I get so into my novels sometimes that..

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  1. jessyferari1 profile image60
    jessyferari1posted 7 years ago

    I get so into my novels sometimes that..

    I think of the characters like I know them or knew them at some point. some of the characters lives almost resembles mine at some point in my life but does that make it normal to think of the stories as memories instead of remembering them as books that were read. Normal or not?? I read very interesting novels and they are basically the best part of any down time I have so do I have a problem or not? help

  2. Carmen H profile image84
    Carmen Hposted 7 years ago

    If the stories you read have such an impact on you, they must have applied seriously in those particular moments of your life so it is absolutely normal to feel a srong connection with the incidents or characters and treat them as memories, just as long as you're aware there is still a line between your real memories and the ones you built from the stories and incorporated in your mind.  Reading novels enables one to slip into another world, into one's fantasy, and this soothes the soul when one is in the blues especially when one has sensitivity towards literature.

  3. clintonb profile image57
    clintonbposted 7 years ago

    Hmm..when you read a book..any book..nothing particular..its an inside feeling that one starts to relate to the characters..scenes..story..its a kind of emotion..but we should just think, enjoy and leave..sticking to real life..and not living in a fantasy..life is life..filled with hardships and all kind of challenges..one should face them strongly..otherwise wts the point of living?

  4. -Astaroth- profile image74
    -Astaroth-posted 7 years ago

    Being an avid reader myself i understand where you are going. Sometimes you get sucked in the events of the books that even if they are fiction and in no way apply to your real life you get emotional and irritable when things are not going right. As for story events that start seeming like memories to you, you must relate to these stories in some way and that is not weird when you are reading a descriptive book where you almost are living the character. I suggest you diversify your reads. After a book that almost feels real, move to something light and relaxing perhaps a romantic comedy with little if not any stress. If you get sucked into novels that would be a good getaway. I've been doing this for a while; after every book that gets me stressed out or frustrated i pick up some comedy before i move on to the sequel sort of like a warm-up wink

  5. The Write thing6 profile image57
    The Write thing6posted 6 years ago

    I get so into my novels sometimes that I relate the situations of the characters to my situation or maybe look for similarities in the lives of the characters and mine.  I even read the novels for clues on how to handle different problems or scenarios.  The latest novels I found myself doing this with was Middlemarch and J California Cooper's book Some Satisfaction or something like that.  Talk about Art imitating life.


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