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I'm here when I'm bugged by the writing urge, and if I'm accorded the luxury of time...

For starters, I totally believe that no amount of knowledge should ever be considered enough and I really enjoy learning and discovering as I love having my horizons and perspectives in life broaden, so I am always in the midst of learning something new be it a new language, culture, technique, or just about anything that piques my interest. Traveling is a very personal passion as through exploring the world I have reaped the invaluable benefits of seeing the world from various dimensions - the reason why I'm a strong advocate of traveling if one has the means to do so.

Among my passions, besides traveling, in no particular order, are literature, dogs, Tudor history, and foreign languages, so yes, most of my hubs would probably fall into one of these categories. But there are no bounderies in the writing territory as life has many surprises thrown in the way, and I love writing about things that interest me spontaneously. Hmm, now let's see what my next hub would be about...

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