ShareaSale affiliate?

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  1. kirstenblog profile image82
    kirstenblogposted 13 years ago

    Have you guys ever heard of ShareaSale? Are they any good?

    I ask because I recently wrote about a product and was asked if I knew where it could be custom made (pick your own image or artwork for the design instead of the usual stock). I found a site that does just this and their affiliate stuff is through shareasale.

    1. Mike Rogers profile image60
      Mike Rogersposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Using affiliate network offers with Hubpages would limit users to using text links, but those can be very effective when used with good sales pitch pages.

      I would also add to not forget that many retailers have their own affiliate programs (not part of larger networks such as CJ, SAS, GAN, etc.) and those typically feature higher commission structures, so they may be worth exploring.

      One caution would be to make sure the payout structure and history meet your needs. Many have higher payout thresholds, unique payout structures (such as PayPal as primary in the case of, for example, PayDotCom), or advertiser-dependent pay schedules (meaning you as an affiliate would not be paid until the network is) of varying degrees.

      In general, it can be quite a bit more work than, say, Amazon or AdSense (some advertiser approvals take days), but the right product with the right presentation could mean a huge payoff. Experiment smile


      1. Jane@CM profile image61
        Jane@CMposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        What does SAS and GAN stand for?

        1. sunforged profile image74
          sunforgedposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          Share A Sale and "Google?" affiliate Network probably

  2. profile image0
    girly_girl09posted 13 years ago

    I just recently signed up there. The interface is slightly cluttered. When I get the time to figure it all out, I'm going to write some hubs around their products that I think have potential.

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I was going to eventually try my hand with other affiliates once I got my first 100 hubs up but with this request it seems like a good idea to be able to offer customizable versions for any artists who read my hubs, might just kick off a few more hub ideas even smile So fast forwarding my plans since I have had a request on a hub and take that as a sign that it could be well worth my time smile

  3. darkside profile image69
    darksideposted 13 years ago

    I signed up to them late last year when a site that I've bought products through implemented shareasale as their affiliate program.

    There seems to be a lot of good companies on board.

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Cool, sounds like its worth my time then, wicked sweet big_smile

      I am really having fun learning about all this (the learning never seems to end!) and it's great that so many folks here share what they know and have experienced smile

    2. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Darkside, do you know if I can use my HP profile for the website that identifies my business or do I need to use a different site like a blog?

      1. darkside profile image69
        darksideposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I used one of my blogs. Though my contact email address was through a different domain (a site of mine that is no longer operational but I use it for my email address still) so I had to explain to them the discrepancy. So they do check up on that sort of thing. It's not a fully automated join.

        Not sure of the chances of success in having your hubpages URL as the primary site. But if they do respond personally you may have the chance to properly explain yourself.

  4. kephrira profile image61
    kephriraposted 13 years ago

    I like shareasale. I'm signed up with a bunch of affiliate networks - clickbank, share-it, performonics, commission junction - and shareasale generates the second most money for after amazon. They are quite good for finding coupons to promote, and they have some good merchants.

  5. profile image0
    lynnechandlerposted 13 years ago

    I just signed up in Dec. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make it work.

  6. sunforged profile image74
    sunforgedposted 13 years ago


    What Mike Rogers pointed out is huge...some companies have both in house affiliate programs and ones through networks. Make sure you check both options to see which pays out better! Although, sometimes it works the other way than suggested by Mike, for example the HG aff program is double via CJ than through HG!.

    I like shareasale, I dont use it a lot through my hubpages but there option of looking at seasonal aff promotions is VERY useful for a variety of reasons.

    I mentioned a bit more here

    if your serious about getting involved with other networks I would hurry up and get some sort of self hosted site off the ground ALOT of aff networks only want to partner with those who have their own sites....than you can use those links anywhere you want.

