Is there a great value in MFA programs?

  1. msdee115 profile image58
    msdee115posted 6 years ago

    Is there a great value in MFA programs?

    I've been considering searching a MFA degree, does completing a MFA program make for a better, more exposed writer?  Is it worth the investment?  Help!!!!

  2. zebulum profile image76
    zebulumposted 6 years ago

    Yes and no. A low-quality MFA is not worth a dime. A high-quality MFA is only worthwhile if you make the most of it.

    It doesn't really matter to readers or agents or editors if you have some letters after your name or not, but the right MFA program can light a fire in your prose, and burn out all the chaff.

    If you wish to teach, pursue an on-site program with full residency. If you don't plan on teaching, the low-residency MFAs are the top of the pops as you don't have to upend your life, and you create a close approximation of a writer's real life juggling commitments.

    Don't go into debt for one. The earning potential is just not there right out of school to handle any loans.

    I wrote a hub or two about where I'd go, today, if I wanted another MFA. I didn't attend any of the programs I mentioned. … ve-Writing … re-Writers