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Do you sing or write lyrics

  1. rickyrt44 profile image58
    rickyrt44posted 7 years ago

    Do you sing or write lyrics

    My name is Ricky Hubber rickyrt44  I am a lyricist and wondered if you write music or lyrics yourself. i am now a follower of you. i need to learn to play guitar real bad. i write country lyrics. i am also a writer. articles such as my hubs. do you have anything to learn to play guitar? would like to hear from you. thank you and GOD BLESS

  2. phoenix482010 profile image54
    phoenix482010posted 7 years ago

    hi there, wer u talking to me , rickyrt44, are you following me...

  3. leni sands profile image76
    leni sandsposted 6 years ago

    I write lyrics, poems, etc...and I sing - country music is my thing as well.  Hows the guitar playing going?

  4. rickyrt44 profile image58
    rickyrt44posted 6 years ago

    I am still trying to learn. I have been so busy lately trying to make money.