I need the lyrics of this song, mahadeshwara daya barade neenillade nanage baduk

  1. profile image48
    tejaskrishnaposted 12 years ago

    I need the lyrics of this song, mahadeshwara daya barade neenillade nanage badukellideyee

    A national award winning devotional song, sad song... I want the lyrics.

  2. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 12 years ago

    There are two sites on the web that may help you.  I have listed them below:



  3. Philip Raja profile image53
    Philip Rajaposted 6 years ago

    Madeshwaraha  …………     dhayabarade ……….
    Bharee-dhaga            bal-lelle    bhara-bharede….
    Nen-ilathe   nana-kay        bathu-kelethey…..

    Maadeshwaraha……..  dayabaradhe ………

    1)  Haka-lellu     nena-they   dhei-yana   Irul-leloo     nina-kuna    kaana Maha-deva   nenai-yatha    ninaha   Hirai-dheiya   nanai-yha     piranaha
    Kanaha-selu    nen-hay    samey       Manaha-thelu    nen-hay    samey
    Husu-husuru      nina   hesara      Khn-theradhoo    nodu   samey

    Manadeva  mahadeshwarane-hay Eemooriya kelu
    Naa    thalen-riyaha    ee   vedhanay
    Nija    bakatha    nankey-kaiyaa     ee    soothanay

    2) Devaa-thee  devathakela-halli      kabate  thantha  swamy
    Nambitha maniyalle naliuva      Idha-deiva    nee-nay     swamy
    Sire-thana-dha   sikiye kelay      Badaa-thana    vedha-niya  dhalay
    Ninaha   padha     sera-enthao      Muduvai-thu    nandh-ey    bhalay

    Na   madith-entha    phapa
    Pari-harishu     deeva

    Eee-dhasada     melay   mudesee-dhakay
    Eee   harasadha    badhugu     nana-kedha-kay.

    3) Nina-khanaloo-enthu     bandhey      Baleloo    nondhu     bend-hay
    Mahadeva  enbadha –varaku      Bher-heanu  kanay   thandhey
    Than-dhyoo     nee-nay    swamy      Thayuu    nee-nay    swamy
    Na-kanta    bandhu   balaka                Ela-voo    nee-nay     swamy

    Nina  patha    nambee    bandhe
    Daya  thoru    maadeva

    Nee   iladha    baalu    sugavele-they
    e   harasthay    nanakey    bhaal   ilee-they.


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