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  1. ptosis profile image74
    ptosisposted 5 years ago

    It's Z-Day!

    Let's have fun - we could probably make a movie out of this thread when it's done.
    Write out a scene or situation that's cheeky & cheesy.

    Early morning Zumba class is attacked/overtaken/infected and now you have...........Zumbies!

    Or a guy come rushing in to an senior citizen zoologists' meeting and while busy discussing whether to call the group of attacking zombies/zumbies a herd/pack, nest, flock - they all get slowly infected.

    ZOOLOGIST 1 - If not moving and just munching it's a nest, but if shuffling in groups then they are a troop as in a 'troubling troop'.

    ZOOLOGIST 2 - No! I think instead of a 'cartload'  that a group larger than ten should be called a '$h!tload'

    ZOOLOGLIST 1  kills ZOOLOGIST 2 before getting zombie infected to make sure don't have to  be forever put up with such a UnDead Jerk.

    1. Glasso profile image61
      Glassoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The guy escapes unnoticed while zoologist 2 gets infected. Escapists finds bag with supplies, jumps into his car and leaves the city

      1. ptosis profile image74
        ptosisposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        bag of supplies ideas:

        Would a taser work on a zombie as in stun for a few seconds.?

        Well others have asked this before and 2/3 zombie ponderers say only if not too decomposed & muscles still react to electrical impulses since Z's don't react to pain/missing limbs.

        Do blind zombies crawl towards living people or keep walking into walls & get stuck in corners?

  2. Glasso profile image61
    Glassoposted 5 years ago

    Zombies, most likely, would not react to taser hence virus makes them oblivious to pain. Zombies are dead. Zombies retain their hearing; therefore, they are able to detect their prey by the smell. No doubt, they will be less successful in finding their prey.

    The survivor decided to stop, at the remote gas station, hence he needed to fill up a tank. Suddenly he have heard the noise. Gas station employee comes out and demands him to pay for the gas. The employee is shocked when he finds out that there is zombie infestation; clerk is convinced immediately by looking around end taking notice of destroyed surroundings.
    They pack the car with supplies from the gas station. Both men are frustrated when they open the bag. Its filled with lingerie, feminine  hygiene products, make-up, Cosmopolitan, box of tissues, roll of toilet paper, cotton swabs, two pairs of heels, pantyhose,  tights, leggins, a blouse, a skirt, a dress,  50 shades of grey, bottle of birth control pills, 0-calories granola bars,make-up remover, 3 juice boxes, a can of RedBull, two packs of condoms, shaving cream, pack of razors, a handgun and Zombie Survival Guide.
    Men decided to keep the bag, there was a possibility of trading some items later, and lift the gas station.

  3. ptosis profile image74
    ptosisposted 5 years ago

    (You forgot the tampons and feminine napkins.)

    The two men begin to argue over where to go. Driver want to head for the hills and hole up until "Everything blows over." Gas Clerk wants to go home and check in on his Mum.

    GUY 1: Just call her
    GUY 2: There's no answer
    GUY 1: That's means she is already dead probably!
    GUY 2 begins to beat fists on GUY 1 swearing, grabs wheel , truck turns over. Laying knocked out, GUY 2 is eaten. GUY 1 was saved by  car bag, stumbles out and leaves the scene of the accident.

    Shaken and hurt, can't move very fast GUY 1 enters a nearby Hummer and crashes out in safety. When he awakens he notices that GUY 2 is gone from turned over truck and there appears to be no zombies shuffling around.

    1. Glasso profile image61
      Glassoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      GUY 1 walks over to the truck and picks up the bag. Suddenly he feels gun at his back. He turns around and sees a man, aiming at him with a riffle.

      GUY 1:  What's wrong with you? (trying to be brave)
      GUY 2:  You think, that I let everyone who crashes in my Hummer  get away. What do you have in there?

      GUY1  explains Hummer owner his situation.  They decided to join forces and leave the scene.  GUY 1 gets his wounds bandaged by  the owner and they drive away.

      1. ptosis profile image74
        ptosisposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        HUMMER_DUDE drives  off the highway onto dirt road

        GUY: "Just keep driving, I know a hunting cabin that my survivalist buddy has outfitted for when the government shuts down. I bet he's all excited  and in a "I told you so" mood."

        DUDE: What if he is - you know 'infected'

        GUY: If he is, he won't be able to use any of the weapons that he has stashed all over the place.

        Dirt road suddenly become much rougher.

        GUY: slow down, he has the entrance hidden. Stop! Stop, right here.

        Hummer stops, GUY go up about 15 feet up the dirt path, and open a fence that has been camouflaged in fake plants that blended in with the rest of the foliage. Waves Hummer through, and closes camo-fence and hops back into the Hummer. Hummer slowly weaves through a narrow and enclosed woods that then opens up to what looks like a walled compound. There seems to be no zombies around. Both GUY & DUDE stop at the gate and wonder what to do next.

        DUDE: Do we ring a doorbell?

        GUY: Hardly, &  don't try to climb in - the place is booby trapped all over. If my survivalist BUDDY is here & OK, then he already knows that we are here. Just wait. GUY & DUDE wait for BUDDY

        1. Glasso profile image61
          Glassoposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Suddenly, they've heard voices. One is adult male, another -- a girl.

          GIRL: Dad, good thing we have cameras on!
          MAN: No worries girlie, one of them is my best friend and another one is his buddy. We always need more hands.
          The gate opened. MAN and DUDE  embrace one another other. GIRL smiles awkwardly, then excuses herself.
          GUY: Thanks for allowing me to join you!
          MAN: No probs, bro! Follow me fellas
          They noticed how big, rather huge, was the compound.  It had at least 3 buildings. MAN opened a door to the firs one. It was where he was staying with his daughter. All four of them would share it. GIRL had her section separated with curtains.  She brought them some tea. Suddenly her glance fell upon the bag.
          GIRL: Can I take a look?
          GUY: Sure, I found it on the side of the road near the research facility.
          GIRL: This is mum's bag, she is alive!
          She runs to her section and started sobering.  Men go outside. MAN tells others that he had an affair with the mother. They broke up. MAN did not know that the woman was pregnant. When his daughter turned 3, her mother dropped her off at his house. She had seen her four times a year -- Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and on kid's birthday.  Hence those holiday were quite spread out, it was every 3 month on average. Visits were never long. GIRL missed her mother.