert program name) (insert when) and the show was (insert your view). Now tell us why.
  • Books
  1. I read (insert name) last night and the show was (insert your view).
  • Comedy & Humour
  1. I saw a funny thing as I went to (insert place) today .........
  2. Does what's funny change from historic period to historic period?
  3. who has the funniest jokes?
  4. Does humour travel well?
  • Performing Arts
  1. My diary as a (Dancer / Singer / Musician / etc).
  • Cartoons & animated features
  1. Has the art of the cartoon become too realistic?
  2. How did they create the Avatar film?
  3. Are there any cartoon genre's that are unsuitable for children?
  • Radio
  1. Can Radio be individualised and piped direct to the individual?

Fashion & Beauty

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Fashion & Beauty has sub-categories of:

  • Skin Care
  1. Is make-up a help or a hindrance to a skin care regime?
  • Jewelry (or Jewellery as we Brits spell it)
  1. My favourite piece of jewelry is (insert description and why).
  2. My favouite jewelry designer is (insert name).
  3. My favourite period of jewelry design is (insert period).
  4. I found this piece of jewelry (insert where) and I am going to (insert action and why).
  • Women's apparel
  1. Should we differentiate between male and female attire?
  2. My favourite piece of clothing is (insert description and why).
  3. My favouite clothing designer is (insert name).
  4. My favourite period of costume design is (insert period).
  • Hairstyles & hair care
  1. Fashion goes in cycles: When are the huge wigs of the 17th century going to return?
  • Body Art
  1. Where does tattooing end and the body as a canvas begin?
  2. Industrial versus artistic in body piercing - view from one who is pierced (or not).
  • Make-up and cosmetics
  1. Why do I give my brand loyalty to (insert manufacturer or line of cosmetics).
  • Accessories
  1. Where can I get that little something different to stand out from the crowd?
  • Fashion
  1. Is fashion moving too fast to keep up with it?
  • Models
  1. We have size zero women models why do we not have size zero men models?
  • Men's apparel
  1. Casual versus professional, what attracts the ladies most? Or is it what's underneath that counts?
  • Feet and legs
  1. Can feet and legs be looked at separately?
  2. Feet and Legs: Do they have to go together? Similar to 1. but slightly different angle on this one.
  • Cosmetic surgery
  1. What happened to me under the surgeons knife (good or bad).
  2. I've had one operation and I am (never) going again.
  • Shaving and hair removal
  1. Depilation: Is this necessary?
  • Costumes and Uniforms
  1. Uniforms: Turn-on or turn-off?
  • Designers
  1. Are designers over-hyped?
  2. Are high street designer clothes really truly designer clothes or are they just produces to con the chavs out of their money?
  • Perfume and cologne
  1. I think I smell nice but do I?
  2. Perfume flavour of the month.
  3. Is a musky or herbal smell the best for a guy?
  • Bridal fashion
  1. Is it worth paying that much?
  • Eye care
  1. Is laser surgery as good as it is made out to be? Personal experience articles.
  • Bath, shower and spa
  1. Is it better for the environment if we shower rather than bathe?
  2. What is shampoo doing to my hair?
  3. Shower gel or soap: Which is best?
  • Mouth and teeth
  1. The best oral hygiene products are (insert brand or types or ....) and why.
  • Children and baby apparel
  1. How fashionable do I have to dress my child?
  2. At what age should my son start wearing long trousers?
  • Vegan fashion and beauty
  1. Where can I obtain vegan fashion and beauty products?
  2. How are vegan beauty products tested?
  • Men's hygiene and grooming
  1. Facial hair on or off - you tell me?
  2. Long hair or short hair, which is best for you and which is best for the ladies>
  3. Manicures: Are these for men?
  • History of fashion
  1. I predict that (insert fashion style here) will be back (insert 'when' here).


