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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XII

Updated on August 17, 2011

--A young group of Athenians gather around a statue on the outskirts of Athens as Socrates speaks--


Thank you all for coming out today...this is our 100th gathering...a new age discussion we will have today about the meaning of life,
So what is the meaning of life?
What events are capable of changing the world to display this natural theory?
And if you could be all-powerful...what would you do to make the world what it truly should be?

A Student in the small crowd:

The meaning of life is one of exclusive divinity...a wholeness of the world in which the gods proposals of directive are met without compromise,
But events to define the natural theory...only catastrophic ones...the gods lava flows...the wrath of poseidon's water walls,
And your letting me be all-powerful...well the world would obey my commands to make peace among the rest of the civilizations around us.


My friend...I think you must allow first a sense of empathy in aspect to the rest of the worlds inability to assure peaceful reconciliations,
What would come from your forced peace accords...would it not lead to rebellious behaviors,
And what would you do then...create martial law like our Spartan brothers to propose a police state to hold your peace,
Would your civilians then secretly hate your peaceful ways...or would they still support your failing cause,
You see...a society must not force something among their people...lest you truly want your social castes to fall from under themselves.

Another student among the crowd:

So if you can't stop the social system from rebelling against the peaceful order of things...then why do we even try,
What if we lived in anarchy then...would our society eventually mold itself into a stable environment over the centuries to come?

Anarchy is a powerful tool...but one that finds itself in the most unlikely of situations...take for example Persia,
This empire strives off the expansionist greed it entails...but it distributes a better tax system for those involved in the occupied zone...or country,
Therefore...better material goods and a sense of comfort will cause individuals to act as part of the empire rather than their own home,
This is a form of anarchy in which one loses his/her heritage...therefore rebelling against the original does this make you feel?

A student in the crowd:

This makes me angry...I feel as though their heritage was lost...their only attachment to their history is gone for a larger empire to take,
Why does a country let this happen...I would become a rebel to stop the madness that an empire that would befall our small Greek city-state,
Now that I'm thinking about it though...I would be increasing the violent way of general sociological wellbeing...therefore I'm detrimental.


Well put my would become a key factor in what would be the meaning of life...a backwards solution to a evolving problem that keeps us from reaching the true meaning,
Wouldn't you become an anarchist...this would go against Athenian democracy...or the free will of the people would it not?
So if a larger empire overtook us...and hundreds of years later the diversity of the populations were to forget about the monstrosities encountered...then peace would occur...would it not?

A student in the crowd:

So your saying life would renew itself...that emotions would change according to natural events?
If that is the case...then there is no free will...that we are all subject to a larger horizon...a repetitive assumption of tight knit clauses?


I never said there was no free will...did I?
The world is what you perceive it...I say this time and time again,
Don't you all realize the reasons for changing yourselves rather than a civilization?
Will the world bend for you...or will you bend for the world...or more importantly...will you bend for yourself?
That is all for today my students...until next time...ponder these thoughts and may the gods truly bless your intellectual curiosities.

--Socrates, with a wave of his hand, departs the statue and students presence and walks off into the distance, another day, another question--

Would you take part in Socrates's teachings?

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you once again for your wise comments, glad to see you like my series so far

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      "My friend...I think you must allow first a sense of empathy in aspect to the rest of the worlds inability to assure peaceful reconciliations,

      What would come from your forced peace accords...would it not lead to rebellious behaviors."

      An interesting perspective that I didn't see before. My believe is who wouldn't want peace?

      Voted up and awesome