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How much time does it take to confirm if your article will be part of niche sites or not?

I received an e-mail from the Curator saying if I made a couple of changes they'll add my article to LetterPile. The change I'm asked to make is related to text formatting. So can someone please, suggest what's needed be fixed or take a look at my poem known as 'Dilapidated building' & tell me what improvements are needed related to text formating because, I'm absolutely clueless. It's a poem & I tried to look up for some poems or the way they've been written precisely, but failed miserably. I didn't find any poems except for several analysis.

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Jeremy Gill says

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7 weeks ago
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    Nimrah Khan (Dynamic minion) 7 weeks ago

    First of all, thank you SO MUCH for replying and the tip. And yes, there's an additional note from the editor about removing the dashed line divider near the bottom, which I fixed at the spot when I received the mail- which was about 2 days ago.