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The Bestiary of Somnii: Dragons

Updated on October 5, 2014


This is the beginning of a bestiary for my fantasy world of Somnii. It will contain a description of the race and a short story to go along with the race.

Elmric Wyrmsong in human form
Elmric Wyrmsong in human form | Source


There are seven types of dragons. Each of them is bound to one of the seven elements, just like elementals. In their own tales, they are all descended from The White Dragon, who wielded the power of all of the seven elements. They also have a prophecy that one day another white dragon shall be born and shall lead the dragons into a new age. Many of the dragons though have forgotten such prophecies and turned their minds to the accumulation of wealth and gold, which they never use for anything except perhaps as a bed. Dragons can also be referred to as Wyrms or Drakes.

Dragons from the great bloodlines of their kind have developed the ability to take upon themselves the form of a human. This is not a perfect transformation though as they often still appear somewhat inhuman. Let us now look at each type of dragon in turn.

Silver Dragons

These dragons are also called Wind Drakes or Thunder Wyrms. They are the reptilian lords of the air. They command the winds and can summon up storms and lightning with their powers. They breathe lightning. It is often said that they are the merriest of the dragons, but still they are dragons and therefore are not to be trifled with.

Ambrosius the Dragon Lord was known to have said of them:

“These dragons are the playful ones of their kind. That said one should be careful not to make them angry. They are humorous and amusing but terrifying when in a state of wrath They are very quick with a jest. Whoever bonds with one these, will have a life of delightful merriment.”

-From On The Nature of Dragons by Ambrosius Draconius

Blue Dragons

These dragons are called Sea Drakes or Ice Wyrms. They are the masters of the sea and often live alone on rocky crags in the middle of the sea. Sailors often see them as a sign of good luck because they are known to be the fierce enemies of the mighty krakens that often trouble ships. Their breath is freezing cold and is known to be able to turn water into ice. They are known for their great memories.

A certain sailor in his journal gave this account of them:

“The kraken had troubled us for several days as is their habit. It meant to terrorize us before it broke apart our ship to feed upon us, but then as if sent by the Creator himself to provide us succor in our tribulations, a mighty Sea Drake swooped down out of the air. It is the most majestic sight that I have ever seen. Its wings sounded like thunder as it dove down to the sea, and then it passed beneath the waves. When it came up again the kraken, the giant squid, was caught firmly in its claws. We were saved.”

-Fragment from Sailor’s Journal.

Green Dragons

These dragons are also called Forest Drakes or Wood Wyrms. They have great power over all things that grow. They are able to coax all sorts of plants to grow in all kinds of environments, even in those places where they should not grow. They are nurturers and gardeners, who delight in plants and nature. Their breath is a deadly venom that can kill almost instantaneously. The most famous of them is Elmric Wyrmsong, who tends a massive garden outside the land of Euria.

A visitor to Elmric’s garden had this to say of it.

“In truth, I have never found a more beautiful place in all the earth. That he has made a garden grow in such inhospitable land is truly remarkable. That he has made it a sanctuary for the healing of the maddened dragons is even more so, but I would caution one to tread carefully within his garden for the maddened drakes are still there.”

-From the writings of Osric of the Many Paths

Bronze Dragons

These dragons are also called Mountain Drakes and Stone Wyrms. They have command over the earth itself. They are known to be able to make great earthquakes and cause landslides. They are a solitary people that do not like to be troubled. They are also known to be slow and deliberate in their thinking. They do nothing with haste Their breath is a vapor that causes drowsiness.

Ambrosius the Dragon Lord once remarked on them:

“These dragons are the deep thinkers, philosophers, and sages of their kind. The Dragon Rider able to enter into a partnership with one of these shall have at his side an ever capable and wise adviser.”

-From On The Nature of Dragons by Ambrosius Draconius

Red Dragons

These dragons are also called Fire Drakes and Blaze Wyrms. They command the element of fire, flame, and heat. Their breath is a searing hot fire with which no other fire can contend. When in human form, they are still able to summon up this hot fire, though they usually direct it through their hands. They are by far one of the most commonly seen dragons. This is in part because a large number of them are maddened dragons (those dragons that seek out wealth and make great hordes for themselves). One of the most famous of them is Skalg.

One of the inhabitants of the city of Groburra wrote about the time that Skalg inhabited the nearby mountain:

“For many days, we witnessed the great red form of Skalg streaking across the sky as he carried his wealth to his new lair, and we all trembled in fear of him. The lords of the city knew not what to do so as they often did in such situations, they summoned committee upon committee to discuss the problem. If it were not for the timely intervention of King Arvid of the Elves of Charm, I am certain that we would have been destroyed. Thank the Creator for the noble and brave knight, Sir Amund the Dragonslayer, who Arvid sent to save us in our extremity. I only wish that he had not left before he had spoken to us.”

