What is poetic justice?

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  1. Roman Trend profile image60
    Roman Trendposted 8 years ago

    What is poetic justice?

    I would like to hear your definition, and also if you could give a good example.

  2. Nikkij504gurl profile image74
    Nikkij504gurlposted 8 years ago

    You ask of me, what is poetic justice?
    Its something I can not see.
    In everyday life, justice is corrupted,
    and keeps avoiding me.
    There's several flaws in the system,
    just beneath the skin.
    The world has forgotten virtue,
    They flock like sheep to to their sin.
    But it grinds at your teeth,
    it bites at your fingernails,
    it sits and stares at a soul,
    damaged beyond repair.
    We cling to our vices,
    our drugs, our addictions,
    not realizing these are the things,
    causing our afflictions.
    In a world based on justice alone,
    we would all rot in jail,
    but poetically speaking,
    we just breathe in the smoke and silently exhale.
    Eventually we all pay for our mistakes.
    Eventually we all get our due.
    But its not for me to judge,
    What is poetic justice to you?
    ~Nicole Marie Jordan

  3. Roman Trend profile image60
    Roman Trendposted 8 years ago

    When an evil man walks – for a hundred days
    across the frozen plains,
    carrying deep in his belt the gold coins
    undeservedly in his possession, the spoils
    extorted from the frightened men
    the villagers from beneath the mountains

    When he sings, on the last day of winter,
    so gleeful for spring
    tomorrow will come
    equip him with riches, so safe and so dry
    and when he falls on the last stretch
    into hidden pockets of melting ice

    And there he dies, no coin will he keep
    he had his becoming, and thus we must weep
    but not with sorrow, instead with joy
    he met deservedly his fate, no longer so coy
    the darlings shall live long, the bastards shall die
    for so it is ordered up there, right behind
    the doors to the halls of poetic justice

    - Roman Trend

  4. leni sands profile image78
    leni sandsposted 8 years ago

    Poetic justice is about the old saying "What comes around goes around."

    Poetic justice is when a character plots to undermine another and then ends up caught in his own trap.


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