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Have you created an e-book or self published?

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    TheWritingHubposted 5 months ago

    Hi, all.  I am not new to hubpages but this is a new account.  I was wondering if anyone has had success with e-books or self-publishing without any major issues?  What companies did you use?  How did you ensure the quality of your work without a publisher?

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    psycheskinnerposted 5 months ago

    I have produced ebook ad print books with publishers and without publishers.  Self-publishing need not be limited to digital formats.

    You ensure quality by acting like a publisher.  Learn what a professional quality is and either develop the skills or outsource the job to achieve it.

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      TheWritingHubposted 5 months ago in reply to this

      What do you suggest to acquire these skills?  Is there a forum or group?  Reading tons of books?  I appreciate your opinion and thannks for responding.

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        psycheskinnerposted 4 months ago in reply to this

        There are many places to learn, http://www.kboards.com/index.php?board=60.0 is a good place to start.

        I am a pretty good self-editor, but when I am self-publishing I still hire an outside editor to ensure the book is at a professional level.  I can tell this is necessary because my books accepted by publishers require significant editing.

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          TheWritingHubposted 4 months ago in reply to this

          Thank you for recommending this board.  I have a lot to learn.  Thanks!

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    Marisa Wrightposted 5 months ago

    I recommend joining CritiqueCircle.com.  I've found it very helpful.   You post chapters of your book and other members critique them.   Unlike HubPages, you're not publishing publicly - only members can see your chapters - so they're not likely to get stolen.  You can even post your work in an invitation-only private queue if you like.

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    TheWritingHubposted 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for your input, I will join right away!

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    Glenn Stokposted 5 months ago

    I have used both Lulu and CreateSpace to publish printed pocket books.

    If you're looking into self publishing your own printed book, you can ensure the quality of your book by knowing  "How to Properly Format and Self-Publish Your Book" - look for that hub that you can find in my profile list.

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      TheWritingHubposted 5 months ago in reply to this

      Thank you, this is perfect!  I appreciate your input!

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    TheWritingHubposted 5 months ago

    So far, I'm definitely going to get critiques from published authors and also consider trying to "think like an editor" while typing this...I found this by David Farland on "how to help writers with self-editing."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4oyePYhuEI

    There is line-by-line editing, editing for voice, etc.  We can ensure quality by getting the same mindset as an editor.

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      Marisa Wrightposted 4 months ago in reply to this

      Yes to some extent, but the fact is that authors are, generally, the worst judges of their own work.  You really, really need critiques by other people.

      I know enough about grammar, spelling, sentence structure etc that I am able to work on polishing those things myself.  Where I find Critique Circle invaluable is in the things you're likely to miss as an author.

      For instance, we know our characters well, and we can picture the scenes we're writing about.  We know them so well, we sometimes forget to explain them adequately to our readers.  I've had people on Critique Circle say things like, "I didn't realise till the third paragraph that they were in the library", or, "I can't understand this character's motivation for that action", or (if I go too far the other way), "this backstory is bogging down the action, is it really necessary?" 

      I would be unlikely ever to notice those things, no matter how much I try to "think like an editor".

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        TheWritingHubposted 4 months ago in reply to this

        I definitely see what you mean, this is really invaluable advice.  Thanks!

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    Marisa Wrightposted 4 months ago

    Just wanted to add something.

    When you say you'll ask for critiques from published authors, what are you thinking?  That you'll send them the manuscript for an opinion, or that you'll be asking them to do a line-by-line review?  If the former, then it's not enough.

    I polished my manuscript as far as I was able before starting to post it on Critique Circle. Then I set to, building relationships with authors on the site (by doing critiques for them so they would return the favour).   On average, I've had 5 or 6 detailed critiques of every chapter I've posted. They are not all from published authors, though some are - and frankly, I've found the most useful critiques were from unpubbed writers, because they were critiquing as readers and giving me their reactions as readers.  At the same time, some of them picked up grammatical errors, syntax, spelling etc.

    I feel the story is ten times better than it was before.  Line-by-line critiques are really important.

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      TheWritingHubposted 4 months ago in reply to this

      Thanks again, I think I underestimated the fact that the book writing process takes a lot of objective critique and I could really used multiple people reviewing the manuscript.  I appreciate the advice, polished projects require  lots of input.  I would include your process in my editing, thanks!