    If you get denied, dont worry, just contact them directly via phone or email, to prove your serious and not some sort of black hat scam artist...Many programs actually require a phone interview nowadays (not shareasale)

    Dont worry about being limited to text links,lol, text links have the best conversion rates anyway...people are banner blind, they still click text links, maybe because of the mystery of what may lie behind it?

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      The site I found that looked just perfect for my hub had on its site had an affiliate sections which said this was the umbrella through which they used for affiliates. I actually do have a blog/sales site but its not finished (hubby builds websites and he has been doing the building but has a perfectionistic attitude toward building and I know better then to rush an artist lol) and decided to use it as we need some good affiliate programs to use with it anyway. I didn't expect to be approved as fast as it has been (like half a day, cool) and I now have the link I wanted in my hub big_smile. It is nice to hear that text links can work by arousing curiosity with the reader smile. It will be really cool if I can announce that I have made my first affiliate sale not supported by HP in capsule form.

      I still this a CJ or LinkShare or other umbrella affiliate program being compatible with a capsule would be cool so as to share with HP but hey it is what it is and at least its no big deal to add a single affiliate link to a hub from time to time smile

  7. Mike Rogers profile image60
    Mike Rogersposted 13 years ago

    One thing to consider when using text links and affiliate products is the way in which you link.

    You can use the "program provided" link which will link you directly to the advertiser pitch page.

    Alternately, you can use the advertiser provided banners and links on a blog, add a little text, and link to that instead. It adds an extra click to the process, but by doing so you will have yourself another passive property that can be indexed and rank in the SERPs. Remember, you will have a link to it from Hubpages in your post, and that will pass some nice anchor-based link juice.

    Both work, but both have their own unique advantages.


    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I read that twice to get my head round it but I see what your saying now smile

  8. Mike Rogers profile image60
    Mike Rogersposted 13 years ago

    IMO, you can never have enough "oars in the water" wink

  9. Bill Manning profile image59
    Bill Manningposted 13 years ago

    I use both shareasale and cj junction on my own websites. I have made ok money with both. With CJ you have to be careful about getting your links right.

    I find shareasale is easier to work with, one code will work on any of your sites. They also have better images to use on your own website. smile

  10. Mike Rogers profile image60
    Mike Rogersposted 13 years ago


    Share-a-sale and Google Affiliate Network.

    Mike smile

  11. sunforged profile image74
    sunforgedposted 13 years ago

    he beat me to it wink

  12. skyfire profile image81
    skyfireposted 13 years ago

    By the way, do we need to mask affiliate URL's here on HP ? I mean with services like  or some other URL shortner.

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      What I did was add it as a link in a link capsule, already had one with other related hubs anyway. I used the affiliate url and made the title the name of the site (what I felt was best) and in the description I wrote a description relevant to why I was including it. I did test the link as well to be sure it all worked right, it did. I thought it was kinda funny as it loaded the shareasale affiliate url first but redirected to the site instantly, blink and you will miss it sort of thing. I was pretty pleased all in all smile

  13. profile image0
    lynnechandlerposted 13 years ago

    Kirsten can you send me a link to the article I know you can't post it here but I am curious what you did exactly. I haven't thought of using SAS here on hubs but this sounds like a cool way to do it.

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      lynne, sure I would love to! I felt rather proud of the end result so am flattered to be asked to share big_smile

      I am now wondering what partners they have that I could do hubs for smile

      Keep an eye on your inbox wink

  14. marcofratelli profile image74
    marcofratelliposted 13 years ago

    How appropriate, I signed up with them yesterday from Australia and haven't been in touch to fax them what they need yet. They haven't knocked me back either, perhaps it takes a few days for them to review it manually... but I still had access to all the links.

    1. kirstenblog profile image82
      kirstenblogposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I gotta do the tax stuff too. I actually emailed them to ask about it since I am a US citizen who lives and works abroad. My business stuff is registered in the UK but since I am us citizen and there was no option for that I was worried about miss-representing myself smile. I am not to bothered as I doubt I will make pay-out in a few days! I expect I shall have more then enough time to get it sorted before I am close to being paid lol


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