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What Software to use for PDF eBook Documents

Updated on February 28, 2009

Create PDF eBooks

01.What Software should I use to create PDF Docs?

There are many different applications to create PDF documents.

Firstly, there is Adobe Professional, which is very expensive. If cost is not a concern then you can purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional to assist your PDF development.

There are other alternatives at no charge.

1) Open Office Suite at
This is open source Freeware. It is Open Source and released under the Terms of the GNU General Public License.

2) PDF Creator at
This is Freeware. It is Open Source and released under the Terms of the GNU General Public License.

3) PDF Moto at
There is a Freeware Version to download. However, there is a purchase version also.

02.What is the Open Office Suite Application? (OO.o or OOo), is a free office application suite available for a number of different computer operating systems. It supports a standard OpenDocument Format (ODF) as well as Microsoft Office formats. OpenOffice supports over 45 languages.

The project and software are informally referred to as OpenOffice; however, is the formal name. includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation and database similar to Microsoft Office (MSO). allows file saving in formats that are compatible with MSO.
Additionally, OOo has many features that are compatible with MSO.

If you have not downloaded, installed and used OOo, you must do so.
This software is a perfect alternative to MSO and works seamlessly in creating PDF documents and eBooks.

03.What is PDF Creator?

PDFCreator is a GPL-licensed free software that runs on Microsoft 32 bit Windows OS to convert documents into Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

PDFCreator is used on Microsoft Windows™ operating systems.
After an easy installation a user can select as their printer the PDFCreator application print driver to print documents in a PDF text and image format.
PDFCreator is installed as a printer driver associated with .ps files to manually convert PostScript to PDF format.

PDFCreator has optional security and password capability for a user to disable printing, copying of text or images and modifying the original document.
Passwords can be setup and required to open the PDF file, and or to change permissions and password.

AdditionalEncryption can be either 40 bits, compatible with Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or 4.0, or 128 bits for Acrobat 5.0 or higher.

Beginning with version 0.9.6, there is full support for Windows Vista™ and version 0.9.7 provides support for Windows 7 Beta™.

PDFCreator from FREE Version.

You can also download this product from:
PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly any Windows application.

04.What is PDF Moto Software?

PDFMoto converts documents produced in Microsoft Windows™into PDF format and then publishes the documentation to a website.

There is a Free limited version and an unlimited purchased version. (See technical details)

Once installed PDFMoto can monitor a network directory to automatically publish PDF documents to a specific location on your website after they first are converted into PDF format.

PDFMoto is programmed to run on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP and web servers that can run asp, php or jsp scripting such as Microsoft IIS and Apache.

05.Why are there so many different PDF Creators?

If you do a search on the Internet for 'PDF creation', 'PDF converters' or 'PDF Creators' on any search engine, you most likely will return hundreds of different software applications that execute this process.

A very concise list is located at:Wikipedia

You can begin with this information if you are unfamiliar and have not worked with variable PDF converters and creators.

I have found that whether I use a Freeware application or one I purchased, they all work much the same.

There are special features with many Free PDF creators that are not included until you purchase the Advanced version.

For example, the Free version PDF creator when not include security or active hypertext links; however, the advanced and paid for version does include these options.

Many full version PDF converter/creators require purchase.
EXCEPT for PDFCreator and, you will find Full versions that are completely Free. suite application is noted here for the reason that it provides a complete and excellent PDF exportation within its word processor, the Writer.
PDFCreator is a stand alone application that converts documents into PDF documentation with most features and options that are necessary for an average user.

Again, I make note of the following link where you can learn more about PDF creators and converters.

PDFmoto is worth mentioning for it can automatically convert documents and publish them to the Internet. This software has a free version and a purchase version. You can learn more about PDFmoto at:
It is important when reviewing PDF creators that you pay close attention to the options of the freeware and paid for versions.

I recommend using applications Writer, Calc and Impress. Also, Math and Draw can be utilized.

The product is worthy and valuable and is very easy to export documents and files to PDF with variable security and options.

Additionally, there are many more options and features that make using this software suite a smart decision.

06.How difficult is it to create PDF documents?

Most of the application PDF creators and converters provide easy navigation to print your document, export, save or convert your material into PDF format.
Many PDF applications simply install a printer driver to your computer that functions as a virtual printer.
It is very easy to navigate to your PDF virtual printer and by simply clicking on save; you can then convert your document to PDF. Just as you would print any document, you would in the same way convert to PDF.

PDFCreator from FREE Version.
PDFForge.orgDownload link here

PDFCreator Plus can be downloaded for Free, however it is not Free for continued use................
You can downloadPDFCreator and view tutorials on How To:
Convert Word to PDF
Convert Excel to PDF
Convert Power Point to PDF
Convert Access to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF
Convert Website to PDF

07.Do the PDF Creator Applications have security?

Many PDF Creators-Converters do have security. However, here I will discuss PDFCreator as this is the FREE software application I suggest you use if you do not utilize Suite. Of course, you can still use PDFCreator for converting documents to PDF when using other applications such as Microsoft Word, etc.

If you write or create documents and presentations using OOo, you can export directly from this application.

However, when you use other type word processing and document creator applications, you can easily use PDFCreator to convert you files to PDF format.

You will quickly see that PDFCreator can provide most of your PDF document creation, if not all with or without using the security options.

You can download the latest version of PDFCreator from the link following:

Be sure you are downloading PDFCreator for Free. There are many who sell this product online or CD-ROM. You can download it and install it without charge.

You can be sure to update your application to the latest version at the link directly above.
Below you can review the software Menu Interface for the PFD security options.

You can read my other HUBs at:

You can learn more at

PDF CREATOR Open Source Free PDF converter


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