-From the journal of a citizen of Groburra

Black Dragons

These dragons are also called Iron Drakes or Cave Wyrms. They are known to love metal and have the power to command it. Metal bends easily to their will. Those of them that take on human form are known as great smiths. They breathe fire, but it is nowhere near as hot as that of the Red Dragons. They have sharper claws than most dragons, and their scales are also harder. They are known to be dependable and trustworthy. They are also known to delight in riddles.

Ambrosius the Dragon Lord said of them:

“As soon as their word is given, you know it is a sure thing. A Black Dragon would sooner die than break his given word.”

-From On The Nature of Dragons by Ambrosius Draconius

Golden Dragons

These dragons are also called Light Drakes or Bright Wyrms. They command the element of light and bend it to their will. They are not often seen for they are able to bend light to hide themselves from others. Their breath is just breath. They are known for their nobility of spirit.

Ambrosius the Dragon Lord once said of them:

“A nobler dragon I have never met. The Bright Wyrms are indeed the most glorious of their kind. He, who forms a bond with one of these, shall have a good friend for the rest of his life.”

-From On The Nature of Dragons by Ambrosius Draconius

Irenrad | Source

The Dragons of Somnii Quiz

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The Tale of The Black Dragon and The King

Once, there was a king in the lands of Morda, who was proud and arrogant above all else, and he desired a sword of surpassing worth for himself. Now, in these days, many dragons yet lived at peace in the lands of men for it was not long after the death of Ambrosius Draconius and the destruction of his Dragon Riders at The Battle of Elrath. One such dragon was Irenrad Malforn, who often walked about in the appearance of a man. He was a black dragon and a great smith.

Now, the arrogant king sent word to him by a messenger. The messenger climbed to the cave in the side of a great mountain where Irenrad Malforn dwelt, and he said to Irenrad, “Behold the king needs a sword and has decided to bestow upon you the honor of forging it for him.”

Irenrad turned his eyes, which were dark empty pits of inky blackness, towards the man and laughed. “The king honors me, you say,” he scoffed. “Before the king was born, I walked these mountains as my fathers did before me. I am Irenrad Malforn. If the king wishes me to make him a blade, then he himself should come to me, but since he has not, I shall pose for him a riddle. Whoever shall answer my riddle for that one I shall make the mightiest of blades.”

The messenger trembled. Then the dragon said:

It is a rare possession

The lowliest of men may have it

While the greatest of kings may lack it

Yet it is what I seek from the king in payment.

The man stared at Irenrad in shock, and then he departed from there. The king in his great fury sent his soldiers against the dragon, but when they came near unto him, their swords weakened and broke. Their armor became rusted so that they could not move. Then Irenrad stepped out of the cave and roared, “Tell the king, answer my riddle and a blade he shall have.”

The king then asked every scribe and every sage throughout his land, and none of them could gave him the answer. So the king sent word unto to Irenrad and offered him silver in great quantities. Irenrad replied, “I can call metal up from the depths; what need have I of your silver?”

Then the king once more sought out his sages, but they still could not answer him. So he sent to the dragon again and offered gold beyond measure, but Irenrad replied, “What need have I of your gold for I can call up metal from the depth to serve my needs?”

A third time, the king asked his wise men, but they still could not divine the answer. Then a poor boy came before the king and said that he knew the answer. The king scoffed at the poor boy, but then one of his knights said, “If the lowliest man may possess this rare thing, perhaps it is from them that we should learn of it.”

The king listened to the knight’s counsel and said, “What then is the answer?”

The boy replied, “Humility.”

Hearing this, the king realized his foolishness. He took off his royal garments and clothed himself in rags. Then he went before Irenrad and begged his forgiveness. After this Irenrad forged two mighty blades. One he gave unto the king, and the other he gave unto the poor boy. The king then made the poor boy a knight. So ends the tale of Irenrad and the King of Morda.

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Why I Love The King Arthur Stories

My list of five reasons why I love the Arthurian Legends. They are a group stories that have had a profound influence on my writing.

The Adventures of Sir Rupert

The first of the tales of Sir Rupert, a brave knight in the world of Somnii, who also happens to be a mouse.

Cast your vote for The first entry of the Bestiary

© 2014 Joseph Ray


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