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That Golden Promise

Updated on May 10, 2014

That Golden Promise

By Annette Gagliardi

That golden promise of perfection

If only . . .

A declaration of nirvana—

The assurance of ascension into symmetry

How deftly the pledge beguiles --

How smoothly expectations transform

This weighty subject.

Then, guarantee broken . . .

I beg forgiveness -- my shortcomings.

Every indication convenes to denote the promise foretold.

Nevertheless, I acquiesce

And begin anew.

Dream the Golden Promise is true

And fall again into depths of despair when I fail to measure up.

Our goal is often out of reach.


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    • Shane Belceto profile image

      Shane Belceto 7 years ago from WA USA

      Quite welcome thanks for writing .. smiles

      ~Expect Miracles

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 7 years ago

      Shane Belcto,

      Yes. so close, but yet so far. Thanks for reading my stuff.

    • Shane Belceto profile image

      Shane Belceto 7 years ago from WA USA

      I think though heading towards those expectations we find we often get much much closer then we ever expected.

      ~Expect Miracles

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 8 years ago

      It is a never ending struggle to measure up to our own expectations of ourselves in addition to trying to measure up to the expectations of others.