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I am wondering if you have anymore poems to share? Humourous or otherwise?

  1. donna bamford profile image60
    donna bamfordposted 8 years ago

    I am wondering if you have anymore poems to share?   Humourous or otherwise?

  2. Ron Montgomery profile image60
    Ron Montgomeryposted 8 years ago

    Hi Donna,  I am taking creative writing course and was assigned to do a poem strong on setting.  My interest is in writing short stories and possibly novels, but I'm hoping some of the skills developed by writing poems are applicable to my endeavors.

    Ron Montgomery


    Wasson’s Peak

    Prickly pear and cholla bloom
    Where widow and sidewinder lurk
    Solitude and petroglyph lost
    To bands of bankrupt brigands

    Staff and water to battle King’s Canyon
    Sol and terrain challenge attack
    No squire or steed for the challenger
    Soul and pridefulness bar his retreat

    Saguaro to guide the way from
    Trail head to imagined summit
    Battle with incline and footing
    Take toll on ego and sole

    Exaltation of noble conquest
    Usurped by doddering welcomer
    Amusement to the peccary and
    The wren who summit so easily
    Decline and deflation toward sunset
    Blisters and bruises the trophies

    Lord Wasson will trifle again
    With offers of flowers and vistas
    He’ll learn that a climber so jilted
    Seeks summits of upright repute

  3. SimeyC profile image95
    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    I've written hundred's of poems over the years - here's a recent attempt:

    Fragile Eternity (C) Simon Cook 2009

    A thousand times I’ve lost myself in your deep and soulful eyes.
    Your beauty reaches out snaring me in a blanket of eternal love.

    Do you see the same in my eyes?

    An intense feeling overwhelms me;
    a desire to love and cherish combined with a passionate need,
    to simply hold and defend your innocence against the sordid world outside.

    Do you need to be hidden from the world?

    Do I wear rose colored glasses that hide your strength and courage?
    In my blindness do I neglect to see that it is I that need nurturing?
    Are you the one defending me?

    Am I the one who is lost in this world?

    If I step back and take a look at you, what do I really perceive?
    Do I see the only beauty in my life, or do I see that imprecise frailty,
    that is the human soul?

    Can you help me live?

    Looking beyond your soul, reaching out into the cosmos,
    I realize that I am scared; the fear that reigns over me,
    has the power to stop me.

    What am I fearful of?

    I look into your eyes and often see death;
    It’s not imminent but it is a promise, and I do not understand it;
    I cannot comprehend that eternity is but a mirage.

    Do I fear death?

    You are not dying, but you could be.
    That is what I fear; the unknown future that I cannot control.
    I know one day that I must face this as a martyr or a coward.

    Why do I assume you will not face the same?

    Perhaps the one thing I know is that you are stronger than me,
    Your strength would guide me if I were dying,
    while you would be comfortable with the future.

    Am I wrong though?

    Are you simply just like me, fearful that every day will change what we have?
    Do you cherish every minute as if it could be our last?
    Are you as a lamb facing slaughter?

    So what can I do?

    I must accept our fate, whatever it is,
    And just continue to lose myself in your poignant eyes.
    For held deep within them is my sanctuary.

    All I can do is hold on and know that
    eternity is fragile, but my love is not.

  4. Jeff May profile image77
    Jeff Mayposted 8 years ago

    Hi Donna,
    Thanks for asking.  Yes. I have lots of poems, several published, but of course more that are not.  I may post another hub relating to poetry.
    You, I presume, are a poet?

  5. regality profile image62
    regalityposted 8 years ago

    hi there, i've written some poetry in my hubs,
    please feel free to take a visit , thanks wink