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Food has sub-categories of:

  • Diet and health
  1. How to keep healthy on a diet of cheese and pickles.
  2. Fad diet: Are they worth the paper you are masticating?
  • Main dish and side dish recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Quick and easy recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Dessert recipes, I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Beverage recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Culinary arts and cooking techniques
  1. Is cooking an art or a science?
  • World cuisines
  1. Where can I buy Portuguese food in (insert place).
  • Restaurants and fast food
  1. What place is there for fast food in a healthy eating regime?
  • Cooking ingredients
  1. Where can I buy (insert product or region here)?
  • Vegetarian and vegan recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Breakfast recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Food for kids
  1. Do kids want or need special foods after they are off baby food?
  • Starter and snack recipes. I think you can think up something of your own here.
  • Food safety
  1. What does (food bug) do to us?
  2. How is (food bug) limited in its effectiveness to cause illness?
  3. Where do I keep my knives?
  • Dietary restrictions
  1. Should any diet have restrictions except for quantity?
  • Kitchen equipment and cookware
  1. Is there always the right tool for the job? And any Brit that says I am the best tool for the job will get a smack on the nose! (smiley - hehe!)
  • Markets and food shops
  1. Is the quality of food better from a supermarket than from a traditional market?
  • Farms and farming
  1. Is it possible to implement ways of utilising spare commercial farmland (hedgerows etc) to grow alternative foods for the population to forage for?
  • Cooking for crowds and catering
  1. When cooking for a large number of people is it just a matter of multiplying the quantity of ingredients?
  • Cooking for smaller numbers
  1. How to buy just enough for a meal for one.

Games, Toys & Hobbies

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Games, Toys and Hobbies has sub-categories of:

  • Computer and Video Games
  1. Is XBOX is top dog in gaming?
  • Toys
  1. Are toys only for children to play with?
  • Collecting
  1. Are your collections just collecting dust?
  • Hobbies
  1. Can I make a hobby about writing about hobbies?
  • Cards & Gaming
  1. Which is the best on-line casino?
  2. Which is the best on-line poker site?
  • Board games
  1. Does Monopoly need updating?
  2. Is the Web and on-line gaming the death-knell for board games?
  • Role playing
  1. Which world is best: Fantasy or Real?
  • Outside games
  1. I love outside games. Do you want to play?
  • Party and pub games
  1. Whatever happened to (insert pub game name).
  • Puzzles
  1. The newest puzzle is (insert name) and you do it this way.
  • Arcade games
  1. Are arcade games keeping apace with the on-line gaming experience?
  • Billiards
  1. Does anyone still play this game.

Gender & Relationships

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Gender and relationships has sub-categories of:

  • Relationship issues
  1. My husband is a transvestite. Do I join him and dress up as a man?
  • Dating
  1. I'm 75 and I am ready to date again. Where can I find someone to go out with?
  • Weddings
  1. Are weddings outdated in the 21st century? If not, when will they be?
  • Marriage
  1. Is marriage outdated in the 21st century? If not, when will it be?
  • Romance
  1. Is saying "I love you" romantic?
  • Women
  1. How is a woman's role different now to (enter number of year's ago)?
  • Friendship
  1. Can you hang out with a (girl / boy / member of the opposite sex / same sex and homosexual) and just be friends?
  • Intimacy
  1. Is intimacy enough when impotence strikes?
  • Men
  1. One liners that get the woman every time.
  • Divorce
  1. How much did getting divorced cost you? Not necessarily monetarily but emotionally and psychologically, too.
  • LGBT Issues - I haven't a clue what this is. Can anyone enlighten me?
  • Non-monogamy
  1. It works for most animals, why can't it work for humans?
  • Greetings
  1. The 10 worst greetings I have ever (received / given).


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Health has sub-categories of:

  • Diet and health
  1. Why aren't all diets healthy?
  • Exercise and fitness
  1. Do you need to exercise to keep fit?
  • Personal health
  1. When is health not personal?
  • Diseases and conditions
  1. Avoiding Diabetes - How Best to do it
  2. Coma - View From the Inside
  3. Write about any disease or condition you may have - even if it is just warts or an in-grown toenail. It will be a cathartic experience. To top it off others really want to hear about personalised health problems. Just think how much we talk about them.
  • Natural and alternative medicine
  1. When the oil runs out will we need to fall back on these to medicate the masses?
  • Mental health
  1. What are the major mental health issues of the 21st century?
  • Nutrition
  1. All foods (except celery) have some nutritional value. Take a food and explain exactly how much nutrition you get from 100 grams of the stuff.
  • Health care
  1. Does anyone actually care in the care industry?
  • Women's health
  1. How is women's health any different from men's health/
  • Ageing and longevity
  1. What conditions can seriously damage our longevity?
  2. By what year will the majority of people who get past birth, live to be centenarians?
  • Men's health
  1. 10 causes of impotence?
  • Dental health
  1. Gum disease: Is it exacerbated by Diabetes?
  • Cancer
  1. Why can't the NHS pay for all cancer treatments?
  • Safety
  1. Are the current "Health and Safety" regulations one step too far and will they eventually fall over?
  • Medical and health science
  1. How much technical information can be safely let into the public domain?
  • Children's health
  1. The 10 most dangerous childhood diseases in my country and what could and should be done about them/
  • Fertility and reproductive health
  1. Does impotence mean that children are out of the question?
  • Eye care
  1. Retinopathy and what the health service does about it.
  • Disabilities
  1. Are disabilities a disability?
  • Death and grief
  1. Is the point of death the time that we start grieving or is it when death is known to be close by and inevitable?
  2. Is grief because of passing or is it a selfish reaction to what we have no more?
  • First aid
  1. First line support for the needy patient: How should this be funded?

