Apathetic Angel

  1. Dead Ink profile image60
    Dead Inkposted 3 years ago

    Grounded with wounded wings and a broken smile.
    Drowning in betrayal and self-denial.
    Without warning you crashed into my world,
    Into my arms, so tightly curled.
    With blood on your hands, tears in your eyes
    You claimed your innocence, fed me your lies.

    Caught off guard, a fool from the start.
    Hypnotized my soul, paralyzed my heart.
    Your beauty exposed, the truth revealed.
    An emotional fraud, the death sentence sealed.
    All hells fury is concealed in the kiss
    Chained to the halos around my wrists.

    My soul simply something for you to barter.
    Let like cattle straight to the slaughter.
    Brought me to a world I could not foretell.
    A little piece of Heaven in the middle of Hell.
    Id rather die than bear these chains.
    Freedom from you means freedom from pain.

    You used my heart as a stepping stone.
    Sacrificed my blood in place of your own.
    Took what you wanted, destroyed what you didn't.
    Dug the dagger deeper, bid me good riddance.
    Left me for dead as you learned to fly again,
    Mocking my love as you flew back to him.

    Erick Forsythe