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Thankfully I'm Here at HubPages--A Poem

Updated on September 6, 2012

Enjoy the song.... as you read, thanks!

Greatest inspiration for the ones...

the ones who make this world go around

Talking about our ladies at HP

let's see what our hearts have to say...

let's express our thoughts with no reserve...

challenging our minds with not much pretense

writing these lines without even knowing an end...

Since we arrived in here

we've noticed a special breed

That'll never forsake their friends

mothers from different worlds

coming as sisters with so much hope

sharing as much as they can

joining forces to move around this song

because the Lord had a plan all along

thrilling feelings that touch our own heart

seems that they've known the man behind the avatar

special kindness that,

that doesn't end when logging off...

ladies from HP that challenge those 24/7

mothers that come from Heaven

daughters that learn with their examples

women that came to have their say...

talking about these human beings

that truly write in here

Special women that pen down that quill

relentlessly creating and not thinking

of being banned like Cagsil

Just joking Ray my friend...!

So much they gave

So much they love

consequently being able to move deeper sensations

writing inspirations that magically transmit emotions

wonderful joy

publishing one on one

deeply thankful to be en here

knowing many of them from the beginning

surprising minds that come in here

catching up with forums and Patty Inglish

Simone Simone, glad you read us dear

wish had a video of the lords with no fear

dedicated to all these ladies

that can feel our recreating phrases

we know you make time to write with so much fun

we wish we had that sex appeal, you know epiman!

Ladies from HP

that never give up

Women that raised us as kids

can now rest assure that we didn't come here in vain..

honoring those efforts that can make us cry

contemplating that breed that keeps us focus

knowing after all, they will reach out as one

Ladies from HP and their sharpness...

we all love inspirations when it's time to create the best.

Hope you ladies never change, stay as you are...

time to take a brake and end this little inspiration

Hugs and kisses from lake Erie Epiman

warm embraces from Vincent Moore, our main man!

Hub challenge contest

we start today, creating and giving our best

Good luck sweet ladies, for all that you did for your fellow man.


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