Holidays & Celebrations

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Holidays and Celebrations has sub-categories of:

  • Christmas
  1. What do non-Christians do at Christmas time when all the shops close?
  • Birthdays and celebrations
  1. What flowers are associated with each birthg date?
  • Halloween
  1. Is Halloween a trick or a treat?
  • Common holidays
  1. We're all going on a common holiday. We won't be back for a day or two.
  • Gifts and gift giving
  1. Do we give gifts so that we receive them in return?
  2. The best gifts are those that have been made personally, personalised and with you in mind.
  • American holidays
  1. Are American holidays better than anyone else's?
  • Events and event planning
  1. Can you get away with a spontaneous response instead of planning for an event?
  • British and Irish holidays
  1. No such thing as a British AND Irish holiday. It can only be a British OR Irish holiday.
  • Easter
  1. Why is Easter always at a different date in the year?
  2. How do I calculate when Easter will be each year?
  • Themed celebrations
  1. The best themed celebration I ever attended was.
  • Parties
  1. Why do men always congregate in the kitchen at a party and how to get them out.
  • Unofficial holidays
  1. Can we make up out own unofficial holidays by creating our own Religion?
  • Greeting cards
  1. Where to get the best materials to make our own greetings cards.
  • Asian holidays
  1. Why aren't significant minority celebrations set as holiday days for everyone? This would bring people together in joy and understanding.
  • Hindu and Indian holidays
  1. As 1. above
  • European holidays
  1. ow that we are in the European Union should not all the holidays for individual countries become Union holiday to be taken as Bank Holidays by everyone?
  • Christian holidays
  1. Are Christian holiday celebrations tolerated in non-Christian countries?
  • Latin American and Brazilian holidays
  1. Can we all learn a little as to how to celebrate from Hispanic and Brazilian cultures?
  • Australia and New Zealand holidays
  1. Are they lucky that Christmas falls in the summer?
  • International and United Nations holidays
  1. See European holidays above
  • African and Caribbean holidays
  1. See Latin American holidays above.
  • Jewish holidays
  1. Are they sombre or joyful occasions?
  • Pagan holidays
  1. How were pagan holidays usurped by Christian's for their own purposes and why?
  • Canadian holidays
  1. Do they have any? Sorry guys had to be said.
  • Polynesian and Oceanic holidays
  1. See Latin American above.
  • Islamic holidays
  1. Are they all religious holidays?

Home & Family

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Home and Family has sub-categories of:

