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The Time Travelers Dilemma – (5) More Threads

Updated on January 30, 2021

More Threads in Time

Why Time Keeps Rolling Along?
Why Time Keeps Rolling Along? | Source

Intertwined Positions

When science found a teeny tiny second moon orbiting Earth, the information was presented using a video-graphic to show the trajectory relationship of the second moon with reference to the Earth-Sun system. Make note of the intertwined relationship between the celestial objects. Imagine, if you can, what the trajectory looks like as a string-line when the earth moves about the sun, and the sun moves through space.

From a lecture by Dr. Nakey: Building on the concept of time-dependent gravity wells, we can use the intertwined paths of the orbiting body model to describe what happens when two times of the same universe become intertwined, such as now within the 21st Century. As it happens, the wave patterns become intertwined, so that the two time-waves end up sharing their energy in such a way that they appear to be riding upon each other. An example of this is fairly well known to some oceanic travellers, when they observe dolphins playfully riding the bow wave of a large ship. This subtle effect does not become apparent easily in the study of histories, and becomes far more complex to discern when multiple waves are involved.

The earliest visionaries in the study of space-time structure used a hypothetical construct called a Killing field. This construct was based on the assumption of a static gravity metric, useful for learning the fundamentals, but not so good with respect to the types of calculations needed to accurately predict the interaction of wave-like time propagation. The time varying gravity wells of interplanetary gravitational interactions made the use of this construct difficult. The individual time threads interact, much like the influences of individual planetary masses, forming an embroidery in time. The difficulty of predicting how to reach a future point is somewhat similar to attempting to predict propagation of light through a storm cloud, best attempted only with a good healthy understanding of probabilistic behaviors. Such behaviors were accounted for in approaches such as those pondered by Dr. Beccam and meteorologists of the early 21st century, where predictions took into account that any given understanding at any given point in time may or may not be the correct understanding that allows accurate prediction of the future.

The Overzealous FBI

During the 1980’s the boy (actually now a young man) was approached by someone who claimed to be an FBI agent. The supposed agent claimed to know all about the young man’s terrorist background, and claimed that the young man was a part of an organization called MOVE. Disturbed, and taking the supposed agents claims seriously, the young man ranted and raved about frames and conspiracies. It seems the FBI knew his family had lived in Philadelphia at one time (one of the fathers’ earlier duty stations) but they did not seem to care that the young man was not even alive at the time the family lived there, nor had he ever been to Philadelphia. Long after this, as more information became available, I realized the error originated with that first attempt to let the future know that I had arrived in the wrong place.

Rumors of this investigation spread, and as rumors do, the young man found himself constantly being suspected of this, that, or the other thing. The result was that the young man found himself constantly being investigated, and re-investigated. Unfortunately, there was, and still is, no end to this. The investigators functioned on the basic belief ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’, and chose to declare the young man too smart for them, rather than accept the possibility that they were leading themselves astray.

Interestingly enough, many of the investigators took pride in their work, believing that their presence prevented further occurrences of the various things the young man was suspected of. In later times, this phenomenon became known as the 'Pink Elephant Tactic', where a controlling figure instilled a sense of fear and success in people who were otherwise incapable of success on their own by convincing them that their activities prevented something evil that would never have happened anyway. Clearly other unrecognized influences were at play. Being close to Masons, little old ladies who drive purple cars and other powers that be has its consequences, not all good.

Note: The phrase 'Pink Elephant Tactic' actually derived from politics of the late 20th Century, when the saying 'Never let a good crisis go to waste' became prominent. Pink Elephant Tactics became the methodology used to generate crisis as needed. The lessons from former statesmen that 'We have nothing to fear except fear itself' went unheeded.

Crazy Bats

Blackbirds Singing in the Dead of Night?
Blackbirds Singing in the Dead of Night?

The Frog

The boy’s talent for mathematics and physics landed him a high technology job, worse, a sensitive high technology job. The "powers that be" assigned someone (I call him ‘the frog’) to keep watch on the boy, now a young man. His job was to transform the talented young man into a more disciplined and reliable worker. He likely also had to report anything he could learn through the boy with respect to the accusations of murder, terrorism (Move or the Weathermen), and the general mystery that had developed around the young man. His assignment may have included the rather vague instructions 'protect'. He would not have been told who he was to protect the young man from, or what. The "powers that be" also wanted to ensure that no leaks developed regarding the young man’s job. The frog was to learn as much about the young man’s talents as he possibly could, and in turn was to teach him how to get along with more disciplined customers.

During this time, I ensured the young man never spoke of the primary mission, other than to occasionally make remarks about the goofy wrong number phone calls of his childhood. However, security in this case was a two-edged sword, the frog did not know of the young mans augmented sub-conscience, so I had the young man begin to ask questions about some of the things that had driven the mother to apparent madness. The frog investigated. His first response was somewhat surprising, "the subject matter is off-limits to me". That was surprising, since these were stories the young man (and I) had grown up with. I was sure this could not be guarded information. Either way, the stories served to protect the original mission and the questions were to become yet another thread in the fabric.

The beginnings of insight were to come much later with the declassification and publication in the mid 1990s of source material in "The CIA under Harry Truman" and "Venona, Soviet Espionage and the American Response, 1930-1957", both of which the young man devoured avidly. When these were published, the frog made sure the young man had copies to read. Of note here is that authors of both documents received their degrees in history from University of Chicago.

Note: If the frog ever reads this, he will no doubt think to himself, ‘Just another layer to the peeling of the onion’.

More books from the bookshelf, 1994 & 1995.
More books from the bookshelf, 1994 & 1995.

The Beginnings of an Embroidery

The FBI’s insistence that the young man was a terrorist (this was back in the 80’s), the high technology job, and the interests in matters remotely associated with the Venona project all meant that there was no way the young man was going to lead a normal everyday life. Looking back, one can theorize that their interest was a natural consequence of occurrences of the sixties and seventies, threads with origins flowing from that initial friendship with the vacationer, from the family’s history, from his own early experiments in science, and from the later introduction to meteorology (the weathermen). All blended together to leave an impression to those investigating that all indicators pointed to really bad things.

This occurred partly because they were not persistent enough to seek the truth. And this occurred partly because they were more than happy to settle for the easy misunderstandings that were so readily at hand. Because the combined tapestry blended well together, because it looked like what they expected to see, and because the conclusions were easy they failed to look for the truth, or perhaps never wanted to find the truth anyway. It was all a mirage.

After Venona - The Vassilieve Notebooks (from YouTube user - oochidexio2)

© 2011 FitnezzJim


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