How do you become a descriptive writer?

  1. AmeliaMercedies profile image66
    AmeliaMercediesposted 7 years ago

    How do you become a descriptive writer?

    I try being descriptive, but I just dont seem to be a very good writer! I love writing tho! What do I do????? Cause your writing is so good!

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    Ruach Eishposted 7 years ago

    There are various ways of improving your descriptive skills.  One, try to make use of as many senses as possible - so describe what your characters smell/taste/touch besides what they can see/hear.  Two, think about what you yourself notice when you enter a new environment or meet a new person:  it is often the little things which people notice, like whether someone is wearing make-up, has a wedding ring or whatever.  Three, look around you and notice all the interesting mannerisms or appearances of people then you can use all the interesting things you have observed as background for your writing. Four, imbue your description with the life and individuality of your characters.  So, if you have an alcoholic character, say, who is drunk, then the things he notices and the way he notices them will be different from the way a sober person would see them - I mean, quite literally, he may be looking at something upside down for example!!

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    Peggy Wposted 7 years ago

    Hi Amelia,

    Hard to say, really.  One tip that I got from reading suggestions from another hubber is to do this...prior to publishing, read your hub aloud. 

    I find that if I am repeating too many of the same adjectives I then try and find a synonym to mix it up a bit.

    I think that as we write and read other persons hubs, we end up fine tuning our own writing over time.

    Just keep writing and thanks for the compliment. 

    Ruach Eish gave you very good tips as to becoming a better observer.