Politics in Comics

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    AaronHubb89posted 5 years ago

    Comic book writers need to realize that in a time with such political disagreements, it may not be best to place a depiction of the current President of the United States when not all of their readers are voting for him and not just that, but when they even feel isolated and alienated by the man. Politics and comics should not mix, it no longer becomes fun and enjoyable to read comics when people start throwing out their political and social views. Why shove your personal opinions down the throats of your readers when not all of them share that same opinion? I felt the same way when I saw Bush in the Ultimates, and Obama on the front of a Spider-Man comic. Please don't bastardize our hobbies which we run to for escape from the screwed up world we live in, with your political or social views. If you DO want to, do not use a known human being, but instead, use a symbolical form of the man. It is also strategically well-played that the creators would throw such a depiction, one month before the election. Comics should be fun and thrilling and politics is NOT that and should not infect our entertainment in such a way. In such a divided time in our nations politics, this entire thing is low and beneath the rest of us who just enjoy watching Green Lantern sock a giant, slobbering, purple alien in the face with a big cartoon-ish hand. Please let fun be fun again.