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X-Men: Cable

Updated on March 31, 2012

Cable is one of the more popular characters albeit he has a weaker story than most but his powers and Terminator-like attitude make him a fan favorite. During the creation process of making the character, the writers wanted him to be similar to Charles Xavier as he was set to be the leader of the New Mutants spin off but they also wanted him to be the opposite of Xavier. Xavier was a man of words if you will, while Cable was set to be a man of action. That kind of style is what made fans open up to him so quickly as he was fairly different from must other leaders. His powers are also unique, although unstable, as he possesses great psychic power in the form of telepathy and telekinesis. His telepathy can reach the minds of multiple people at once while also being able to read them. He is even able to send out psychic bolts at his enemies that in one hit, could kill a human being. Cable has also shown mastery of astral projection, which even rivals Xavier's ability to do so. To some extent Cable is a cyborg as his body had be altered by a techno-organic virus which took the form of cybernetics and bionics. Thus with his entire body well fortified giving him super strength to boot. With all of these robotic elements to his body he is even able to repair himself very quickly which makes him one of the most unique mutants but also one of the strongest.

Cable, or Nathan Summers, was the result of Mister Sinister's attempts of creating a perfect mutant by bonding to of the strongest mutants together to have a child. However, Jean Grey had been put into a stasis, thus prompting Sinister to create a clone of her in the form of Madelyne Pryor. She and Scott Summers had a son that they named Nathan Christopher Charles Summers and moved to Anchorage, Alaska to raise him as they left the X-Men. When Scott heard that Jean had returned, he left Nathan and Madelyne and formed a new team called the X-Force with Jean. Sinister took this as his chance to take what he believed to be the perfect mutant who had the only chance of defeating Apocalypse so he sent his team of mutants called the Marauders to kill Madelyne and kidnap young Nathan. Madelyne however escaped and came under the care of the X-Men while Nathan was taken to Sinister's hidden lab under an orphanage in Nebraska. Sinister erased the persona of Nathan and continued to experiment on the young boy. Madelyne Pryor went insane when learning that she was in fact a clone of Jean Grey and became the Goblin Queen while attempting to kidnap her son and transfer him as a sacrifice in a demon world of sorts. Before she could do so, Jean Grey killed her and Nathan was rescued thanks to the combined efforts of the X-Men and X-Factor. Nathan was then cared for by Jean and Scott. Nathan's half sister from the future had a psychic connection with him and whenever he felt in danger, she would help protect him. Soon after his rescue, Apocalypse realized that this new boy could pose a threat he retaliated by infecting Nathan with a techo-organic virus. As the virus spread throughout his body, he began to change slowly, his body began to become a form of liquid metal and organic steel. A clan from the future quickly appeared and explained to Scott that his son was a savior in their time and that the clan had a cure for his ails. If they were to cure Nathan, they would have to take him with them back to their time in the future some two thousand years in the future in fact. Scott agreed knowing that he would most likely never see his son again and Nathan was taken to the future into an alternate reality that was ruled by Apocalypse.

Upon arriving in the future, Nathan had been placed in the care of Mother Askani to be tended to. She placed him into a incubation crib to preserve his life, and out of fear of possibly losing him to the virus she created another clone of Nathan. However, both of them survived of the course of the next few days but Apocalypse's soldiers infiltrated the Clan Askani and kidnapped the clone. Mother Askani knew that Nathan needed a solid upbringing so she brought the souls of Jean Grey and Scott Summers into the bodies of their descendants where the decided to go under the names of Slym and Redd. (Yes, the nicknames that Wolverine so aptly gave them.) Together they raised Nathan in the hopes that someday he would grow up and overthrow Apocalypse. Nathan quickly discovered how to use his telekinetic abilities which helped in holding back his virus, but he could not stop it from spreading throughout his left side giving him a cybernetic appearance. Some time had passed as Nathan grew accustomed to his powers and as a teenager he defeated Apocalypse but in the process Mother Askani had died and returned the souls of Jean and Scott to their own time. During his time in the future he would eventually meet a woman that he fell in love with and married. The two had a child that they named Tyler, Nathan's wife Aliya came from a clan named Jenskot in honor of Nathan's parents. Nathan of course did not have a happy ending as shortly after he had a kid, his clone that was kidnapped and brainwashed by Apocalypse came to end his happiness. His clone had been driven mad and filled with hatred for his clone while calling himself Stryfe. Stryfe would go on to kill Aliya and kidnap Tyler only to be brainwashed to do his bidding. Eventually, Nathan came across his brainwashed son and was forced to shoot him.

Nathan returned to the 20th century to foil the plans of Apocalypse and Stryfe where he would also change his name and now be called Cable. Cable formed a mercenary group called the Wild Six which would later change to the Six Pack that included future X-Force member known as Domino. In his fit of vengeance after assaulting one of Stryfe's bases, his strike force team was decimated and to heal he headed back into the future. He would later return to the present time line when he heard that Stryfe was attempting an assassination on Charles Xavier. Shortly after Stryfe, believing himself to be the real son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, he kidnap the two in retaliation for their abandonment of him as an infant. He took the two to his base on the moon and Cable would come to their rescue. When rescuing his parents, Cable and Stryfe fell into a temporal rift and many believed the two to be destroyed but Cable did indeed survive. However, Stryfe's consciousness entered Cable's body and at a time dominated him but eventually Cable would regain control. He would then explain to the X-Force who he was and during Jean and Scott's wedding he reconciled with his parents.



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