  • Home Improvement
  1. What is the most important home improvement that is left outstanding in your list of things to do?
  2. The 10 Home Improvements that will add value to your property.
  • Real Estate
  1. How is this different to Unreal Estate?
  2. Is investing in private accommodation more lucrative than investing in commercial property?
  3. Will the buy-to-let bubble burst?
  4. What happens if the value of your buy-to-let portfolio goes down and the Bank revalues it?
  • Gardening
  1. How to use a (tool) properly.
  2. The most useful tool for (gardening job) is.
  3. By country: What are the most popular (shrubs / perennials / annuals / etc.) i (Country / State / County)?
  4. Where can I buy (tools / plants / gardening services / etc.)?
  • Parenting
  1. What makes a good parent?
  2. Can we learn from our (parents / grandparents) how to bring up kids?
  3. How to cope with a tantrum.
  4. Does a parents job ever stop?
  • Home furnishing
  1. Why I like cushions.
  2. Are house-plants home furnishings?
  3. When does a home furnishing become a tatty old bit of cloth?
  • Children
  1. Are there too many of them?
  2. Do we still believe that 'Children should be seen but not heard'?
  3. When do we expect children to grow up?
  4. Are young girls dressing too provocatively?
  5. When is a child mature enough to know when to say no?
  6. Let them eat dirt - one way to ensure a healthy child.
  • Babies
  1. Cloth them or leave them naked, which is the best  for their first months?
  2. My premature baby.
  3. My baby has been diagnosed with ........ and this is how I am coping.
  • Kitchen
  1. Palace or pig-sty?
  2. The best knife on the market.
  • Cleaning
  1. Fastidiousness with cleanliness - is this causing allergies?
  2. Rubber gloves on or rubber gloves off?
  • Home appliances
  1. Can you live without a cooker?
  2. How far can a Range go?
  • Bedding
  1. How often to clean to keep the bed bugs away?
  2. Duvet vs blankets - who wins?
  • Teens
  1. What I was like when I was a teen.
  • Pregnancy
  1. Pre-eclampcia - my story.
  2. I just got my first scan picture.
  3. I think my man will faint when I give birth..............
  • Plumbing
  1. Do-it-yourself plumbing - sensible or foolhardy
  • Genealogy
  1. Is there anyone out there?
  2. I've just found these documents and I think they are historically relevant ............
  3. Best sites for doing the research.
  4. Where do I go if a relative went abroad?
  • Adoption
  1. Is the Law putting people off from adopting?
  2. Adopting from abroad - good or bad?
  • Day care
  1. Too costly for me to work?
  2. Day care - give me a tax break!
  • Foster care
  1. Is long term fostering a real alternative to adoption?


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

HubPages has sub-categories of:

  • Making money on HubPages

  • Getting Traffic

  • Affiliate programs

  • Hubs about Hubs

  • HubPages - the community

  • Getting started with HubPages

  • Improving your Hubs

  • Overview of Hubs

  • Statistics and metrics

  • Troubleshooting and technical

  • Tips

  • Using the HubTool

  • Managing a HubPages Account

Knowledge & Education

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Knowledge and Education has sub-categories of:

  • Self education and knowledge
  1. How does one go about knowing oneself?
  2. Thought is an indication of who we are. Discuss.
  3. Where can you go to obtain the information to self educate on (add subject)?
  • Law
  1. What laws do the United States have that the UK does not? and vice versa.
  2. What laws are not universal throughout all the states of America?
  3. What could be considered Universal Laws?
  • Education and kids
  1. Are the education methods currently used effective in teaching my kids?
  2. Is it viable for everyone to self-teach your kids?
  3. What are the minimum qualifications necessary to self-teach?
  4. Are teachers the best people to educate my kids or do they just teach?
  5. What are the attributes that make the best teachers / educators?
  • History and Archaeology
  1. I found this old pot, where can I get archaeological data that will allow me to have a stab at identifying and dating it?
  2. Battles of the nnth century.
  3. Abdications that have been forgotten through time.
  4. The line of succession in modern day Kingdoms.
  5. Time-line of events from (insert periods).
  6. British Empire
  7. Great Britain - the Schizophrenic Isle
  • Colleges and Universities
  1. I went to (insert establishment) and I (feeling) it.
  • Medicine and health science
  1. Where can I find medical papers that are available to the public for free on the (illness / condition)?
  • Safety
  1. What are the current 'Health & Safety' laws in (country) and where can I get the Government pamphlet?
  • Psychology and psychiatry
  1. What do other cultures think of the amount of psychiatric visits made by US citizens, assuming the reporting and depiction in US television programs is a true reflection?
  • Philosophy
  1. Is Religion only alive whilst a God is worshipped?
  2. Why does Nature not care about suffering?
  3. When there is a 'natural' disaster, why is it classed as an 'Act of God'?
  4. How many Theologians does it take to (create / kill) a Religion?
  5. When we find out how to make life will we then be God?
  6. How can Chaos make ordered existences?
  • Geography and Nature
  1. What is the meaning of (geographic term)?
  2. Where can I find Loess?
  3. Where does geography / Geology end and Nature begin?
  4. Can I eat this mushroom?
  5. If the climate is changing why are we continuing to plant indigenous species of trees?
  • Foreign languages
  1. A few quick translations of common phrases that we all need on holiday.
  2. Word of the day in (language) - translated into n other languages.
  3. What languages are foreign to me?
  4. English as a foreign language, how can I best be taught?
  5. Are the new version of English coming out of the Far East to be taken as foreign languages?
  6. What do the new phrases mean?
  • Astronomy and space exploration
  1. When next to travel to the Moon?
  2. Does the Universe expand at one day per day?
  3. Where does space dust come from?
  • Economics
  1. (Named) Theory - an explanation.
  • Biology
  1. Is there any weight to the spark of life?
  2. Are biological systems inextricably linked with geochemical systems?
  3. Is Gaia a working Hypothesis?
  • Humanities

