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Do you like Dora the Explorer?

  1. rob_allen profile image84
    rob_allenposted 6 years ago

    Do you like Dora the Explorer?

    I hate Dora so much!  I don't think that kids should watch this show. I guess, this big headed girl is lacking of common sense and crazy for having a monkey as a best friend and a bunch of animals as playmates. Sigh


  2. Zabbella profile image78
    Zabbellaposted 6 years ago

    I don't like her eyes...they seem to follow you. (creepy) but, I like her better than, Spongebob Squarepants, he is just a lot of noise.  He does not have much common sense either. 
    I liked Blues Clues, watched it with my granddaughter

  3. KRYONpop profile image59
    KRYONpopposted 6 years ago

    No...no...and Hell no...she creeps me out...

  4. Ahydz profile image67
    Ahydzposted 6 years ago

    I'm not into animation that much. I don't like my kidz to grow up in an illusion that animated world exist. As adults, we can't fully understand why kidz love to watch this kind of show. That is because grown-ups perception versus how children view things are far different. Bottom line; adults guidance is important in this media infested generation.

  5. wytegarillaz profile image76
    wytegarillazposted 6 years ago

    At least Dora gets out there and has fun exploring and helps people and has animal friends  rather than children watching adult shows like 2 and a half men etc and worse programs that are on tv .
    It is a kids program so we don't have to like it the same as kids would !

  6. iviskei profile image73
    iviskeiposted 6 years ago

    What does it matter if you don't like it? It was made for children, and the content is for children. If you look into how much research the creators have done to ensure it is educational and entertaining for children, I think you will be surprised. So before you bash it, think about the target audience.

  7. Susci profile image55
    Susciposted 6 years ago

    uhmm...not so. Dora the explorer was made for children.

  8. profile image0
    lostwithinmyselfposted 6 years ago

    One of my son's use to watch dora all the time and loved it. I don't see anything wrong with this program and i have seen worse lol. x

  9. Monisajda profile image74
    Monisajdaposted 6 years ago

    I don't like Dora too much but my understanding is that this is a program for young children and mine liked it. It is definitely more educational than some other programs. Personally, I find Spongebob annoying and stupid, Hannah Montana is teaching kids how to be mean and conspire against parents. To sum it up, I think it is an innocent program that doesn't promote aggression, violence and stupidity which is a lot in today's culture.