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    KarenaConway91posted 3 years ago


    I walk down this lonely road,
    Each step leading further away from home.
    These memories so warm and pleasant,
    This life of mine I will always remember.
    Those happy moments spent together,
    Gave me this hope to dream forever.
    A dream that may or may not come true,
    For this world is neither based on fairness or truth.
    Working hard comes without question,
    Yet a stroke of luck could make wonders happen.
    To predict the future is ever so foolish,
    For disappointment is the first word acknowledged.
    And yet this road I will always follow,
    For my heart awaits this greatness I will achieve in the coming tomorrow's.

    1. Arthur Keyword profile image60
      Arthur Keywordposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Kudos my friend for the great poem but where do you get inspiration to write poetry? I really love your poem. Give some of your secretes