  • Sociology and anthropology
  1. Are there any indigenous populations that have not been corrupted by outside influences.
  2. Tribes and where they live.
  • Math(s)
  1. How can I teach Maths to my children when the method of teaching constantly changes?
  2. Teach me how to do (some maths problem).
  3. Latest thinking on latest theory.
  4. Why am I numbers dyslexic?
  • Architecture
  1. Is so much of today's architecture a blight on the landscape, as some would conjecture?
  2. Who are the best young architects of today?
  3. How do you tender for a project?
  • Linguistics

  • Geology and atmospheric science
  1. Is Gaia a working Hypothesis?
  2. Does geology influence geography or vice versa?
  • Physics
  1. Current theories on (....).
  • Art history
  1. The history of art criticism.
  2. Explain the movement.
  • Chemistry

Personal Finance

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Personal Finance has sub-categories of:

  • Mortgage and loans
  1. Where can I get the best (insert tyep)?
  • Finance
  1. Where can I get the best advice on how to placate my creditors?
  • Income
  1. How can I generate more income from my savings?
  • Insurance
  1. Is travel insurance paying out when it should?
  • Debt and bankruptcy
  1. What is Chapter 11?
  • Frugal living
  1. I live on a very low income. How can I cut my outgoings to the bone?
  • Credit cards and payment options
  1. Where can I find the best credit card to transfer my balance to?
  • Banks and savings
  1. Which high street bank offers the best savings rate?
  • Taxes
  1. What taxes do the US have that the UK does not? and vice versa
  • Retirement
  1. Should I take my personal pension before I retire?
  • Paying for College
  1. What are the best investments and how much do I need to invest in order to cover the costs of being at college?
  • Software
  1. What programs are available online for me to use to calculate my current financial situation?
  • Parenting
  1. Does it cost more now in real terms to bring up a child?

Pets & Animals

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Pets and Animals has sub-categories of:

  • Dogs
  1. Dogs are better pets than cats. Discuss.
  • Cats
  1. Cats are better pets than dogs. Discuss.
  • Animal care and safety
  1. How can I ensure that I will not be bitten by a dog?
  • Fish and aquatic pets
  1. What (by country) laws apply to selling fish to under 16s?
  • Birds
  1. How can I prevent avian borne diseases?
  • Horses
  1. What is foot rot and how can I prevent it?
  • Farm animals and livestock
  1. What is blue tongue?
  • Bugs and garden invertebrates
  1. What are the best collection methods for garden bugs?
  2. Can you find a new species of bug in your back garden and would you know if you had?
  • Animal rights and animal welfare
  1. Should all sapient animals have rights?
  • Reptiles and amphibians
  1. What supplements are required to keep (reptiles / amphibians) healthy?
  • Rodents
  1. How intelligent are rats?
  • Ocean life
  1. Should all ocean life destined for home aquaria be captive bred?
  2. How can we replenish the loss of reef life?
  3. How long will it take for reefs to form elsewhere as the temperature of the sea rises?
  4. What changes in symbiotic relationships be necessary for current reefs to survive?
  • Endangered animals
  1. Why are Pandas / Polar Bears / Tigers) endangered? This question dragged down from GoogleAssist module above.
  • Zoos
  1. Are captive bred animals in zoos less stressed than captured animals?
  • Exotic pets
  1. My exotic pet is.............
  • Small mammals
  1. (Not quite the right place but): Can small marsupials be kept as pets?
  • Legendary creatures and cryptids
  1. Are mythical creatures a look into the past at extinct species?
  2. What was the Aetolian Bear / Afanc / Goryschche?
  • Prehistoric life
  1. What was the Dilophosaurus?
  2. What did the Victorian think and write on Prehistoric animals?
  • Apes and monkeys
  1. Show me the family tree of Apes and Monkeys?
  2. What are the Latin names for .....?
  • Circus animals
  1. Is there a place for circus animals in modern day society?

