Please email me on Really need your help! Have a diss

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    hanka545posted 8 years ago

    Please email me on
    Really need your help! Have a dissertation to write on

    ...Indian Caste system..

    I would really like some help deciding on the specific chapters, and exactly to concentrate on, within the vast topic of Indian cinema...
    I'm interested to know, why Art cinema represents the lowe caste in a positive light (empathy, emotions, morals), but its audience is mainly middle class. With classic cinema, the middle castes are represnted in a positive light (affluent, morals, less struggle), yet these classic films' audience involves alot of lower castes.
    Please email and I can explain further.

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    kimberlyfujiokaposted 7 years ago

    I just read your question on HubPages. I noticed it was submitted 7 months ago. Have you written your dissertation yet? How is it going?
    I am an editor of dissertations, if you need help. My website is listed on my profile page.
    Anyways, good luck. The topic of how the caste system is represented in cinema in India, sounds very interesting. I guess you've seen many Indian films. Did you see Slumdog Mil.?