What is the future of books?

  1. Debarshi Dutta profile image72
    Debarshi Duttaposted 8 years ago

    What is the future of books?

    In this age of technology of television and internet, how much longer will the book, the library, the bookshop and the book-reader survive..until disappearing altogether?

  2. cromestrings profile image52
    cromestringsposted 8 years ago

    You are more worried about books then the message in the books.

    Thousands of years back people used to write on stones. Then they started writing on leaves. Afterward on some other things.  Then there was a age where paper came into practice. Now there are ads saying "Save paper Save Trees."

    Today we have online books and online libraries which has made easy to access the books world wide.

    Using Internet or other electronic media is not a bad Idea, what is important is the knowledge.

    In Ancient India the sacred texts were transferred to their disciples by their Gurus, So there was only soft copy. Don't expect a pen and a paper 7000 years back.

    Today we are only using technology to store data. Tomorrow there might be something else like the film "The Matrix" where you directly feed data into the brain.

    In short do not worry about books. You have to see what knowledge they offer.

  3. jstankevicz profile image82
    jstankeviczposted 8 years ago

    Interesting question. Book writing and reading will survive, the media is the question. I have a Kindle, which I love, and I enjoy listening to audio books. Yet, neither replace the feel, the pleasure of a hard cover book in my hand! As long as the demand for hard cover books allow production at a workable price, books will survive.

    It's a question of economics. Independent book shops are under great pressure and appear to be disappearing. Libraries have huge budget problems. Technology and economics seem to be conditioning us for a time when printed books will be housed in museums.

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