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Inside The Mind Of a Murderer/Killer

Updated on December 9, 2012

Why Do They Do It?

Killers and mass murderers have no remorse in doing it, and why more than ever? Society is becoming more selfish and heartless. Divorced parents are bringing up kids to cope with an unfair world. Mothers try to give their fatherless kids the best they can, but these future killers have already set their minds inside the womb...literally!


Most murderers have had a sad background. Most start mingling reality with a 'funny movie' similar to 'Friday the 13th' or 'Halloween' These future outcasts could not afford the custume. ab est friend wore. This future kid version from les miserable' will look for a chance to get noticed and we had examples galore.


Having barely any morals, they begin to see if they could date. Now here is the beginning of a dangerous mind; these outcasts are smart! You will see them in Colleges or downloading Satanic music. unfortunately women are attracted to odd characters even if they deny it. There is a reason they love (women) such characters. Some become experts in tattooing, you know why? Their creativity adds to pain. Never having been loved before, they jumped into a relationship, and poor of the girl if she dumps them


So, they have been denied love. Because is clearly known to them that FTW has become an Hymn rather than a graffiti inside that bathroom wall. If they didn't take any girl's life by the time they are 25, then they will live miserable. So many horror movies feed their egos and unfortunately... again? Girls love Horror movies too. "I love to watch horror movies with my boyfriend, so he can't hold each other tight. He makes me feel loved." Sounds familiar huh?

Forgot to add something: If these killers parents did argue a lot, when pregnancy was kicking in and out, they have been listening all along, and got poisoned with that mother's anger, fear or mistrust.


This is really a joke! Women set restraining orders on their ex's, but eventually get murdered, after several attempts. Many of them called the police, and all authorities do is... fill that silly paperwork, stamp it, enter the complain into the system and back to eat their doughnuts. Have they really done something to stop these maniacs?


If you are at the wrong moment and the wrong place, God forbid, but you might become a collateral victim to a potential Murderer. How many times you have been shown the finger, driving a little slower than these highway maniacs? Between you and me: We work with the Post office, and have to get lots of trays and delivery sleeves, and we don't get them on time, because we found out that these postal workers were supposed to get laid off by January 31st. and they don't care much about their place anymore. What does this mean? We are beginning to witness a silent debacle of our system. Many of these unhappy "Occupy-my- street" fellows are beginning to take action in their own hands. Many rapes, assaults and robberies have been commited in the name of this 'new wave freedom'


Seems that you forgave this partner lots of times... right Ann?

ANN: I did it for me, for him and for my kids. But in the end he caught up with a text message, took it the wrong way and end my life.

Why did your son did this to you Mrs. Johnson?

Mrs. Johnson: He knew of my life insurance and thought I was not worth it... anymore, humm, to be around him anymore. His stupid nurse girlfriend did the rest to make it look like an accident!!

Hi little Mickey! Have you forgotten your dad for making you go to heaven?

little Mickey: He was mean and used that pillow. But I forgave him. God told me that he was abused as a child... so by praying for him, I gained my wings back.

And you Mr. Carter? what happened with you?

Mr. Carter: Son was a mess, I was not around his mom, when he was a child. Vietnam made me a cold dude...and a massive heart attack took my own life.

Hi Britanny Murphy...!


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