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Much of my inspiration comes out in poetry form. Can I use poetry as a blog for

  1. artdesignsbyk profile image58
    artdesignsbykposted 6 years ago

    Much of my inspiration comes out in poetry form. Can I use poetry as a blog for the contest in April

    Some can be quite long. Can these be used as a "blog" in the contest? Thanks for your help.

  2. overchanger profile image60
    overchangerposted 6 years ago

    I'd let you but you would have to pass the leftist liberal agenda before you can pass with them.
    They could be cut throats but only certain one's;
    Be my guest it couldn't hurt to try ?
    Just thought I'd warn you from my experience with their panel.

  3. munirahmadmughal profile image61
    munirahmadmughalposted 6 years ago


    If the contest is restricted to prose, the answer is "No". The reason is that the contestants are bound by the conditions put by the management according to their own policy.
    If the contest is open for any kind of speech, then the form best suited to the huber contestant may be used by him or her.
    The matter rests with the management. They may even change the rules if they are convinced.
    In my humble view the mode in which one can best express his own inspiration merits to be allowed. poets are blessed with a faculty where the voice and the rythm join and not only the expression becomes melodious but the very words start appealing the ears and the heart. A long tale is described in two lines with an impact and impression. Great are the poets who think of the problems of the society and suggest the solution in words most polite and lasting long.
    If I recollect correctly the words of Shakespeare read in some old dictionary: "My duty is not to remain silent when your excellency has wronged..." still ring in my ears like as fresh as ever to remind of the responsibility and not to become a flatterer.

    May God bless all.

  4. Matt in Jax profile image70
    Matt in Jaxposted 6 years ago

    As long as you follow the Rules and Guidelines, I wouldn't think it'd be an issue because I plan on posting some of my poetry as well. The only rule that I saw could be an issue is it has to be at least 400 words and I tend to have some shorter poems.