What does it take to publish your Poetry

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    AEvansposted 7 years ago

    What does it take to publish your Poetry

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    Poetryislandjb21posted 7 years ago

    Dear Aevans,

    Thank you for ur question. Well, I would have to say that 1st you have to get the right material togther in creating what we call a manuscript. This is ur "Blueprint" of how you would want your potential book to look like. Once you have that, you will then have to have it in a "Tangible" form. The best way and the most professional way to do this is to type it. After this process, take the liberty of having your material copywritten. This is necessary so that someone else does not try to use ur work as thier own (plaguerize). You can do this by going to a site called www.loc.gov. They will give u the necessary paperwork to get this done. When your C.O.C (Cerificate of Copyright) comes back, then go online and research some good publishers, one who has good credibility and are legal. Or there is a better process called sSelf-Publishing. This process means that you have more control over your book, from editing to creating to publishing. With a traditional publisher, all of these things will cost you a fee, but with a self-publishing job, you control every aspect of it all. You make the book, you edit it, you do the pictures, and you control the final product. You gain all rights to the work. The good thing about self-publishing is that you can do it online or order individual copies and sell them yourself. If you would like to do Self-publishing, then visit www.blurb.com and there you can create ur book urself and set it up the way you want it. Good luck and thanks!