What was your first job? Did it impact your current job and/or teach you a life

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  1. Truckstop Sally profile image61
    Truckstop Sallyposted 7 years ago

    What was your first job?  Did it impact your current job and/or teach you a life lesson?  How?

  2. Dovay Lee profile image39
    Dovay Leeposted 7 years ago

    My first job is a teacher in a training center. Frankly speaking, it does not affect my current job too much. Now I work as a sales person online. No matter what I do, i think I can always find the content in my job.

  3. brimancandy profile image77
    brimancandyposted 7 years ago

    My first job was working at a gas station, back when most service stations still had people that would clean your windshield and check the oil in your car. I started on day shirt doing that, and then became the overnight cashier. The guy that is stuck in the little glass booth, and the only employee at night.

    This was also in a very bad neighborhood. We are talking nighty fights between customers, prostitutes turning tricks in peoples cars in our parking lot. Drug dealers. I was scared for my life every night that I worked there. The last straw came when a guy pulled out this huge Knife, and told me, he was going to wait until my shift ended, and he was going to kill me, as soon as I opened the door for the morning customers. Which at 7a.m was part of my daily job.

    I waited for the morning guys to come in before I unlocked the door, and got bitched at for not having the doors unlocked on time. I told them about the guy with the knife, and they could have cared less. So I quit, and called a friend to give me a ride home, and I never went back there again.

    A week later, one of the customers was shot in the head, and killed, when someone tried to rob the place. Around the same time that I would have been there working. You would not believe some of the stuff I saw when I worked there.

    What I learned? NEVER work at a gas station if they tell you you need to work alone, but, I nip that in the bud by never working at a gas station ever again. They make millions, and care little about their station employees.

  4. mcrawford76 profile image83
    mcrawford76posted 7 years ago

    I worked in an appliance store, and drove the delivery truck. And I would say that the life lessons I learned from that job is:
    Every job has the right tool.
    And that tool is almost never in the truck.

  5. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    My first job was working in a little dress store for min. wage.  It did not impact my current job and I don't really believed it taught me any life lessons.  I was 17 and thought I already knew it all!!  --I was terribly wrong about that  :-)

  6. JDeAngelis profile image60
    JDeAngelisposted 7 years ago

    my first job was in a men's retail store and it helped me to understand the value of communication, it still helps me.

  7. plogan721 profile image81
    plogan721posted 7 years ago

    My first job was a helper at an Easter Seals center.   I was 20 at the time, but it helped me appreciate helping those who are unable to totally help themselves.   It helped me with my own disability, when to me was more cosmetic then the actual being able to do something.   It is totally different from what I am doing now, which is designing greeting cards, and scrapbook albums. 
    I feel like that any job you do has an effect on your current position, because you have added on a skill.   You may not use that skill directly, but for me, that first job taught me patience.   You take for granted that you can get to the bathroom, for example, in 2 seconds, able to do your business, get up and go about the rest of your day.  A child with a disability or even an elderly person who cannot walk as fast takes longer to get to that point.   You cannot simply tell them to hurry up, because they are not able to. 
    This patience lead to a skill I used in customer service, and customer service lead me to what I am doing now, because I have to be able to work with my clients in order to reproduce the vision they see for their cards or scrapbook album.  I have learned to take me out of the equation, and think about the client instead of what I want.  Now all I want is a happy client.

  8. plogan721 profile image81
    plogan721posted 7 years ago

    Have you ever thought about your first job?   I have, and I have forgotten how much fun I
    had while I was a working 20 year old.   My
    first job was a helper at an Easter Seals center.   As I said, I was 20 at the time, but it
    helped me appreciate... read more

  9. mikielikie profile image66
    mikielikieposted 7 years ago

    My first job was when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My sister brother and i would pull the weeds out of the cotton feilds by hand and that tought me to work hard for what I want. And I never want my kids to ever have to do that for the good of the family. I want to teach them in a way that wont give them heat strokes.lol! If you want something bad enough you must work for it and you'll appreciate it alot more.

  10. onegoodwoman profile image73
    onegoodwomanposted 7 years ago

    My very first "paying job" was as a waitress in a Mexican restaraunt.  After only a few weeks, I went to being a grill cook.

    I have an Accounting Degree, a CDL, excelled in the wholesale trade, and have mastered the art of retail, where my living was made.

    My favorite thing to do is 'feed people'.

    Today, I am a licensed " Dietary Service Manager"................I know the answers to the hard questions.........I manage the cooks.  I plant a residental garden................we ALL have to eat.  It is the single most rewarding thing that I have ever done.

    I am still learning "life's lessons"........not only my own, but those of others.

    I do not know if this is true world wide, but in American society, we are 'defined' by our work.  I work, so that others are fed well.

    It was not my first few jobs that shaped me, ( though they might have exposed me to the management aspects)  it was my own Grandmother........a wonderful cook, with a ready table available for all.

  11. TinaTango profile image71
    TinaTangoposted 7 years ago

    My first job was waitressing, 7 years later I am still working there during the summer season - and I'll tell you what - it was that job that helped me mature in age and learn a sense of responsibility!

  12. LouMacabasco profile image60
    LouMacabascoposted 7 years ago

    My first job was External Auditor in a Big Four Accounting Firm.  It taught me a valuable lesson, not to take life too seriously.  Learn to enjoy each day! Life isn't as complicated as we make it appear to be. smile


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