What genre of poetry should I choose for my featured hubs? (Help!!)

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    Bambi L'Amourposted 3 years ago


    I'm new to the forums so hello all smile!

    I've got a few decent featured hubs now (around 20 or so) and my overall hub rating is pretty good (75 give or take), I could really do some help on which section to place them though as I have no idea if they'd be considered lyrical, inspirational, sensational or inexcusable! I have very little traffic as I've really no clue how to share my work, I just write and post, that said the feedback I've received has been very positive (thank you!) so if anyone can help or give me a few pointers I'd be very thankful!

    Thankyou for your time, looking forward to getting to know some fellow poets and writers!!