Politics & Social Issues

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Politics and Social Issues has sub-categories of:

  • Social issues
  1. Is alcohol more dangerous than cannabis?
  2. How can anti-social behaviour be stopped?
  • United States
  1. Has the honeymoon period come to an end for Obama?
  • Politics
  1. I don't know anything about politics!
  2. How can we get people to vote?
  • Economy
  1. It's the Economy that matters in an Election. Discuss.
  • Environment
  1. Do we have enough data to say categorically that climate change is happening?
  2. If all the water fixed at the North Pole melted would sea-levels actually rise or would it be like an ice-cube in a glass - an adjustment to displacement?
  • Crime
  1. (Tongue-in-cheek). Where can I go to get someone to commit a crime for me?
  • Activism
  1. Get off your butt and do it!
  • Terrorism
  1. Who are the worst Christian terrorists of all time?
  • Asia
  1. Is Pakistan going to be the next military superpower.
  • North America
  1. Is the North American Alliance a viable entity?
  • Charities
  1. Does charity start at home?
  • Conspiracy theories
  1. Is it a conspiracy by the conspiracy theorists that conspiracies exist?
  • Energy
  1. Is it possible to move from a fossil-fuel oil-based economy to an alternative energy economy
  • Middle East
  1. Where is all the money going? or
  2. Where has all the money gone?
  • Europe
  1. Is the European Union a Superpower in waiting?
  • India and South Asia
  1. Will India have to implement China-like Policies to curb it's population.
  • Church and State relations
  1. Is the Church's relevance in State affairs waning irreversibly?
  • Africa
  1. How can Africans be assisted to produce food for the rest of the world?
  • Transportation
  1. How have you been affected by air and rail strikes?
  2. Did Gordon Brown do enough, soon enough, for holidaymakers stranded due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland?

  • Science
  1. Are there too many or too few constraints on scientific research?
  • Surveillance and wire tapping
  1. When will the UK catch up with the US in the utilisation of surveillance mechanisms?
  • Australia and Pacific
  1. How are indigenous populations compensated for their lost territories?
  • South America
  1. Will Brazil dominate the economy of South America for the foreseeable future?

Religion & Beliefs

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Religion and Beliefs has sub-categories of:

  • Christianity
  1. Does Christianity need to become more fundamentalist to have relevance to today's youth?
  • Metaphysics
  1. Is there a difference between metaphysics and ontology?
  • Paranormal
  1. I saw a ghost last night and it looked lik .........
  • Exploring options
  1. What are the real options in religion? One God, many Gods or no God at all, everything else is a man's speculation. Discuss.
  • History and social issues
  1. Will the decline in western religious belief be swamped by eastern religious beliefs.
  2. What are the differences in the God(s) of different religions?
  • Paganism and witchcraft
  1. Tell us what it's all about.
  • Hinduism
  1. What are the issues of the day for a Hindu?
  • Islam
  1. Fundamental with a big 'F' or fundamental with a little 'f': Which is it?
  • Atheism and scepticism
  1. Can atheism be classified either as a belief or a religion?
  • Angels
  1. If there are angels, ae there demons?
  • New religions
  1. Is this a New Religion?
  2. At what point does a new belief or doctrine become a new Religion?
  • Buddhism
  1. The Western idea of Buddha is a golden fat man sitting crossed legged: What is the Buddhist's view of this representation?
  • Eastern religions and philosophies
  1. What is Jain all about?
  • Judaism
  1. Can Jews fully integrate with Christians / Arabs?
  • African and Caribbean religions
  1. What religious beliefs travelled with the slaves to the Caribbean and what did the Caribs believe before the slaves arrived?
  • Traditional religions
  1. Which religions are on the borderline between traditional and new?
  2. How long does a religion have to be established before it becomes traditional?
  • Scientology
  1. Is the patronage of certain celebrities to this religion increasing the take-up of converts?
  • Baha'i
  1. Can the credo of world peace and unity be achieved in the Age of Aquarius?

Sports & Recreation

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Sports and Recreation has sub-categories of:

  • Sports
  1. At one time crocodile hunting, hare coursing and badger baiting were classified as sports. What is the new vision on what a sport is?
  • American football
  1. Is this still known as Gridiron or has this name fallen into disuse?
  • Hiking and camping
  1. Is the great outdoors still great?
  • Fishing
  1. Is fishing a blood sport?
  • Basketball
  1. My favourite draft pick is (insert name).
  • Hunting and shooting
  1. How often is the kill shot not effected?
  2. How to stalk.
  • Baseball
  1. From the mound: A pitchers view.
  • Fantasy sports
  1. Should Quidditch be an Olympic sport in 2016?
  • Olympics
  1. What sports should be included in 2016?
  • Hockey
  1. Field hockey is better than ice hockey. Discuss.
  • Equestrian and animal sports
  1. Why has greyhound racing lost it's appeal?
  • Youth Organisations
  1. In the UK everyone will have to be vetted and approved before they can work with children. Is that the same in your country?

