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Working on your creative instincts

Updated on February 4, 2011

High school and for that matter all of the school years tend to be quite an experience for students. Having creative activities and assignments to work on can really transform the classroom atmosphere for students. There are a number of creative ways for students to express and learn new ideas in the class atmosphere.

Activities which involve group skills and learning to make decisions together can help in gaining better social skills and bring out better ideas.The best way to turn a class into an interesting one is to have a group activity or some kind of activity which involves role play. It will also help them understand and remember what is learnt far better. Working together to achieve results is extremely important.

For a class in photography having an activity of clicking portraits of students in various frames and different moods can create an interesting and stimulating discussing. Talk about colors, lighting and contrasts that have been created and display the pictures in the class.

Creativity is not necessary limited to working as a group. It is also possible to work individually and express a single idea in many creative ways. Poetry and essay writing are an excellent way to bring out creative expressions.

Clustering exercises are also a good way to get ideas and thoughts flowing in a classroom. It is a controlled way of looking at possible options and explorations to an idea. A student can circle an important idea and then add to them as they go with newer thoughts that are linked to the main topic. It helps to get a flow of ideas when thinking freely. It is a good way to get out of being stuck on one idea.Creative writing is an excellent way to get your inhibitions and blocks down. You could have students work on dialogs together as a team to get the flow of ideas going.


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