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Do I need an editor or a publisher first for my book?

  1. Liz P profile image54
    Liz Pposted 9 years ago

    Do I need an editor or a publisher first for my book?

  2. rider_tiger profile image90
    rider_tigerposted 8 years ago

    Well, published authors are not superior to unpublished stories but an editor will look at the writing of a published author, and if he sees nonsense, he will give it a chance will keep reading the book to see if it makes any sense. If the same thing happens with an unpublished author, the editor will toss it out immediately. If you will write a textbook, things are different and you almost certainly need to be a recognized researcher in your field. I have more on writing a textbook at
    and you can apply, at least some of the principles set out there to your book, whatever format it is going to be in.
    If you would like to publish with a traditional publisher, a lot of times you need an invitation for them to spend money evaluating your book, unless its a new publisher company. They don't really like getting cold proposals, so I suggest you start small, with a relatively new company and work your way up up, unless you can get a good offer from an established company.

  3. dewriter profile image60
    dewriterposted 8 years ago

    You need a qualifed editor first. Many offering their services today are simply not good at what they do. Do your research. Get referrals. See samples.

    The publishing world is changing by the minute. Gone are the days when traditional publishing houses would edit your manuscript in-house for free. They expect your submission to arrive fully edited and formatted. Smaller, independent presses, offering publishing services for a fee, will either provide editing services as part of their package, outsource it, or leave it up to you to locate a quality editor. So, whichever way you choose to go, authors need to absorb the cost of editing today--or it will come back to haunt them.

  4. cindyleedavis profile image56
    cindyleedavisposted 8 years ago

    First you need to find a publisher. Then you need to do what ever they say to do as far as editing. More than likely, you will do your own editing as far as typo's are concerned. When that time comes, lock your door and don't let anyone bother you.

  5. Rebecca E. profile image80
    Rebecca E.posted 8 years ago

    editor or publisher? which should come first? read more

  6. Ladybythelake55 profile image57
    Ladybythelake55posted 7 years ago

    A good publisher will give you a good editor. However, I would be carful in letting anyone editing your book or novel. You can editor it yourself with the writing grammar and spell check software. One publisher offer someone to publish his book but he had to come up with the $3,500 for the editing of his book. A good publisher will pay you and you not the publisher and editor. I would  go with self publication and your book will be unabridged and the way you write it.
    I am in contact with several of them and one said it would publish my book for $500, I would get 40 free copies and they would do the advertising of my book online over at the online book stores. I would get 75% royalties when a book sold.

  7. Shakespril profile image62
    Shakesprilposted 7 years ago

    It depends.

    You have an option to self-publish.