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What are some tips for writing good essays?

  1. Ultimate Hubber profile image64
    Ultimate Hubberposted 8 years ago

    What are some tips for writing good essays?

  2. Pocketbrit profile image67
    Pocketbritposted 8 years ago

    When it comes to essays, it's all about PEE. That's right. Pee.


    If you follow those three steps, you can't go wrong. The best way forward is to merge one group of PEE into the next. I know when I write essays, I get all over the place with my ideas, and they seem a little jumbled when I reread. Just ensure that you blurt it all out in your first draft. In the second, rework the structure and ensure that it reads as well as possible. Your reader shouldn't be able to notice your PEE. If you've reworked it well enough, it'll seem as though your evaluation of one point has drawn your argument further along.

    When it comes to said argument, you cannot lose with a schizophrenic approach. Argue one side. Argue the other. Argue a third, if you can find one. And then decide which you agree with, and explain why. You should have at least one quote reference from a secondary source (at graduate level, though it doesn't hurt to throw them in at lower level) per 100 words. This works out at an average, though. I'd say a healthy number of references stands at between 20-28 quotes/references in a 3,000-3,500 word essay. Use them like machine gun fire in your evidence. Make them believe you've done your reading. A good strategy for that is selecting quotes that are either chronologically far away from one another in the text, or selecting different texts. It always sounds better if you've mashed it up to prove your point.

    Show some initiative. Markers get bored of generic answers. Even if you feel your idea is a bit out there, put it in - provided you can manipulate your quotes-collection to prove it.

    I always go through the books first to find my references and group them into which argument they suit. It makes writing the essay itself FAR easier than it is otherwise. You want the process of writing your essays to be smooth, so that there aren't any gaps or jumps where you've had to stop to look something up.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more.

    - Lu

  3. loveofnight profile image81
    loveofnightposted 8 years ago

    spell check, spell check, spell check  it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't use the little tab at the top of a web page....

  4. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 8 years ago

    Stay on point both in your overall focus (i.e. subject) and within the paragraph structure. You know the subject you want to present, you choose the points regarding that subject, you expand and clarify on those points.  If you stick to this, it will keep you in the box and help you to hold your discipline. also helps if you keep it interesting for the reader!

  5. mysterylady 89 profile image57
    mysterylady 89posted 7 years ago

    I just published a Hub about writng an expository essay.  You might want to read it.

  6. ambersagen profile image64
    ambersagenposted 7 years ago

    I would say it's all about structure for most teachers. I wrote a hub on this that you might find helpful

  7. Boken profile image54
    Bokenposted 7 years ago

    First of all you would know your audience, the reader or readers of essay. You should understand what do they want and expect to hear.

    Reveal insights. For example, if you you are writing about cars - tell some special features about sport-cars. something that is important but not really known by everyone.

    Focus. Cut all unnecessary details. Stick to the main subject.

    Support your thoughts with facts and evidences. But doing so, try not to turn your essay into statistical data. coz that's boring smile

    Look through other essays for inspiration. In fact all the words has already been spoken, so try to pick up some phrases or writing tricks from your predecessors.

    This might help

  8. profile image52
    blah beautyposted 5 years ago

    In my opinion the way to write a good is essay is to take your time and really get a good idea of your main topic, try difffrent ways to come about your topic a way for the reader to truly understand the concept of the essay. Remember don't use the same word often oh and have fun really get into the writing