  • Theme Parks
  1. I went to (theme park) (when) and it was (your opinion).


The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Technology has sub-categories of:

  • Computers
  1. Where next for upgrades?
  • Internet
  1. Is this going to be the medium for governing in the future?
  • Gadgets and personal electronics
  1. What's hot, what's not?
  • Communications
  1. What more can they fit into a mobile phone?
  • Audio and Video
  1. Can you create a picture in the mind from just sound waves?
  • Green and alternative energy
  1. Is enough being done to fund the bio-fuel industry?
  2. What is research coming up with that is going to revolutionise the capabilities of alternative energy production?
  • Materials and industrial technology
  1. Carbon as a substitute for iron in the construction industry.

Travel & Places

The highest ranked article in this category is:

In my opinion the best article I have so far read is:

Travel and Places has sub-categories of:

  • North America
  1. Canada is better as a destination for the tourist than the US.
  2. The US is a better destination for the tourist than Canada.
  • Activities and travel ideas
  1. Itineries: Are they made up for the convenience of the travel company or are they researched to give the tourist the best experience possible?
  • Europe
  1. Travelling through Europe in a Winibago.
  • Asia
  1. What are the no-go areas of Asia
  • Transportation
  1. How they got there in the past.
  • Travel and adventure
  1. How adventurous am I - should I attempt to sign up for one of these?
  • Photos
  1. Photos of a bygone travelling era.
  • Speciality travel and tours
  1. How special do you want it?
  • Lodging
  1. The worst place I've stayed in.
  • Preparations
  1. I've decided to travel light. I'll but all I need (shorts, swimming trunks and flip-flops when I get there. Will the airline operator let me on the plane?
  • Africa
  1. The dangers involved in travelling to Africa.
  • Oceania
  1. A long-haul flights from anywhere. Is it worth it?
  • South America
  1. How to get there from......?
  • Communications
  1. Are mobile telephone calls from abroad too expensive and what should be done about the cost?
  • Publications
  1. Best insight into what I want from a holiday?
  • Weather
  1. How is the volcanic eruption affecting your travel plans?
  2. Does your travel insurance cover you for this 'Act of God'?
  3. Has your travel insurance paid out on the volcanic eruption claim?

The 10 Words Series

If you enjoy the experience of wading through the musings of a lunatic and word manipulation is your bag then I have other AltDict offeringsas follows:

Words in this Article that Deserve a Definition

Some words in this article could benefit from further explanation. They will not be defined as they would be in a dictionary. They will be given a persona. That is my way. In my consideration they are as follows:

  • Personafied - attributing a persona to a word. So not a misspelling of personified but it does do that, in the present tense, in typifying what I am all about: i) a creator of words. To coin a phrase or invent a word that eventually makes it into a Dictionary, with my name against it, as the first use found, is a goal of mine. Red underlining in spellcheck is good! I will be immortalized in that one instance. Immortalization, apparently a goal of much of the human race who chase celebrity (not celebrities, a personal celebrity). [This could be another subject you could write about - trying to achieve fame] ii) to give life to words, not just in my writing style but also to enthuse the learning process. Dictionaries have their place but they are too staid and do not really convey an existence a word deserves. Words, just like Gods, only exist if they are worshipped. To be worshipped they must be given an existence, however ethereal.
  • Consider - something you must do with this word. It is telling you what you must do with it. Think about it carefully. It's a clever little trickster in this way as you never have to do anything about it. It can just stay in your mind and never be let out. A prisoner for its con-man ways. It is something you must take into account when you deliberate your answer to: "What can I write about?".
  • Porky Pie - rhyming slang for 'lie'. Well it should have been 'Pork Pie' but hey this is my article! I was trying to convey a little white lie - but that's another persona.
  • Little White Lie - a Porky Pie. Not a black one as that would not be good. Not because of its colour (black is actually no colour in the Physics type of way - and that my friends could be another subject on your list of subjects you could write about!) but because of its connotation. A white one is supposedly less bad.
  • Justified - In HubPages I have no choice. Hubbers may understand what I mean there. I think it could become an in joke.
  • In joke - one that no-one understands and therefore does not exist. Jokes have to have an audience. They cannot be thrown out there into the ether and expect to live without an auditory response. They cannot infiltrate and infect the brain of another without perception.
  • Subjective - a will-o'-the-wisp flitting in and out of one's consciousness. A very personal word, very individual, not known for impartiality. It is influenced by personal taste and it is on occasion introspective. You cannot get away from it on your own. You can only get rid of it by sharing or swapping it with others.
  • Articleating - (for the dictionary) from the verb to article: articulating thought processes into an Article part. one that is not plagiarised. A new process each time on a new subject. (Not for the dictionary - it's personafication [See personafied]). This word writes of itself for itself. It does not have any constraints. It can only be controlled by Humagaia's Law - the act of typing / writing / dictating has an irrevocable effect on the original thought. Do not prevent this word from escaping the cage. Like a lion in the zoo it has the right to have its liberty. It must be given the right of freedom of speech.

