Freelancing Questions

  1. Jake4102 profile image83
    Jake4102posted 5 years ago

    I am thinking about taking freelancing more serious next year, however, I had a few questions I was hoping some veterans here could answer.

    1. Do you find work from one website, a few, or a lot of different websites? I ask this because I know there are tons of different websites and avenues out there for work (elance, guru, textbroker, etc.) and was wondering what your preference is and what you do?

    2. Passive income or direct pay for writing? Is writing for Hubpages / Squidoo / blogging more favorable or is direct pay sites like textbroker and elance more your thing? Or do you do a mixture of both?

    3. Any uncommon tips for getting into freelancing?

    4. Is using published articles on hubpages / squidoo as example writing a good or bad idea?

    Thanks guys and I hope to get some diversified answers here. I know there's a lot of freelancers here and I hope they can give me some advice for taking my freelancing more seriously.

  2. Dame Scribe profile image58
    Dame Scribeposted 5 years ago

    Wow, nobody answered after 3hrs yikes I would think that freelancers can be found where writing is involved. They'll have friends and contacts in related industries. I've found it almost annoying that finish one job only to have to find another one or least line them up. Having your eggs in MORE than one basket is the best route though. Earn some $$ here, there, and over yonder, it adds up. smile I think most could be found in 'specialized' niches, ghostwriting, editing, copywriting, grant writers, proposal writers and the list goes on.