Light In The Tower

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    Dreamcatcherkyrahposted 4 years ago

    I looked up and saw the sky and the tower
      I then grasped a piece of the sky
    Everything was merging together
    I know it was just a dream
    That's when I found myself drifting more and more

    But this time it was different
    I seen him in a silhouette he was destine to find me
    He stood there on his horse
    and is weapon in his hand

    I could only see him in a silhouette
    He was dressed up like a knight with his armor
    He was a shadow within my dreams
    we were both on two different part s of the world
    I know he was looking for someone like me
    And I was looking for someone like him

    That's when  I went for a ride
    I was going around and around
    As I wait for the love of my life
    His shield broke
    and my sword fell out of my hands

    The butterflies were following us from behind
    As if they were casting some kind of magical spell
    I went along with it with no fear
    I kept on seeing his image
    but he never ever revealed himself

    It was hard to reach him but I kept trying
    And the butterflies were always there
    He looked around I think he was also
    afraid to take that leap of faith

    The castle was lit with just enough light to show him the way
    He kept on coming forward toward me
    as he saw me looking   from up above in the castle window
    I moved forward as I looked out to the universe
    He was still there but to shy to come forward

    I knew there as some kind of cosmic connection
    Time is fragile I said out loud
    snow turned into spring
    spring turned to summer then to fall

    I looked out the window and headed back
    And realized sometimes the light of two souls are there
    sometimes both souls can be afraid to take the leap
    because both souls have been hurt

    ©2011/Kyrah Barbette L Hale
    Dream Catcher