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Summary on Shakespeare's Play - 'The Tempest'- Act III

Updated on November 3, 2014

The Tempest Summary Act III

Scene I: Ferdinand Confirms his love to Merinda

Before Prospero's Cell: Ferdinand enters bearing logs .He takes pleasure in the task.The toil would have been dull had it not been for his beloved Miranda , whom he admires.Miranda offers to carry the logs for Ferdinand and is refused to do so .Miranda weeps for him and her love has captured him.Those sweet thoughts makes his burden light.She wishes lightning would burn the logs ; and even the logs would weep to think of the labour Ferdinand is ordered to do.

Miranda pleads him to rest; Ferdinand tells Miranda that she brings the freshness of the morning to him .He inquires her name and tells her that she is the best quality from every creature. Miranda has not seen any woman for twelve years except her own image; nor has she seen any men ,except her father and Ferdinand.She resolves in her heart that there is no better companion in the world than Ferdinand.

Miranda inquires Ferdinand if he loves her , to which Ferdinand replies that if it was false the best of his fortune may be turned to evil.Miranda confides in him, that she would be his wife if he cared ; if not a partner she would rather be a servant whether it pleased him or not, and would die a virgin ,still loving him.Ferdinand promises to exchange bondage for freedom.They clasp hands to confirm their love to each other and bid each other Adieu.

Caliban persuades Stephano to be the ruler of the island, and that he would be his subject. Ariel keeps interrupting their conversation calling Caliban a liar ,at which Caliban raging with fury ,begs Stephano to give Trinculo a few blows.Stephano assures him that he would beat him as a stock fish.

When Caliban discloses about Miranda to Stephano he conceives a plot of making her his queen;Trinculo and Caliban would be his viceroys. Caliban loves the music of the island (played by Ariel); Stephano prides in having the island for his kingdom with all the free music.

Scene III: Seeking Opportunity to Murder Alonso

In another part of the island Alonso Sebastian , Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian Francisco and others are roving about ; Alonso Is about to give up hopes of finding his son Ferdinand. Sebastian and Antonio plan to take another opportunity to murder Alonso as they are tired with travel.

Prospero enters the scene ; a banquet appears before them, brought in by strange beings inviting them to feed . Ariel is adept in giving his speech leaving out nothing of Prospero's instruction.;He reminds them that they are three sinful men thrown upon the island as they are not fit to live among men. In Ariel's speech he calls them fools, telling them how they exposed Prospero and his innocent child to sea .The sea has avenged the wrong done to them. The sea ,the land and all living things have been stirred up by the heavenly powers against their safety.Slow destruction would follow all their movements step by step.

Alonso remarks that the supernatural has spoken ;Sebastian is ready to fight the fiends even the whole regiments of them.;Antonio is willing to support him.


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