How long have you been writing? Even our Pug liked that first chapter. mystery.

  1. writer45 profile image59
    writer45posted 7 years ago

    How long have you been writing? Even our Pug liked that first chapter.  mystery...

    I have written 3 mystery novels but not much have a very witty style.

  2. valeriebelew profile image70
    valeriebelewposted 7 years ago

    Hi, and thanks for the compliment.  I wrote my first poem in the first grade, and I've been writing ever since.  I'm not sure which story you are referring to since I have the first chapter of four of my novals on hubpages, but since you mentioned your pug, I would suspect you are speaking of "Sambo, The Bad Dog."

    I have not spent much time sending my books to publishing houses.  I sent Undercover a few times, before deciding to market my writing from the ground up.  As writers, we have something to learn from our president, assuming you are an American.  If you aren't, he used the Internet to go straight to the people, when no one knew who he was at the time.  I believe as writers, we can find our audiance through marketing our stuff, and self publish one or two.  Once they succeed, the big houses will be more interested in talking about our next ones, but if you keep trying to get the stuff shirts to give you a chance, you might die old and unpublished.  LOL.  Thanks for getting in touch.