Other Articles Related to Writing by Humagaia

My other articles related to writing include:

HubPages on "What to Write About" by Other Hubbers

Here you will find links to the articles I found the most pleasing to read, for content and style / readability, They pretty much cover what you should do for yourself. After reading these come back here and get some inspiration or give some inspiration to others. To share some of your inspiration just add a few ideas in the comments section below. I will update these into the main body of this article and link the idea to your profile page or to a specific hub if you give me the link address. Any reciprocation would be appreciated.

  • What Should I Write About - Now there is an ageless question. You feel you’re ready to express yourself. You can almost see the words rolling on to your computer screen and then you hit the wall. What should I write about? The conventional wisdom is to write about something you know. Write about your experiences or something that you have gained knowledge of. You will be surprised at the things that would be interesting to others.
  • What Should I Write About on HubPages - While HubPages doesn’t have any strict rules about what you should write about (with the exception of explicit topics) it can sometimes be difficult to decide on something to write. Maybe you don’t feel that you have anything new to contribute or maybe you’re just out of ideas. For whatever the reason, you want to write something for the site but just can’t seem to get the ball rolling. The following is a compilation of ideas that I’ve either seen or thought up as I went along.
  • A Million Things to Write About - before saying anything about what you could write about, ask yourself the question: why did I join hubpages? Or any other article site for that matter.
  • So you want to be a "Published Author" - So you’ve written your first book and it’s great – all your friends and relatives say so. You haven’t worried about professional editing, because it’s the ideas, the content that’s important, and a few grammatical errors, typos and such don’t count. That’s all editing’s about right? Your brilliance will shine through despite a few unimportant little errors – things only of concern to an anal sort of person. Editing and re-writes, who needs 'em.
    • What Topics to Write About

  • To get to the answer to the question raised some months ago "What do I write about?", press the link. There are many suggestions there but they are mainly saying to think for yourself.
  • google3e9e7b51060135a8.html

--- Remarks, Observations and/or Criticisms are Welcomed ---

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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      7 years ago from New Jersey


      You put a lot of thought and effort into this! I have to write down my ideas as I think of them, otherwise I forget them. I go back to my lists a few weeks later, and think, "That was such a good one, how did I get off track?" I have a habit of getting obsessed with whatever I'm writing about and making it a series. Take care.

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      7 years ago

      wow this is a book! thanks for all these suggestions to help me with my writers block

    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 

      8 years ago from New York

      Cool hub. I like being a contrarian some times. It is a fun but evil thing. LOL

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 

      9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Wow, it took me half an hour to get to the bottom, Gosh you will never run out of topics to write about. Thanks for the suggestion topics it will help with writers block for many writers.

    • humagaia profile imageAUTHOR

      Charles Fox 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Me too HealthyHanna, as you can see. But I do need a place to keep all the ideas. Paper and pen just don't do it for me. HubPages seemed the best way to ferret away all the little snippets of ideas for later. As I write other articles I can keep this one in edit mode and when that worm of an idea squirms into the deepest darkest recesses of my mind I can articulate them in this Hub. Better than coming out of the writing mode, going to a word processor or spreadsheet or database. I can organise it how I want and the good thing is, I can also link to all my Hubs here - saves time tracking back and forth trying to find where they are.

    • HealthyHanna profile image


      9 years ago from Utah

      Thanks for the idea generating tips. But my problem is finding time to write about all the things I want to! This is a great community to learn more about things I want to learn more about.

      Keep on Hubbing everyone!


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