Can you write about that joy that we see coming from you?

  1. Tamarii2 profile image60
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    Can you write about that joy that we see coming from you?

  2. mrsceo profile image57
    mrsceoposted 8 years ago

    The joy you see coming from me? Wow....I believe that all you are seeing is the grace of God. The grace and favor that has been bestowed upon me because I move in a faith that surpasses all wordly understanding.

    It is a shock, to me, that I get this question right now in my life, because everyone around me that does not like to hear the word or God has persecuted me and my spirituality. I do not understand why they want their way to be the only way and why God's way never plays a part in their lives.

    The joy you see?  I have walked a long walk in my 37 years of life and I have realized in the past two years, that IN my walk I was not alone. God kept me all those days I thought I wanted to die. He kept me when I could NOT see and could not focus. I made a statement a few weeks ago about helping a relative see where God is right now in her newly 'saved' life; I was trying to help because I didn't want her to miss it like I did. I did not want her to struggle later, when she can have abundance later.

    I will tell you, point blank, when God asks you what you did for HIS kingdom, you better have an answer. Now I do! That is my joy; to know that with all I did and do to help others, and with all I did and STILL DO to share GOD'S WORD and not my word, HE knows I tried and when it is over, it's over.

    I am faithful and a willing servant; no matter the trials I am encouraged to know that someone still sees my smile.

  3. Tamarii2 profile image60
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    I am thanking you for sharing your joy.Truly God's light is all around you.Peace.