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Ten Years On Hubpages

Updated on July 5, 2019
N.E. Wright profile image

N.E. Wright was trained in writing at NRI and Writer’s Digest Schools. She took a class in Creative Writing at Columbia University.

Over The Years On Hubpages.

My son and me in 2009.
My son and me in 2009.

2009 Was My Year Of Pride As A Writer!!!


About ten years ago I was searching for an online writing site. A place where I could showcase my works and others could easily access. My internet searches took me to several blog sites. I was not feeling any of them. It was when I went to that I felt like I found a home for my work.

Hubpages was just different in the way they presented their services to writers. Inclusive is the word that pops in my head. Immediately after signing up I was able to post a few of my completed works. I was also able to read other writers’ postings. It was great. Right away I started following several other writers and a few writers started following me. I than started reading other writers’ works. It was interesting. Sure other site did some version of this, but it was not as strong. It was a really promising union. Hubpages and I.


Ten years ago, in 2009, was the first year of former President Barack Obama’s Presidency. I felt human. I seemed to smile all the time. It was the year I was going take myself as a writer extremely serious. There was an African American as President of the United States and if that could happen in a former slave holding country I could make it as a serious writer.

There were loads of things for me to write about. My writing is pretty eclectic. First there were my Family’s annual trips to Disney Land in Florida which started in 2009. When the health care bill was being worked on I was excited along with millions of other Americans. Of course I wrote about that. My readings of other writers’ works on Hubpages brought my to a term called Mocktails, which sparked a story. I learned so many things on Hubpages and sometimes those things turned into quick postings.


My poem, My Guys, was an idea that was triggered after reading something on Hubpages one rainy weekday morning. It brought me back to the memory My third or fourth grade teacher tried to explain how some people did not believe Black people were able to fight in World War II. We could only clean up after other soldiers. This teaching came after days and weeks of being taught American History and realizing I never heard anything about what Black Americans did for this country. I was an eight or nine year old child wondering about Black Americans’ purpose was in America. From what I had learned, so far at that young age, Black Americans did nothing to help this country grow. No one talked about slavery in any understandable way so my thoughts were, ‘Why are we here?’ What have we done?’ I felt empty. There was a sadness I felt, but I just did not understand it. My eyes still mist as I remember wondering about our purpose here in America. Everyday we were taught about the achievements of one caucasian after another. Black Americans lack of participation in America in general made me feel hopeless. Useless really.


Than one day, while learning history, my teacher had us turn the page in our text book. I was pleasantly pleased and very stunned as I kept staring at an illustration of a young boy that had my dark brown complexion. George Washington Carver was his name. I was eager to absorb everything about this kid. When I returned home from school, and saw my mother home from work early and in the kitchen cooking our dinner, I started telling her all I learned about George Washington Carver. She just smiled and listened to me inform her about all his accomplishments that helped the country.


The thing about writing on Hubpages is that I was being myself. Writing about President Obama was a happiness I wanted to share. Well, I found out that does not always work with some people that did not believe President Barack Obama was even a citizen. Unfortunately I allowed this pitiful racism stop me from daily working on a site I actually love. I missed a lot on the Hubpages my first ten years. I will not allow that to happen for my next ten years. I am looking forward to reading other Hub writers’ works and making new friends. Ten years on Hubpages. Wow. I love it.

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How My Son And I Have Changed And Grown Over The Years

Son and I traveling from Delaware back home to New York.
Son and I traveling from Delaware back home to New York. | Source
Son and I visiting Parents In Queens.
Son and I visiting Parents In Queens. | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 N E Wright


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  • N.E. Wright profile imageAUTHOR

    N E Wright 

    7 months ago from Dover, Delaware

    Thanks for your comments.

    So when did you initially began writing here. Are you liking just writing for the sake of writing? Well happy you are back.

  • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

    Ara Vahanian 

    7 months ago from LOS ANGELES

    Congratulations on making it to ten years on Hubpages! I found out about Hubpages back in 2009 just like you did and wrote constantly between 2009 and 2016. Although I was enjoying it, I closed out my account the first time, decided to get a fresh start on Hubpages and here I am again over 3 and half years later. I initially wanted to find a way to write articles and get paid for them. But now, my focus has changed as I try to focus on the pleasure of writing instead of writing primarily for monetary reasons. I plan on wiring on here at least for the foreseeable future as writing is one of my main passions. Keep up your writing, you will go far!

  • N.E. Wright profile imageAUTHOR

    N E Wright 

    9 months ago from Dover, Delaware

    KayteeLynne, need you to forgive me for not responding to this comment here right away. Instead I responded directly to your page. Thanks again for your comments. Will be reading more of your work.

    Dale I so appreciate your kind words, and so happy to read your work and follow you.

    Christine thanks for your kind words. Happy to be following you.

    To all thanks for your kind words. will do better in commenting right after each comment.

  • cristina327 profile image

    Cristine Santander 

    9 months ago from Manila

    Congrats for having attained ten years of writing with Hubpages

  • Inspired to write profile image

    Dale J Ovenstone 

    9 months ago from South Wales UK

    Congratulation for ten years writing on Hubpages. Your article is interesting I enjoyed reading this your writing flows, thanks for sharing. Keep being yourself. Have a great day, Dale, South Wales UK

  • profile image


    9 months ago

    Congrats on ten years! That's quite an accomplishment!! You must be very proud of how far you've come. This makes me happy to see! All the best to you, and here's to ten more! :)


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